Bondage Toys – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Nights in White Satin
When many hear the word “bondage”, they automatically think hardcore BDSM, pain, denial, all kinds of extreme and degrading stuff. But most couples into light bondage are of the very mild, tame and playful sort. Fur lined handcuffs, blindfolds, tying their lover up with silk scarves and teasing them, now that is fun stuff a great many couple are into and enjoy.

Not everyone is wearing PVC and wearing latex hoods and into the odder, more extreme branches of the tree. Many enjoy domination and submission. It can be very fun to submit to your partner, to give total control of their orgasm over to them. It’s often the most mundane people that revel in this sort of thing, it seems out of character for them, but that’s just the reason, it’s because the meek, mild types often have so little control in their own lives that they get into this and become tigers in the bedroom, and the bitchy, pushy broads become cock worshiping whore’s behind closed doors, it’s that Bondage BDSM reversal of roles that gets many excited to begin with.

We offer many fun yet milder BDSM toys and accessories here at our online adult store. Floggers, handcuffs, blindfolds, all kinds of fun stuff for you to try out with your lover. Think hubby will like it when you come into the bedroom with a glint in your eye and a box in your hand of your new toys you’ve bought to try out? I’m betting they just may enjoy it themselves.

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