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Jazz Up Your Masturbation - Many men want to jazz up their masturbation routines but aren’t sure where to start. Lots of guys just think of sex toys as being for the ladies, but there are lots of toys out there for men to enjoy themselves with. Masturbators are a wonderful option for men to use. They are easy to hold and use and many times have changeable interior sleeves that provide different sensations for men to enjoy themselves with.


Hot Or Cold, It Will Never Get Old - Many even have components to be used for temperature play that can either be heated up or cooled down prior to use for differing sensations. Most men adore oral sex, this is no secret. There are many masturbators available here that are used to simulate the sensations of oral sex for use if you have no partner, or if you have a partner, but they aren’t into giving you a blow job. This are all a nice change of pace from your hand, since as wonderful as regular masturbation is, it’s always good to toss in some variety and have a different feeling now and then.

masturbator3Lay Back And Enjoy - The feeling of the lips wrapping around your cock will be fantastic, and these easy to hold and operate toys are not too much of a bother to keep clean either, so you can always make a grab for your toy and have a delightful jerk off experience as you lay back and fantasize it’s some girl you’ve been dreaming about that’s sucking your cock for all it’s worth.

Love Kits For Variety

Ultrafit Sleeve

Variety Is The Spice Of Life - If you’re looking for some cool new toys to add to your naughty chest, why not try one of our love kits? We have lots of variety for you of different types of cock rings, vibes with sleeves and attachments for a good variety of sensations for you to experience and have fun with. Kits offer a lot more than just one stand alone toy, they have all kinds of goodies within one kit for you and your partner.

Couples Kit - 5 Piece Set

For Your Different Moods - You may not wish to buy a handful of stand alone toys that may add up to more than you wish to spend in one go, but a love kit gives you a similar feeling to having a few different toys, since they have a few different things in each kit to keep you and your lover entertained and wanting to use everything each kit has to offer. Every orgasm is a stand alone pleasure, by using something like a kit with a vibe with different textured sleeves, you could try each one every time you masturbate for a few different times and see which one is your favorite, and which one is maybe just for once in a while use.

Couples Kit - 10 Piece Set

Couples Love Our Kits - If you’re perhaps planning a special evening or getaway weekend of romance, a kit with a variety of massage oils, rose petals, candles, and a couple of toys, all of these can make for an overwhelmingly sexy evening to remember for both of you. Starting with massages with flavoured massage oils you can heat before use, to setting the mood with the candles and rose petals, it’s like a romantic evening in a box!

Lelo Sex Toys For High Quality Orgasms


Lipstick Vibrator

High Quality Toys - The selection we have of the high quality Lelo sex toys is quite amazing. They are the highest grade toys you can find. They are a bit pricier than many toys, but then the best doesn’t come cheaply and is worth the price. Many are made for girls that don’t feel the need to insert, they are fantastic for clit stimulation. Even massagers that fit into the palm of your hand that can be rubbed and slid all over your lovers body for a relaxing massage.

Lelo Rabbit Vibrator

Dual Motors For Extra Pleasure - Many that do insert have tiny, dual motors, to provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, not one little motor that is dulled by the time it reaches your clit, your pleasure zone, it has it’s own little motor right there to give you exquisite pleasure right where you want and need it the most. Not only for women either, there’s a whole line of vibrating cock rings that not only prolong your man’s erection, but that will tease your clit at the same time, they are truly couples toys, ones that bring pleasure to both parties.

Cock Ring VibratorA Rainbow Of Colours - If variety is your thing, you will love the multitude of colours that Lelo toys come in. A rainbow of colours to satisfy all tastes. For ones that do enjoy insertion as they masturbate, many are curved for G spot stimulation to hit just the right spot inside for that explosive orgasm you’ve been hungering for. We have no doubt you will find one to satisfy you and your partner!

Adult Toy Shopping – Made Easy

Adult Lubricants

Buying personal products can be, well, embarrassing. Luckily these days we can shop from the comfort of our own homes. It used to be years ago you had to drive to some seedy part of town to find an adult sex shop or else they could be part of an adult video store with questionable characters hanging around. These days the internet is where many of us can easily shop and get things delivered right to our door.

