Enhancers For Heightened Satisfaction

Sexual EnhancerGoing Downtown Just Became More Fun - If going down on your lady is your thing, or if you’re a lady that wishes to encourage your man to spend even longer between your legs than he currently is, why not try this flavoured enhancement cream? It makes your pussy tingle and enhances your sexual desire in doing so. Enhancers do just that – they enhance and make things more powerful and enjoyable. The minty flavour encourages them to stay as long as possible for your maximum pleasure.

EnhancerA Minty Surprise - So after you get out of the shower, or before you’re about to get lucky, why not apply some of this to spice things up a bit? Your clit and your pussy will thank you, and your lover will be delighted at the unexpected minty treat that awaits him! Sex is wonderful on its own, of course. An enhancer just takes things up a notch to the next higher level of enjoyment. Many times when people discover these enhancer type of products, they wish they’d started on them years ago, as it so makes things more enjoyable for all.

Female Arousal CreamKick Things Up A Notch - Why settle for ordinary, when extraordinary is just a step away? Have your lover blow on your clit, the already cooling, minty sensation will feel lovely, the act of blowing will make you squirm with ecstasy, and in turn get your partner even more excited to see you so turned on. Our good variety of enhancers will be sure to make you and your partner enjoy yourselves even more.

Additional Sexual Enhancer – It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Sexual Enhancer

If you think regular orgasms are fantastic, wait until you have one after applying this stimulating serum to your intimate areas. Only a few drops are required to get things even more tingly than usual. Many sexual enhancers creams and serums are available for your to experience and see which one has the most dramatic effect on you. One may be not much better than lube for you, another may make you cum harder than you ever dreamed possible, you just have to try different brands and see which kind works best with your particular body chemistry.

Many lubes also have a “warming” effect, some also a “cooling” one, depending on your particular pleasure proclivity. A sexual enhancer like this can only heighten things and make them even better than they already are naturally. Whether you choose to use alone for your solitary masturbatory explorations, or with a partner to get things even hotter than they already are, we have a feeling you will enjoy these items.

As this is full strength serum, and designed to be used full strength, some may find it a bit strong, so you can always add it to some lube as well as use it as is. This is not designed to be a lube and if you do have lubrication needs, they can be combined together and spread even further around your naughty bits. Have a look at our lubes and see which ones you’d like to use in addition to this wonderful sexual enhancer.

Sex Enhancers – Gag Me With A Cock!

Deep Throat Spray

We seriously doubt your boyfriend or husband has a big enough cock that this is even an issue, but on the off chance you’ve got a lover hung like a horse and oral sex gagging is an issue, well there is such a product out there just for this purpose. Sexual enhancers come in many different types, from cremes to tighten your pussy temporarily, to thicken the cock, also temporarily, make your naughty parts tingle, all kinds of goodies out there to try.

All I could think of when I saw this product was the spray you use on your throat when it’s sore to reduce the sensation, it’s like getting novocaine at the dentist, it totally topically numbs the tissues so it just feels numb. If the cock you’re sucking is so big you’re literally needing a spray to help you handle getting it down, then lucky you, must feel great in your pussy. Many guys love to get a bit rough and throat fuck their women and really ram it down, so if that’s the case in your relationship, then by all means, pre numb your throat!

If swallowing cum is also not your thing, then I’d imagine this would help lessen the sensation of it splashing at the back of your throat and feeling all that gooey spunk as it courses down your throat, now maybe that is a good use for this product even if they don’t have a big cock, help lessen the ick factor of swallowing! You know they want us to swallow, perhaps numbing all sensation is the answer, maybe also like Novocaine this will make us drool, and we all know drooling will make any blow job better, so hey, let’s all numb ourselves to give them the best blow job ever! Available at our friendly online sex toy shop.

Sexual Enhancers – Something New To Try!

Oral Pleasure Mints

What are sexual Enhancers? Well, they are a number of things. They encompass everything from mints you suck on that have a warming sensation that you then allow your partner to also experience that sensation when you give them oral sex. Imagine a nice, warm tongue all tingly licking your wet pussy, or sucking and swirling around your hard cock…sounds yummy!

There are also sexual enhancers of the firming variety, ones for tightening the vagina temporarily. This is something many women that have given birth vaginally worry about, that they are not tight enough, and these tightening creams applied before sex make the tissues temporarily contract to give a tighter feeling sensation to your partner as he makes love to you. Tighter is always better!

There are also clit sensitizing creams and serums that are applied before sex to make sure your tender parts are as responsive as you can be. Many of them would have the same sort of things in them that those lip balms do that are said to enhance your lips. If you feel tingling sensations, the ingredients in them are serving to temporarily increase blood flow to the region to enhance sensation and make you feel even more aroused. When you buy things like this from an Online Adult Store, it gives you and your partner the chance to experience new things and experience different sensations, therefore adding a touch of excitement to your sex life. Newness is so important in a relationship, especially a long term one. It’s no fun to let things get stale and boring with nothing new to experience or look forward to.