Make It Bigger And Longer With A Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve

What exactly can a penis sleeve do for you, your lover and your cock? It can make you feel bigger, make your lover feel more satisfied because it’s increasing the length and girth of what you naturally have. Many penis sleeves allow either have “ticklers” attached or areas for tiny bullet vibes that are inserted to further excite your lady and make your manly bits tingle as well!

Not all guys have been given a huge cock by nature, so some need all the help accessories like these can give them. Be glad that such sexual enhancers like this even exist, not too many years ago such things didn’t, so guys were just kind of stuck with what they had and couldn’t do anything to help their lover out and make their sexual relationships more exciting for their partner. Several types of cock rings have vibrators either built right into them, so penis sleeves are just yet another sex toy and enhancer you can add to your naughty drawer that will spice things up.

Sexual accessories and toys can make the seemingly impossible possible. Many guys with small cocks have had one disappointing sexual encounter after the next and are glad to discover something out there that can finally help them. Here at the online sex shop we offer many different types and varieties of penis sleeves for you and your partner to choose from to see what kind will best suit your needs. To your partner, they will feel very close to the real thing, and now with help such as these toys provide, you can finally somewhat level the playing field between you and better endowed men.

Puff It Up!

Penis Sleeve

It’s a sad fact that many men have been shortchanged in the penis department. Too short, too skinny, what’s a poor bastard to do? Well, there are options out there for some. The ones that have such tiny cocks they are really overgrown clits, well, there really is no answer for those pitiable souls, but for ones that just need a bit extra, there are things called penis sleeves extension.

They are slipped over the erect penis to increase length and girth. I see these as being of more benefit to the women they are having sex with than them, so let’s hope giving a woman pleasure is their greatest joy, since if some men complain about a condom reducing sensation, I can only imagine what it must feel like to cover your dick with a quarter inch thick piece of silicone. But some men truly have only the pleasure of their sexual partners in their thoughts and know they can jerk off or have their partners do that for them afterwards. Most women enjoy the sensation of fullness as they are having sex and these penis sleeves are designed just for that purpose. No more “Is it in yet?” humiliations.

You’ll be humiliated enough slipping on your “fake overcock” thing as it is! But some men have little pride to begin with and will just be happy they are getting pussy at all of any description! So do what you can to get some ladies at the very least. Maybe the lights will be dim and she won’t notice. So have a look at the penis extensions we have at the online sex toy store and see what they can do for you today.

Make It Bigger with Penis Sleeves

Penis Sleeve

Are you a little short in the manhood department? Has your girlfriend asked if you’ve “put it in yet?” Do you feel inadequately sized and don’t know what to do? You have no idea how many men feel like total losers in the cock size department. It makes grown men cry like babies to have to accept nothing will make it bigger. No matter how much they’d be willing to pay for a “cock job”, or what sort of pain they’d be willing to endure. So, for most tiny dicked guys, they turn to a penis sleeve.

What is a penis sleeve or extension? Well, it’s a length and girth extender for your cock. It helps your lady feel like she’s actually got something inside of her. You don’t want your girlfriend to run around with another guy do you? Or wait, maybe you do, perhaps you’re into cuckold, as many tiny dicked guys are, but that’s another story…Before she gives up on you entirely and tosses you over for a guy with a real man sized cock, try one of these, ask her for one more night with one of these on and see what she says. She might just give you another chance after all.

They are made to feel either lifelike, or ribbed for extra pleasure and sensation for her. We know it’s sad Mother Nature has so short changed you, but be glad there’s such devices available out there for you so she’d even give you a second chance. If not for things like these, what chance long term do you think she’d give you with your 3 inch little cock? Come on…She will appreciate your buying one of these sex toys.