Adult toys are a part of many couples lives these days, and an adult toy shop is not just toys. Sexy lingerie, lotions, perfumes, lubes and novelty items to make your bachelor and bachelorette parties all the more exciting. Various hygiene products can help you smell your best and be as appealing as you can be to the opposite sex. Fast discreet shipping, no driving to the store and worrying about running into people you might see going in or coming out of the store and feeling anxious.

The variety of products available online alone is impressive, not many brick and mortar stores will have the sheer selection of products that you can find online at a sex toy shop. You can see the reviews of other customers and see how they liked them after purchasing them, at a store all you will get is the spiel the salesman will give you. Shopping online is a lot more leisurely experience and you will no doubt agree once you start buying things online. Your privacy and discretion is assured.

Masturbators Toys – Better than Your Hand


Masturbation is great, we all do it, it’s as natural as drinking when you’re thirsty or sleeping when you’re tired. As natural as it is, sometimes it gets a bit boring to just use your own hand, so that’s where sex toys come in. They spice things up from the everyday and give us a different sensation than we can make with our own hands. Some love toys so much they prefer them to their hands.

A toy like this one featured here, the Roto-Bator, spins and rotates around your cock providing a teasing motion much better than any mouth, no matter how expert, could do. Blow jobs are many men’s absolute favourite sexual treat, and a toy that in any way simulates that is no doubt going to be a favourite toy to get out during those moments of naughty desires overtaking them. Put some lube in this and turn it on and let it do its naughty work. A man I know used a toy nearly identical to this one with the spinning finned insides and said it was sheer heaven, that he was absolutely addicted to it, it was that good.

So if you’ve been looking to do a bit more than pump your hand up and down on your dick for a change, one of the many exciting and stimulating toys we have here at the online sex shop will no doubt blow your mind. Our male masturbators section has pages and pages of exciting products in many different prices ranges for you to explore and buy and use for a myriad of sensations to pleasure yourself with.

Spice Things Up with Love Kits

White Wedding

Could your relationship do with a little spicing up? If so, and who’s can’t, why not try one of our Love Kits? There are many to choose from and each and every one is chock full of a variety of fun little toys, gadgets, vibes, candles, lubes, massage oils, choose one that suits your needs and those of your partner. Get a few and have different experiences.

When you’ve decided to commit to a monogamous relationship, things can get a bit stale when you have one lover all the time, no matter how much you may love them or desire them. Even steak for dinner gets boring night after night. Variety is indeed the key within a relationship. Role playing, costumes, lingerie, massages, sex toys, all of these things can make things a bit more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Vanilla is great, but even vanilla can benefit from some chocolate syrup and cherries being added once in a while!

Love kits and toys can bring some playfulness and variety to your same old same old routine. Your partner will no doubt be glad you the time to make the effort to make things a bit more exciting than usual. Toys are not for everyone, but even ones not into toys will adore a sensual massage and a room lit with inviting, romantic candles, and of course we do have love kits like this. So have a look at what we offer and we are sure it can be the beginning of some exciting times for you and your partner and shake things up just enough so it doesn’t become boring for you.

My, Oh Mylie Lovedoll!

Blow Up Doll

You’ve got an active fantasy life, don’t you, you naughty masturbator you! Lots of times celebrities are the basis of some very racy and adult fantasies and wouldn’t you know, the makers of adult love dolls know about our thoughts of the celebrities and have come out with several replicas in the form of blow up dolls to use for your masturbation pleasure.

All you have to do is blow one of these toys up and voila, you have your own make believe celebrity to fuck right there and conveniently take the air out of them and pack them away in the closet when you’re finished with them until the mood strikes you again. Toys are about things feeling good, feeling different than if you just masturbated with your hand. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sexual partner at their beck and call, so a love doll such as one like the one pictured or one of the other ones we carry can add something different to your normal hand alone routine.

Dolls are usually made with three “love holes”, so depending on what you are in the mood for, you can do regular sex, anal or oral. So turn down the lights, crack open the lube and have your blow up honey waiting for you in the bed, turn on some tunes, maybe some of theirs if they are a musician, and pound that doll for all you’re worth as you imagine it’s the object of your fantasy right there with you. Our online adult store will surely have one that suits you.

