Masturbators Toys – Better than Your Hand


Masturbation is great, we all do it, it’s as natural as drinking when you’re thirsty or sleeping when you’re tired. As natural as it is, sometimes it gets a bit boring to just use your own hand, so that’s where sex toys come in. They spice things up from the everyday and give us a different sensation than we can make with our own hands. Some love toys so much they prefer them to their hands.

A toy like this one featured here, the Roto-Bator, spins and rotates around your cock providing a teasing motion much better than any mouth, no matter how expert, could do. Blow jobs are many men’s absolute favourite sexual treat, and a toy that in any way simulates that is no doubt going to be a favourite toy to get out during those moments of naughty desires overtaking them. Put some lube in this and turn it on and let it do its naughty work. A man I know used a toy nearly identical to this one with the spinning finned insides and said it was sheer heaven, that he was absolutely addicted to it, it was that good.

So if you’ve been looking to do a bit more than pump your hand up and down on your dick for a change, one of the many exciting and stimulating toys we have here at the online sex shop will no doubt blow your mind. Our male masturbators section has pages and pages of exciting products in many different prices ranges for you to explore and buy and use for a myriad of sensations to pleasure yourself with.

Toys For Orgasmic Fun

G Spot Gel

Who ever dreams when they’re a kid playing with Barbie’s and G.I. Joe’s that there are toys out there that they will play with and enjoy as adults, ones that makes us squeal with delight as they help us cum over and over again. Toys are not just for kids, but our toys do change. The best sexual enhancers used in conjunction with our Sex Toys during masturbation will help you achieve many wonderful, relaxing releases, especially for women that enjoy multiple orgasms, using your hand can be, well, tiring for round after round.

A sex toy such as a vibrator can save your hand the work. Lay back and enjoy all the delights a toy has to offer without exerting yourself and breaking a sweat! There’s toys for clitoral stimulation, G spot, penetration, anal, whatever your desires may be, you will be able to find a toy for it, and even for many you hadn’t dreamed of! Sex toys have come a long way, now many men also enjoy the many masturbators we have that add some more excitement than just their hand.

Men love variety, and some of the things they resort to when horny can be comical at best, dangerous at worst. Sex toys are designed for such uses, so you won’t be risking infection or injury like you could be while using an every day item not designed for that actual purpose. If you’re afraid of wifey finding your stash, just put it some place she’d never look, like your fishing tackle box, or with your sports equipment. Is using a dildo so bad? Think of the embarrassment a guy would feel if he had to go to the emergency room with a broken off carrot up his ass, that would be 100 times worse, so get yourself a sex toy at the online adult store. That’s what they were designed for.