These Pearl Vibes Won’t Quit Until You Do

Blue 4.5'' Pearl Vibrator

Twist And Shout - Some may wonder what the difference is between a regular vibrator and a pearl vibrator. Well a pearl vibe has turning and twisting rows of beads inside, so you can feel the movement inside of you as you’re masturbating with it. Some people just want a more interactive toy than one that just buzzes. Some toys even have thrusting heads, to give a more realistic sensation.

Lavender 6'' Pearl Vibrator

Beads Of Pleasure - Now granted, actual cocks don’t have whirling rows of beads inside of them, if only they did! Most guys cocks cannot compete with sex toys and vibes and this is why many guys are actually jealous of their lady’s toys. The toy can keep on long after the guys have popped. Not too many have the stay power required most ladies go for. Your pussy lips will feel that internal vibe action as the rows of beads twist this way and that, many have controls that allow you to reverse the direction of rotation, or built in patterns for variety, so your pussy doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Pearl Vibrator with Clit Stimulator

Swirling Sensations - Many also have the all important clit stimulators, which work on the tender bits outside while the beads are doing their magic inside. A perfect, naughty combination you will no doubt enjoy tremendously! Realistic shaped cock heads on the toys will give you just a nice amount of realism, while enjoying the toy that can far out perform your boyfriend’s or hubby’s cock. So when they don’t have the muster, reach into your naughty toy drawer and pull out something that won’t quit until you’re ready for it to.

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