Bondage Toys – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Nights in White Satin
When many hear the word “bondage”, they automatically think hardcore BDSM, pain, denial, all kinds of extreme and degrading stuff. But most couples into light bondage are of the very mild, tame and playful sort. Fur lined handcuffs, blindfolds, tying their lover up with silk scarves and teasing them, now that is fun stuff a great many couple are into and enjoy.

Not everyone is wearing PVC and wearing latex hoods and into the odder, more extreme branches of the tree. Many enjoy domination and submission. It can be very fun to submit to your partner, to give total control of their orgasm over to them. It’s often the most mundane people that revel in this sort of thing, it seems out of character for them, but that’s just the reason, it’s because the meek, mild types often have so little control in their own lives that they get into this and become tigers in the bedroom, and the bitchy, pushy broads become cock worshiping whore’s behind closed doors, it’s that Bondage BDSM reversal of roles that gets many excited to begin with.

We offer many fun yet milder BDSM toys and accessories here at our online adult store. Floggers, handcuffs, blindfolds, all kinds of fun stuff for you to try out with your lover. Think hubby will like it when you come into the bedroom with a glint in your eye and a box in your hand of your new toys you’ve bought to try out? I’m betting they just may enjoy it themselves.

Toys For Orgasmic Fun

G Spot Gel

Who ever dreams when they’re a kid playing with Barbie’s and G.I. Joe’s that there are toys out there that they will play with and enjoy as adults, ones that makes us squeal with delight as they help us cum over and over again. Toys are not just for kids, but our toys do change. The best sexual enhancers used in conjunction with our Sex Toys during masturbation will help you achieve many wonderful, relaxing releases, especially for women that enjoy multiple orgasms, using your hand can be, well, tiring for round after round.

A sex toy such as a vibrator can save your hand the work. Lay back and enjoy all the delights a toy has to offer without exerting yourself and breaking a sweat! There’s toys for clitoral stimulation, G spot, penetration, anal, whatever your desires may be, you will be able to find a toy for it, and even for many you hadn’t dreamed of! Sex toys have come a long way, now many men also enjoy the many masturbators we have that add some more excitement than just their hand.

Men love variety, and some of the things they resort to when horny can be comical at best, dangerous at worst. Sex toys are designed for such uses, so you won’t be risking infection or injury like you could be while using an every day item not designed for that actual purpose. If you’re afraid of wifey finding your stash, just put it some place she’d never look, like your fishing tackle box, or with your sports equipment. Is using a dildo so bad? Think of the embarrassment a guy would feel if he had to go to the emergency room with a broken off carrot up his ass, that would be 100 times worse, so get yourself a sex toy at the online adult store. That’s what they were designed for.

Sex Swings For Pleasure

Fantasy Series Sex Swing

Looking for something a bit different to add to your bedroom repertoire? Why not try a sex swing? Not your average, everyday sex toy, a sex swing will allow you to try different positions you otherwise would not be able to in just a bed. Ones with bad backs or knees that may not be able to enjoy regular sexual positions in bed may especially enjoy the lack of pressure points they make possible. All seniors homes should come equipped with them.

Doggy style on all fours can be very hard on the knees and is just not an option for many. The sex swing toy allows comfort in positions you never dreamed. Sex for some can be a problem if pain is an issue. Imagine trying to have an orgasm if you’re in pain at the same time, how can you when every thrust may make part of you wince in pain? The pressure point relieving sex swings can make pain a non issue, so you can get down to the important things, like cumming over and over and concentrating on that and your partner, not the aches and pains you may have. It’s not just older people that have reduced flexibility for sex, some can be plenty young but have pain from an old injury due to sports or an accident.

A swing you purchase from the online sex shop can not only add variety to your sexual escapades, but freedom from any discomforts you have previously had during sexual encounters. So get hubby or boyfriend to set it up and let the fun begin with no more worries if the pain will be too great for you to cum and enjoy yourself.