These Pearl Vibes Won’t Quit Until You Do

Blue 4.5'' Pearl Vibrator

Twist And Shout - Some may wonder what the difference is between a regular vibrator and a pearl vibrator. Well a pearl vibe has turning and twisting rows of beads inside, so you can feel the movement inside of you as you’re masturbating with it. Some people just want a more interactive toy than one that just buzzes. Some toys even have thrusting heads, to give a more realistic sensation.

Lavender 6'' Pearl Vibrator

Beads Of Pleasure - Now granted, actual cocks don’t have whirling rows of beads inside of them, if only they did! Most guys cocks cannot compete with sex toys and vibes and this is why many guys are actually jealous of their lady’s toys. The toy can keep on long after the guys have popped. Not too many have the stay power required most ladies go for. Your pussy lips will feel that internal vibe action as the rows of beads twist this way and that, many have controls that allow you to reverse the direction of rotation, or built in patterns for variety, so your pussy doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Pearl Vibrator with Clit Stimulator

Swirling Sensations - Many also have the all important clit stimulators, which work on the tender bits outside while the beads are doing their magic inside. A perfect, naughty combination you will no doubt enjoy tremendously! Realistic shaped cock heads on the toys will give you just a nice amount of realism, while enjoying the toy that can far out perform your boyfriend’s or hubby’s cock. So when they don’t have the muster, reach into your naughty toy drawer and pull out something that won’t quit until you’re ready for it to.

Cock Rings For Extra Hard Cocks

Penis RIng

Cock rings for Christmas, what says I love your hard dick more? Even guys with ample erections can always do with “that little extra”. Even a very young man told me he’s enjoyed the sensation of that super extra hardness, and at 18, there’s nothing wrong with what he’s got naturally. Cock rings are about the cheapest and oldest sexual enhancement aids going. We have ones in so many different styles and shapes and colours and that serve many different purposes.

Erection Ring

Types: Cock rings can come standard, or even fancy vibrating ones, to offer your sexual partner even more pleasure than that hard as a rock cock is giving them. Keep that dick stiff like nothing else and for a long time. Older men that have trouble getting an erection in the first place may find that using a penis pump followed by then putting on a cock ring is just the ticket they have been looking for.

cockringMaterials: Every kind known to man practically is used in them. Glass, metal, silicone, rubber, plastics. You name it and it’s likely been fashioned into a cock ring of some variety or another. Enjoy patterns of vibrations if you choose the ones that give you that special buzz as you use them. No matter the type choose, you’ll be getting that little boost that trapped blood flow will give you and your partner. You’ll both be glad you did! From inexpensive, to deluxe brands and models, we carry them all.

Number 1 With A Vibrating Bullet

bulButterfly Frenzy

Bullet vibes are very popular sex toys these days. The portable and discrete size of them alone makes them a good choice for fun on the run. You can’t exactly pull out an 8 inch dildo and use it at your desk or at a dinner party as you eat, but a bullet vibe will be an option id cumming in public is your thing. Many people have exhibitionist tendencies yet can’t go right down to the food court at the mall and stroke one out. Yet a bullet vibe can be placed in their panties and they can cum in front of a whole room full of people and have no one be the wiser.

Sometimes it’s the naughty fun of doing something in plain sight that gets people aroused and excited to begin with. Also many girls are only into clitoral stimulation and do not need any big toy to insert, that’s not what they are looking for at all. They just want a buzz and a tingle on their clit to get them off and a bullet vibe is perfect for that. Some are so small they literally run on watch batteries. You don’t need a huge toy to get off at all. Tiny doesn’t mean less powerful at all.

The remote controlled ones are a lot of fun for couples, where the male partner is the one controlling the action of stopping and starting the vibe and setting different vibrational patterns to get his lady off. Giving someone else control over your orgasm can be a lot of fun, you don’t know what they have in mind!

Vibrators For Masturbation

Mini Vibe

If fun on the go is your personal style, or you like pretty purse accessories, you will love these mini vibes that we carry. Most women these days have a vibrator of one kind or another, it’s just a sexual fact of life these days. These ones in pretty traveling cases will be able to be carried around and if anyone being nosy glances in your open purse, they will be none the wiser.

