Skin Irritation No More

Naked Silk Green Tea

Get Rid Of The Hair Down There - One of the best grooming trends in recent decades is the trend to go bare down there, as in shave or wax it all off. Most people do not want a jungle they have to go through to get to the pink. Hairs in the teeth during oral sex may not bother some, but many are just plain grossed out by it and won’t accept a non shaven partner. It’s cleaner, it looks better, it’s much nicer all around.

Sassy Citrus Scented

Sensitive Skin Isn’t Just On Faces - One issue that many experience though is a difficulty with irritation and red bumps when attempting to groom their pubic area. Products like these are a real boon for ones that suffer from such irritations. They are especially designed to sooth and moisturise the skin and make shaving and hair removal not a painful chore to have to endure. They will condition the skin and make it a lot less frequent for irritation to happen in the first place.

Make Me Blush Scented

Rashes No More - One thing about suffering from irritation down below is the itching, and who among us wants to be scratching and having people thinking we have crabs or something! By properly using these pubic shaving conditioners and skin lubricants, you can save yourself a whole world of grief and upset. Rashes and itching are no laughing matter and you can literally claw at yourself until you bleed and cry. Check out our wide variety of lotions and lubes you can use on yourself today.

Adult Lotions & Sexual Lubricants

Cock Cologne

For the man that’s too lazy to shower, or perspires more so than others, here we have Genital Deodorant for your naughty bits. There really is a product for everything out there, and apparently there’s one for your stinky bits too! I’d like to say just shower and do us all a favour, but sadly I know that’s too much effort for some and a product like this is just what they have been looking for. You (hopefully) use deodorant under your arms, so now use one for your cock and balls too.

Why bathe when you can just spritz on some of this? Oh boy, sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Maybe ones coming home from the gym will have an impromptu encounter on the way home before they shower. What’s a guy to do? Grab your Cock Cologne and give your man below a quick spray down and then you’ll be tasty and not stinky for your last minute fling. Keep some in your briefcase or desk drawer for at work encounters that come up last minute.

Good for gals pussies too, apparently. Perfumes have their roots in being created to cover up unwashed smells. So a product like this is just continuing on in the same tradition. So isn’t it time you started spraying down your genitals the same way you apply deodorant to your underarms? Cut down on perspiration, and odour. No more sweaty balls for you! Cock Cologne-isn’t it time?

Tit Wank Anyone?

Boob Lube

What guy out there doesn’t love a good tit fuck? Some places call it a tit wank. If you are a lady of ample proportions up top, chances are pretty good some guy you have slept with at some point has wanted to give you a good old tit wank. The bosoms are soft, welcoming, comforting, sensual, and no chances of getting pregnant or contracting an STD from fucking them. It can also be combined with a blow job at the same time. Pump, lick, pump, lick…etc.

If breast play is something you and your partner enjoy if you have nice big knockers, then something like this “Boob Lube Lubricant” here is just the ticket for you. Regular lubes for vaginal and anal sex can be a bit oily, greasy, sticky or gummy. This lube is made for breasts, it can also be used for other lubrication purposes, but if you enjoy giving the old knockers a pump, we’d suggest you try this product out and see how you like it.

I laughed when I read the description about how it “dries to a powdery finish”. Um, your going to have had a tit fuck, likely be splattered with cum from chin to belly button and not shower after wards? So the lube dries to a powdery finish, what about the jizz!? Ha ha…Yeah, that’s a but absurd to say the very least. I’d hope ones would suitably clean up afterwards. But good to know there is a lubes just for this type of play. There are plenty of guys that adore fucking tits, so I’d imagine a lube just for this is a good idea, and if it is nice enough, it can be used as lube for all your other lube needs as it says. Just have to try it out I guess.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet…

Pheromone Body Oil

Isn’t it always nice to smell good and have that extra feeling of confidence that comes from knowing that? And don’t we always love when a member of the opposite sex smells delicious? We just want to nuzzle into them. Some fragrances also have attractants in them called pheromones that themselves do not have an actual scent we can perceive, yet they are there, it’s a complex thing. We sense them and are attracted to them, but we cannot smell them in and of themselves.

Perfume oils have the highest levels of scent in them, much more than colognes or eau de toilet. They are the most expensive and will last the longest on our skins. Skin moisturization is always a good thing, and some of the sprays are meant not only to scent us but leave our skin feeling silky soft and petal fresh as well. For many it’s just part of their after bath routine to spray on a fragrance, or slather on some lotion or lubricants, itchy skin can be not a pleasant thing, winter dryness can be combated with the many body oils out there that come in many different fragrances.

Who doesn’t want the caress of a lover…It will feel so much nicer to have that caress be on silky smooth, inviting skin than flakey, ashy skin. We want to make sure our lover rains kisses all over us, licks us, cherish and adore us and soft, smooth skin is a good way to make them want to touch us! Getting some lotions at the online adult shop is a good start to soft skin.