Swings For Sex Fun

Sex Swing

Sex swings┬ácan provide the badly needed variety you and your partner have been seeking in the bedroom. They are fantastic accessories for your bedroom. Everyone gets caught up in the same ho hum routine every once on a while, surprise your partner with one of these toys and see how things go from so so and lukewarm, to va va va voom! Many are designed so you don’t even have to drill into your woodwork, which if you are in a rented place, can be important.

Many just slip over the door tops and can be used that way, or there are free standing ones that work with frames, so no damaging your door frames to have a fun romp! These are also excellent for ones with joint problems, or back aches, as they take the pressure off your joints, which for older people is a good thing. Even ones plenty young can have joint issues from being overweight, or some other medical condition that can make regular sexual positions just too uncomfortable to bother with.

Even if joint issues are not a concern, the way you can be maneuvered in one of these sex swings can make for some fun times in positions just not possible in a flat bed. Stretch your muscles and have a swinging good time! Turn gravity on its ear and play and swing like you haven’t in years, if ever before. Not your everyday sex toy, but one that can allow for some interesting and fun experimentation. Don’t let aches and pains inhibit your love life.

Sex Swings For Pleasure

Fantasy Series Sex Swing

Looking for something a bit different to add to your bedroom repertoire? Why not try a sex swing? Not your average, everyday sex toy, a sex swing will allow you to try different positions you otherwise would not be able to in just a bed. Ones with bad backs or knees that may not be able to enjoy regular sexual positions in bed may especially enjoy the lack of pressure points they make possible. All seniors homes should come equipped with them.

Doggy style on all fours can be very hard on the knees and is just not an option for many. The sex swing toy allows comfort in positions you never dreamed. Sex for some can be a problem if pain is an issue. Imagine trying to have an orgasm if you’re in pain at the same time, how can you when every thrust may make part of you wince in pain? The pressure point relieving sex swings can make pain a non issue, so you can get down to the important things, like cumming over and over and concentrating on that and your partner, not the aches and pains you may have. It’s not just older people that have reduced flexibility for sex, some can be plenty young but have pain from an old injury due to sports or an accident.

A swing you purchase from the online sex shop can not only add variety to your sexual escapades, but freedom from any discomforts you have previously had during sexual encounters. So get hubby or boyfriend to set it up and let the fun begin with no more worries if the pain will be too great for you to cum and enjoy yourself.

Swing Baby!

Yoga Sex Swing

For the more adventuresome and playful couple, you may want to consider getting a sex swing in your boudoir. Some couples not only just enjoy sex, it’s a major part of their relationship, and for ones like that, they seek variety and unusual accessories. Regular toys are fine, and they use those as well, but some like to go whole hog and have all sorts of different things to try!

Some are into swinging, and some are into sex swings, no doubt some are into both. A swing will allow you much more variety of positions than any bed. Gravity gets a helping hand, allowing you to enjoy certain positions just not possible in a bed. There may have been certain positions you’d like to have tried in bed, but you just couldn’t maintain the position, you may have even gotten cramps in your arms or legs trying. With a sex swing, you can get into those difficult positions and not worry about taxing yourself doing so. All the enjoyment, and none of the difficulties.

Some people are into yoga as it is, they like to push the limits of their bodies flexibilities and adult sex toys like this is allowing them to incorporate their love of yoga into their lovemaking. Imagine, candles, incense burning and you and your partner in the flickering candlelight rocking and swinging your way to orgasm after explosive orgasm! Sex is a lot of fun during the best of times, a sex swing can make things even more playful than usual.