There’s cases for everything these days, from pouches for condoms, to tampons, so these personal items no longer need to float loosely in your purse anymore. This tiny, battery operated ones will be perfect for horny lunch breaks! Quiet operation will never have anyone guessing what you are up to in your locked office or bathroom stall, you masturbation addict, you! Play in privacy and enjoy orgasms whenever the mood strikes you with this handy, ultra portable model.

Female Vibrators are the most popular sex toys, men also can enjoy them on their cock heads, testicles and by inserting them anally and having the vibe touch their prostate, which can produce a much more powerful sensation for them than fingers alone during a prostate massage. So vibrators can enhance the sexual feelings of many people, that’s why so many own them. Look at our collection of toys and see which one will be best for you and your partner! Bullet vibes, full sized ones you insert that have clitoral stimulator, all kinds of different ones for different sensations.

Pearl Vibrators For Maximum Enjoyment

Pear Rabbit Vibrator

What makes  pearl vibrators toys different or more special than an ordinary vibe? Well it has rows of pearl shaped beads inside that twist and turn and stimulate you from the inside out, not all vibes have this curious internal mechanism for added vaginal pleasures. Your masturbatory experience will be enhanced by the additional feature. The bunny ears will twitch and please your clit with their flittering vibrations.

The spinning beads will work your pussy from the inside, and the bunny ears from the outside. Some ladies just want more, they seek out the sex toys with the bells and whistles, they like the luxury experience, the finest in everything, and this is the type of vibe that will please you like no other. This well made and whimsical vibe will make you wondering why you didn’t add this one to your naughty drawer a long time ago.

We all know ladies enjoy masturbation the same as men do, and as wonderful as fingers are, some variety is always a good thing, and sex toys can really help spice things up and give you some different sensations to change things up for a change. Many men also very much enjoy watching their ladies enjoy themselves with sex toys, it can be very arousing for them to witness! So you and your boyfriend or husband will get enjoyment from a pearl vibe like this one, so why not buy one from our online sex shop and experience what it can do for you today.

Lelo Lily Vibrator – for Good Vibrations

Lelo Lily

If you’re looking for a higher quality sex toy, then the Lelo Designer Vibrators brand is likely the one you will be looking for. This vibe pictured is not designed for insertion, but not all ladies are looking for insertion as they masturbate. Guys don’t like hearing that, they like to think all of us women NEED to feel if not a cock, then at the very least a cock substitute. Nope, we really don’t, sorry!

The shape of this vibe brings a computer mouse to mind, and boy can you make your kitty purr with this one. The powerful, rechargeable vibe will last and last through several play times. No need to worry about batteries and them running low. Your lover can cradle this in his hand and run it all over your body. Your nipples, buttocks, and of course your greedy, horny pussy that needs those good vibrations. Many women really love their vibes, and this one can be rested against your pussy and send ripples of pleasure through those throbbing pussy lips and clit.

Try using this on your man as well. Many men love a vibe as well, they aren’t simply for ladies alone. Their cock and balls will enjoy the stimulation just as much as your pussy will. Sex toys can enhance the sex lives of many couples, especially if ones sex drive exceeds the other and you need a release more often than your partner may need to. Some women do have a higher sex drive than their man, especially if their male partner is older and simply can’t do all they should but can’t that often, so toys can be a real boon for ones in a relationship like that.

Glass Up Your Ass | Anal Sex Toys

Butt Plug

Glass toys are one of the more interesting ones made. They are pretty to look at and can be cleaned better than toys made from any other medium, if you’re such a person that’s even concerned with that. This particular one made me laugh though as it talks about “viewing area” and being see through. I guess this is for ones into serious medical fetish. You really want to peer up someone’s bum? Orgasms, sex toys and a polyp check all in one go! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Are they going to bring their miner’s hat too? With the light on it?

People’s oddities in the realm of all things sexual never ceases to amaze me. Personally I can’t imagine the appeal of peering up anothers backside, yet there are those out there that would fancy themselves amateur proctologist’s I guess and get some sort of thrill from it. Until I read about these toys that are “suitable for viewing”, I honestly hadn’t considered anyone doing such a thing, but it doesn’t surprise me, perverts are everywhere and into every possible thing you could imagine and not imagine.

