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Jazz Up Your Masturbation - Many men want to jazz up their masturbation routines but aren’t sure where to start. Lots of guys just think of sex toys as being for the ladies, but there are lots of toys out there for men to enjoy themselves with. Masturbators are a wonderful option for men to use. They are easy to hold and use and many times have changeable interior sleeves that provide different sensations for men to enjoy themselves with.


Hot Or Cold, It Will Never Get Old - Many even have components to be used for temperature play that can either be heated up or cooled down prior to use for differing sensations. Most men adore oral sex, this is no secret. There are many masturbators available here that are used to simulate the sensations of oral sex for use if you have no partner, or if you have a partner, but they aren’t into giving you a blow job. This are all a nice change of pace from your hand, since as wonderful as regular masturbation is, it’s always good to toss in some variety and have a different feeling now and then.

masturbator3Lay Back And Enjoy - The feeling of the lips wrapping around your cock will be fantastic, and these easy to hold and operate toys are not too much of a bother to keep clean either, so you can always make a grab for your toy and have a delightful jerk off experience as you lay back and fantasize it’s some girl you’ve been dreaming about that’s sucking your cock for all it’s worth.

Masturbators Toys – Better than Your Hand


Masturbation is great, we all do it, it’s as natural as drinking when you’re thirsty or sleeping when you’re tired. As natural as it is, sometimes it gets a bit boring to just use your own hand, so that’s where sex toys come in. They spice things up from the everyday and give us a different sensation than we can make with our own hands. Some love toys so much they prefer them to their hands.

A toy like this one featured here, the Roto-Bator, spins and rotates around your cock providing a teasing motion much better than any mouth, no matter how expert, could do. Blow jobs are many men’s absolute favourite sexual treat, and a toy that in any way simulates that is no doubt going to be a favourite toy to get out during those moments of naughty desires overtaking them. Put some lube in this and turn it on and let it do its naughty work. A man I know used a toy nearly identical to this one with the spinning finned insides and said it was sheer heaven, that he was absolutely addicted to it, it was that good.

So if you’ve been looking to do a bit more than pump your hand up and down on your dick for a change, one of the many exciting and stimulating toys we have here at the online sex shop will no doubt blow your mind. Our male masturbators section has pages and pages of exciting products in many different prices ranges for you to explore and buy and use for a myriad of sensations to pleasure yourself with.

Hello, Fellow Masturbators!

2 Fisted Jack

If you desire a bit more variety than your hand when you jerk off, a male masturbator like this one pictured, one of hundreds we have here at the online sex shop, could be the answer for some additional excitement for you. The many different shapes, colors and textures and shapes of one offered provide a myriad of sensations to your cock.

We all know cumming is a lot of fun, and by adding toys to the mix, it can definitely bring more excitement to your routine. Men masturbate a lot, some everyday, so using a variety of masturbator toys can help keep things from being boring. Ones that buzz and vibrate create a much different sensation than just your hand. Toys you can actually fuck can physically feel like a real vagina, that’s the whole point after all, isn’t it. You need to have a good imagination and fantasizing capability to use an item like that, you have to be able to imagine it’s a real pussy you’re fucking, that’s what makes it seem more enjoyable than just a molded piece of silicone.

Using a toy like that while watching porn can also be extremely enjoyable for men, the mixture of the physical and visual together is a heady combination for many and heightens things to a whole new level than just your hand and a bottle of lube. So get out your lube, slick that toy up, close your eyes, lay back and have at it. You and your cock will be glad you did!

Hand Getting A Bit Boring? Use Masturbator Sex Toy

Masturbator Sex Toy

Let’s face it guys, we all masturbate, and for some of us the old hand gets a wee bit boring after a while, so we try different things to spice up from just the old rosey palm and her five sisters. A masturbator toy is just what that is for, to make it a bit more exciting and create a different sensation than our hand.

There’s a masturbator out there for everyone from the tame to the wild, a simple small artificial vagina to full fledged body parts. That might be a bit much for everyone, but there are smaller toys for the less adventurous out there who just want a more exciting experience. There’s ones that simulate the feeling of an ass, a mouth for solo oral, and the artificial pussies, regular or vibrating, you can turn many on or off to vibrate or not depending what sensation you prefer.

The variety of toys available is staggering really, you could never run out of new and different ones to try if you were so inclined and had unlimited funds to try them all out. With proper care they can last many years and provide lots of enjoyment, you don’t need to be satisfied with just your hand any longer, there’s an entire world of sex toys out there for you to explore. Some are so small they literally fit in your pocket, others practically the size of a real person, it just depends how far you are willing to go in your experimentation.