Glass Toys For Naughty Girls And Boys!

Icicle 38Glass Class - What is it about glass sex toys? They just have an elegance about them that other toys do not, and with with normal, careful use can last a lifetime. The material doesn’t break down like the ones others are made from. It can be cooled, it can be heated, smooth as well, glass! Imagine owning toys that will never need to be replaced again. They won’t get sticky or gummy with time, they won’t fall apart from use.

Glass Toy

Mouth Blown Works of Art - Many glass toys are like works of art, they are mouth blown, so no two are exactly alike. The designs, colours, each one slightly unique. This naughty flogger will get your submissives in line as you whack it across your slaves back and buttocks and make them whimper for Mistress to not be quite so cruel to them. Not everyone looks for a realistic feeling more flexible toy, some enjoy the stiffer, firmer material that glass toys can provide.

Icicles 15Hot or Cold - Ones into temperature play will no doubt enjoy dipping glass toys into a bath of ice for a skin tingling sensation and making those nipples harder than pebbles as you lay the ice cold chilled toy against them. Medical grade glass is strong, easy to clean and will never be a worry. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, or can even be boiled for total sterilisation for you germophobes out there. Add some of these lovely toys to your naughty kit today and see what you’ve been missing.

Glass Up Your Ass | Anal Sex Toys

Butt Plug

Glass toys are one of the more interesting ones made. They are pretty to look at and can be cleaned better than toys made from any other medium, if you’re such a person that’s even concerned with that. This particular one made me laugh though as it talks about “viewing area” and being see through. I guess this is for ones into serious medical fetish. You really want to peer up someone’s bum? Orgasms, sex toys and a polyp check all in one go! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Are they going to bring their miner’s hat too? With the light on it?

People’s oddities in the realm of all things sexual never ceases to amaze me. Personally I can’t imagine the appeal of peering up anothers backside, yet there are those out there that would fancy themselves amateur proctologist’s I guess and get some sort of thrill from it. Until I read about these toys that are “suitable for viewing”, I honestly hadn’t considered anyone doing such a thing, but it doesn’t surprise me, perverts are everywhere and into every possible thing you could imagine and not imagine.

Cared for properly, they will last longer than you will and never degrade like toys made of other materials. Imagine buying a toy once and never having to worry about it becoming tacky to the touch, getting  a weird smell or splitting open. Think that pocket pussy from 1985 would be usable now? Did they even make pocket pussies in 1985? If you had a toy made from glass, it would be just as good now as then.