Love Kits For Variety

Ultrafit Sleeve

Variety Is The Spice Of Life - If you’re looking for some cool new toys to add to your naughty chest, why not try one of our love kits? We have lots of variety for you of different types of cock rings, vibes with sleeves and attachments for a good variety of sensations for you to experience and have fun with. Kits offer a lot more than just one stand alone toy, they have all kinds of goodies within one kit for you and your partner.

Couples Kit - 5 Piece Set

For Your Different Moods - You may not wish to buy a handful of stand alone toys that may add up to more than you wish to spend in one go, but a love kit gives you a similar feeling to having a few different toys, since they have a few different things in each kit to keep you and your lover entertained and wanting to use everything each kit has to offer. Every orgasm is a stand alone pleasure, by using something like a kit with a vibe with different textured sleeves, you could try each one every time you masturbate for a few different times and see which one is your favorite, and which one is maybe just for once in a while use.

Couples Kit - 10 Piece Set

Couples Love Our Kits - If you’re perhaps planning a special evening or getaway weekend of romance, a kit with a variety of massage oils, rose petals, candles, and a couple of toys, all of these can make for an overwhelmingly sexy evening to remember for both of you. Starting with massages with flavoured massage oils you can heat before use, to setting the mood with the candles and rose petals, it’s like a romantic evening in a box!

Spice Things Up with Love Kits

White Wedding

Could your relationship do with a little spicing up? If so, and who’s can’t, why not try one of our Love Kits? There are many to choose from and each and every one is chock full of a variety of fun little toys, gadgets, vibes, candles, lubes, massage oils, choose one that suits your needs and those of your partner. Get a few and have different experiences.

When you’ve decided to commit to a monogamous relationship, things can get a bit stale when you have one lover all the time, no matter how much you may love them or desire them. Even steak for dinner gets boring night after night. Variety is indeed the key within a relationship. Role playing, costumes, lingerie, massages, sex toys, all of these things can make things a bit more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Vanilla is great, but even vanilla can benefit from some chocolate syrup and cherries being added once in a while!

Love kits and toys can bring some playfulness and variety to your same old same old routine. Your partner will no doubt be glad you the time to make the effort to make things a bit more exciting than usual. Toys are not for everyone, but even ones not into toys will adore a sensual massage and a room lit with inviting, romantic candles, and of course we do have love kits like this. So have a look at what we offer and we are sure it can be the beginning of some exciting times for you and your partner and shake things up just enough so it doesn’t become boring for you.

Sex Swings For Pleasure

Fantasy Series Sex Swing

Looking for something a bit different to add to your bedroom repertoire? Why not try a sex swing? Not your average, everyday sex toy, a sex swing will allow you to try different positions you otherwise would not be able to in just a bed. Ones with bad backs or knees that may not be able to enjoy regular sexual positions in bed may especially enjoy the lack of pressure points they make possible. All seniors homes should come equipped with them.

Doggy style on all fours can be very hard on the knees and is just not an option for many. The sex swing toy allows comfort in positions you never dreamed. Sex for some can be a problem if pain is an issue. Imagine trying to have an orgasm if you’re in pain at the same time, how can you when every thrust may make part of you wince in pain? The pressure point relieving sex swings can make pain a non issue, so you can get down to the important things, like cumming over and over and concentrating on that and your partner, not the aches and pains you may have. It’s not just older people that have reduced flexibility for sex, some can be plenty young but have pain from an old injury due to sports or an accident.

A swing you purchase from the online sex shop can not only add variety to your sexual escapades, but freedom from any discomforts you have previously had during sexual encounters. So get hubby or boyfriend to set it up and let the fun begin with no more worries if the pain will be too great for you to cum and enjoy yourself.