My, Oh Mylie Lovedoll!

Blow Up Doll

You’ve got an active fantasy life, don’t you, you naughty masturbator you! Lots of times celebrities are the basis of some very racy and adult fantasies and wouldn’t you know, the makers of adult love dolls know about our thoughts of the celebrities and have come out with several replicas in the form of blow up dolls to use for your masturbation pleasure.

All you have to do is blow one of these toys up and voila, you have your own make believe celebrity to fuck right there and conveniently take the air out of them and pack them away in the closet when you’re finished with them until the mood strikes you again. Toys are about things feeling good, feeling different than if you just masturbated with your hand. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sexual partner at their beck and call, so a love doll such as one like the one pictured or one of the other ones we carry can add something different to your normal hand alone routine.

Dolls are usually made with three “love holes”, so depending on what you are in the mood for, you can do regular sex, anal or oral. So turn down the lights, crack open the lube and have your blow up honey waiting for you in the bed, turn on some tunes, maybe some of theirs if they are a musician, and pound that doll for all you’re worth as you imagine it’s the object of your fantasy right there with you. Our online adult store will surely have one that suits you.

Hit Me Baby One More Time…

Inflatable Celebrity Love Doll

Have you given up on women? Or rather have they given up on you? For a great many men, sadly, this is the cold, hard reality they are living with. What’s a poor bastard to do that has no girlfriend, no wife, he’s afraid to go to an escort for fear of disease or else he just doesn’t have the dough…Yet he wants a woman, or rather the FEEL of a woman. Well, some guys turn to sex dolls to spice up their masturbation.

Hey, turn down the lights, have a few drinks…make that a LOT of drinks and use one of the love dolls, and you’d barely remember you can’t find a girl! Focus on the sensations, these sex dolls are made to feel lifelike. No, they don’t breathe, they don’t have a heartbeat, but they won’t talk back and ask you why you hang out with your deadbeat friends either! And you don’t even have to buy them a steak dinner to put out. What more could a guy ask for?

You know sex dolls and adult toys┬áhave been around for a good long while. Centuries even in one form or another. Hitler knew the soldiers got lonely on their tours of duty and actually issued the soldiers blow up dolls for their back packs for them to avoid the disease ridden prostitutes. Most of the soldiers were in fact too embarrassed to carry the issued love dolls for fear of the enemies ribbing them about them upon capture, so they didn’t utilize them, but hey, old Adolf was having the boys best interests at heart!