Sexting Games


Online fun is a big reality these days, from cam sex, phone sex, and of course cyber sex and sexting. That online fun that is a part of so many of our lives these days has indeed made the jump to naughty party games as well. The game pictured here, an interactive text message game is just yet another fun way to have fun at a party.

Naughty parties are nothing new, bachelor and bachelorette parties are known for their wild antics and strippers. People get together for a last hurrah before getting hitched and the guests often have way too much to drink and act a bit crazy. Maybe they might show some of that craziness during playing one of the interactive text message games. Sex Games at adult parties can lead to all sorts of fun, spin the bottle is for kids, just imagine the sorts of adult versions you could get going!

When you add alcohol, the last bit of reckless fun before getting married and a group of flirtatious adults, you have a perfect storm for sexual games and fun. Games and fun, often drinking games, or truth or dare type games involving dice or naughty board games can really spice things up and make for a much more enjoyable and memorable party for all. You will have a night to remember that you and your friends will cherish. Booze makes most occasions more fun, games as well, add in some sexting and some horny people and it will be tons of fun for all.

Adult Party Games

Sex Dice

If you’d like to add a bit of spice to your next poker night or bachelorette party, hen party, girls night, whatever you wish to call your little get together, some naughty and fun sex games for the girls or if it’s a mixed party, they may just get things a little more fun. Adult novelties and games are often the perfect accompaniment to the evenings entertainment. You may have hired a stripper, or not, depending on how naughty you are or how much you have to spend.

Games can often add the most important element to a party-laughter and fun. The silly and revealing questions or dares that games bring with them can loosen up the atmosphere a lot and break the ice at such a get together. Once the drinks start flowing people do loosen up of course, but fun and naughty card games and dice games and board games can get things rolling and bring up funny stories and topics you’d otherwise not maybe have thought of on your own.

The element of fun and surprise that is added to a party can make or break it, if a party isn’t fun, people don’t really want to stick around and a party where people are looking for their coats after the first hour isn’t much of a party is it? No, so by having some fun games on hand that will challenge and entertain the guests is always a good idea. Bake a naughty shaped cake, have some fun , and have some top adult games, maybe have some door prizes for the winners of the little games, like lip balm, or candles, or other little things that will make it fun.

Sex Games That Lovers Play

Monogamy Games

There are games that lovers play and then are real sex toy games that lovers play for fun, like naughty dice and card games, dare you games, I never confession games, all sorts of games that are perfect to spice up an adult party or be one of the activities at a bachelorette party or girl’s night out or hens night.

The ones to play in mixed company at an adult party can be particularly revealing and let you get to know your friends and acquaintances a lot better, and maybe be shocked by some of their answers! Truth or dare for adults in the sexual arena. The naughty dice games can give you little tasks to perform. I recall when I was younger a game my mom had gotten for a bridal shower, “Pin The Macho on The Man”. It was like an X rated version of pin the tail on the donkey, and the fold out poster of the man was taped to the door, and the paper penis was put in the hand of one of the blindfolded women and then they were spun around as we all laughed as they attempted to pin it on the poster.

A lot of these sex games can be drinking games as well, so perhaps you’d best get those ones if most of your guests are going to be drinking. Not much fun for the tea-totallers in the crowd! Spin the bottle isn’t just for kids, but spinning the bottle in these adult games just might get you a random kiss, but not as innocent as one on the lips! Who knows where it might land, so let’s hope your partner doesn’t find out about the naughty games you’ve been playing while out at your friends raunchy party! So before your ext get together, try out some of the fun adult novelties you can buy online.