Bubble Baths For Lovers

Scented Bath Milk Powder

What is a more relaxing way to end your stress filled day than a hot soak in a tempting bubble bath? Ease those muscles, indulge your senses and maybe get naughty with yourself using one of our many waterproof toys. Bubble baths can be soothing not only for the mind, but the spirit, to say nothing of the body. When you’ve had a hard day, imagine ending it with lighting some candles, putting on some soft music and drawing yourself a nice, hot bath.

Intimate Shave Cream

A bubble bath is not only a way to get clean, but laying back in the tub of hot water feels fantastic and soothes our overworked muscles and is a wonderful way to get in touch with yourself, literally! Many  girls first learn to touch themselves and masturbate while relaxing in a bath and cleaning themselves, perhaps lingering a bit longer than necessary on the more hidden, fun parts! Searching fingers, hot, soapy water, opening pussy lips, exposed clit, sounds like a mighty fun and educational time indeed!

Natural Spray for Women

Many of our different formulations of bath and shaving products will make your skin softer and smoother and more silky, so you not only get the relaxation benefits of a bath, but improved skin condition as well. Milk baths, bath oils, bubble baths, all kinds of variety for your bathing pleasure. A bubble bath for two can be the beginning of a passionate night of lovemaking, getting clean before you two get dirty together! Always a fun and sexy activity.

Sexual Hygiene – Shave It Off

Shaving Powder

One of the most wonderful recent trends in personal sexual hygiene to my way of thinking anyway, is  shaving  off of the pubic hair. Yet sadly if statistics are to be believed, only 15% of men and 35% of women are doing so. I’ve ridden public transit, I do believe it. Most can’t be bothered to shower or even wear deodorant, I’d bet my house most are NOT keeping their privates nice.

The widespread availability of porn is what gave shaving the more normal to be strived for grooming must have. I can’t imagine having hair down there any more, I’ve been smooth since the late 90′s. It’s cleaner, looks better, feels 100% better. There’s many different methods of hair removal available for ones seeking to go bare. A regular safety razor does it for many, waxing for others, laser removal for ones with extra money to burn, personally I prefer an electric razor. No skin irritation or red bumps. There are many grooming products related to health & hygiene for ones with sensitive skin, like the powder featured here. Personally I do use powder, I find it the perfect answer to overly sensitive skin.

Especially for larger people where moisture under skin folds can be a real issue of irritation, powder is a godsend to keep rashes and skin irritation to a minimum. Hot weather makes things even more perilous for ones with such skin issues down below. Stubble and moisture are not a good combination. Chafing is a serious issue for some that needs daily care. After the shower is the best time to apply something like this product to your naughty bits.

Let’s Get Dirty So We Can Get Clean

Romantic Enhancer

What could be more fun and romantic than taking a bubble bath together before a hot night of lovin’? Bubble bath and bath salts come in tons of different fragrances, we know there will be just the right one to please you and your lover at the online adult store. There are literally dozens of different types we offer. Maybe sprinkle some rose petals in the water and light some candles ad have some soft jazz music playing in the background.

The heavenly scents will fill the air and make your skin smell and feel divine. Imagine getting out of that hot, soapy bubble bath and drying each other off and then raining kisses all over that fresh, clean skin…Mmmmmmm, sexy! And as a prelude especially to oral sex, everyone loves a nice clean body to admire and worship with their tongues, fingers, cocks and pussies. Get clean together before you get dirty in the best possible way!

Maybe after getting out of that tub, some massage oils would also get things moving in the right direction, so to speak. Some warm, oiled up hands can rub all the right spots so you can drive each other wild. Quite the warm up a bubble bath and massage can prove to be for a night of passionate lovemaking. Getting clean and getting dirty together can be two wonderful activities for any couple. Most people just grab a shower these days, and that’s fine for most days, but take the time to really relax and indulge yourself and have a good, long, satisfying soak together.

Back Alley Blow Jobs Will Never Be The Same

Body Wipes

This next product is hilarious, cleansing towelettes for use before oral sex. So if your lover is too lazy to haul their stinky ass to the shower, you pull out a package of these! If some guy ever pulled out these after “going downtown”, taking a whiff and then determining “If it smells like trout-GET OUT!” I’d be mortified. I can see it now, “Uh, Honey?” “Yes dear?” “Well, I’m not sure quite how to put this darling, but you *whispers now, nose wrinkled* need to use some body wipes!”

These wipes could have been the basis for a hell of a funny Seinfeld episode. And you think worrying about bad breath is bad! Perhaps these wipes are for places you might be where there’s no running water yet decide to get frisky? Like the car? Keep some in your glove compartment, just remember to take them out before giving mom that ride to the Dr.! She might need a tissue and go hunting, Lord, would mom get a shock, imagine her blood pressure by the time she got inside! She’d be more surprised than if she found your stash of adult toys. Or keep some in your purse for clandestine encounters with strangers in elevators and the unexpected things like that add an element of surprise to our day!

There’s no end to the handy convenience these pre oral sex wipes could provide considering the unwashed masses out there you may decide at a moments notice to go down on with no access to the proper facilities. Back alley blow jobs will never be the same again. Bottoms up!