Naughty Novelty Cakes For Your Party

Novelty Cake Pan

Naughty Cakes - The addition of a naughty shaped cake at a bachelor or bachelorette party can be an amusing and festive one for sure. We carry a number of naughty shaped cake pans for just such an occasion. Often buying specialty cake such as this will cost a pretty penny if you buy one from a bakery. There’s not need to spend all that when for a fraction of that price you can order your own cake pan and make such a cake yourself and personalize and decorate it for little cost.

Boobie Cup Cake Pan

Bobbie Cake Pans - Not just for a raunchy guys party, but celebrate that new breast augmentation with your girlfriends you’ve been saving up for and celebrate your new figure or breast lift. Not all people want to keep such self improvements under their hats these days, and a celebratory evening to make light of the situation could be just the ticket for a fun and unique evening out with the girls. Take pics of your creation and add it to your social pages to show others  just  what a fun time you and your mates had together.

Disposable Pans - Set of 2

Big Boobies - Most guys love tits, no mistake about it. So bring a big boob cake to your stag night and have everyone enjoy some of those sexy boobies and lick the icing off of them. Most people have a sweet tooth and boob shaped desserts just make it even sweeter!  Have a couple of the boob cakes and do them up with different colour icings for different coloured skin tones, make icing bras or swimsuit tops on them, the possibilities are endless.

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