Cared for properly, they will last longer than you will and never degrade like toys made of other materials. Imagine buying a toy once and never having to worry about it becoming tacky to the touch, getting  a weird smell or splitting open. Think that pocket pussy from 1985 would be usable now? Did they even make pocket pussies in 1985? If you had a toy made from glass, it would be just as good now as then.

Dildos and Dongs for a Wonderful Masturbation

Double Ended Dildo

Dildos and dongs are a wonderful addition to your naughty drawer and your masturbation routine. That feeling of fullness they provide is incomparable to anything else, well, except the real thing of course! Some girls are just clit stimulation only, they have no interest in penetration when they masturbate, but many others love that feeling of being penetrated by a cock-even if it’s not the real thing. Nothing beats that fullness inside of yourself when you cum.

Dildos have a very long history, being one of the earliest sex toys around, practically from the days of the cave men. The boudoirs of the ladies in ancient Greece and Rome pretty much all had such accessories. It was common in market places to see dildos and dongs made of everything from carved ivory to metal and their use was expected during times of war when a lot of the male citizens would be away at war. Carved dildos were common in ancient China and have been found in many collections of ancient artifacts, so their use is by no means a new one. We are lucky today to have toys made of much safer and appropriate materials for such objects.

There are vibrating dildos and dongs and non vibrating ones and in every thickness and length you can imagine. Ones with suction cup bases you can adhere to a surface and ride to your hearts content. Others you just use holding in your hand, others still have dual heads for use with another person at the same time. The one pictured here can be used in both of a woman’s openings for double pleasure, and no doubt while she’s rubbing her clit.

Vibrating Cockring for Your Penis

Devil Bat Ring
If you like to add some whimsy to your sexual encounters as well as help your erection, a sexy cock ring with some humour can help lighten the mood. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh as well as make them feel good, and a toy/sexual aid that can do both will have your gal coming back for more again and again. Cock rings help with erections that aren’t what they used to be. Ones that may get hard right at the start but just not be able to maintain that.

Slide a cock ring on and let the games begin! They help with keeping the blood flow where it needs to be and stay-in your cock, for those rock hard erections that will have her purring like a kitten and begging for more. There are cock rings that vibrate and you can add bullet vibes to them for extra stimulation, and also just regular ones that just aid in keeping the blood flow there and keeping you hard as a rock.

Cock rings have a very old history, having been one of the first sexual aids around. Originally made out of leather strips tied around the penis and even made out of as odd things as the stretched eyelids of goats, complete with eyelashes attached for additional clitoral stimulation. Now wouldn’t you rather have a toy today made for that! They didn’t have fancy things then like we do now, so be glad for modern advancements such as sex toys. Of course for all your sexual needs, we have a multitude of toys here at our online adult store.

Bullet Vibes – Good Things Come In Small Packages

Bullet Vibe

What’s not to love about a bullet vibe? So many vibrators these days are massive, not easily portable in your purse or briefcase, they are quite large and while that’s good for size queens, many other ladies do not require toys the size of forearms to get off with. Sometimes “fun sized” is just that. They may be small but they can pack a good sized punch, with powerful batteries that buzz and buzz until you can’t take anymore.

Another fun thing about bullet vibes, is they often come with remote controls, so other people can operate them and our pleasure is at their mercy and it’s oh so much fun to have another person in control of our orgasm and they will zap us at their whim. For those masturbation addicts among us, and of course there are some of you reading this, (you know who you are!) a bullet vibe is easily concealed in your panties and you can be getting off with no one knowing what you’re up to, as long as you can keep the moaning and groaning to a minimum!

Think you can cum at your desk without the co workers knowing? Think you’d like to find out and work that remote on a slow afternoon and make things a bit more exciting? Think if a client sat down across from you right as you were approaching orgasm, what would you do? Bite your lip and cum as quietly as you could I’d imagine. If you like risky masturbation, a bullet vibe is the perfect choice of a sex toy for you.