Remote Sex Eggs – Let Him Control Your Orgasm

Water ProofNot Your Average Sex Toy – Tons of ladies out there love their vibrators and dildos and dongs, but some do not feel the need for penetration the way that others do. A perfect toy for these kind of gals is vibrating eggs. Many are fairly tiny and slip easily into your panties. Some panties like we have here, and even swimsuits, have little fabric pockets that you fit the egg into so it doesn’t move around. You do want this teasing your clit and to stay in one place where you put it.

Basix Rubber - EggLet Him Control Your Orgasm – Many are totally waterproof, so you can enjoy them as you go for a swim or take a relaxing soak in a hot tub and no one will be the wiser. They are discreet little toys, and some even come with a remote control device so that your partner can operate it and you hand over control of your orgasm to your partner. It’s fun to do that and not know when they are going to jack up the speed or change the vibrational pattern.

Silver 3'' Wireless EggEggs For Pleasure – Sex toys come in many different sizes and shapes, and for the discreet masturbator such as yourself we have a feeling you’ll like our selection of sex eggs. Quiet operation ensures you can wear this to work, the movies, or even just while grocery shopping to make that wait in line oh so much more bearable! Sit at your desk and use the remote controls to perk up your work day, no more afternoon blahs for you!

Balls, Vibrating Balls, Egg Balls for Fun

Gold Vibro Balls

What would you say to a sex toy that not only can give you orgasms, but that also helps increase vaginal tightness? Well such a device does exist! Ben Wa balls and other various types of weighted and or vibrating balls work by making our internal muscles grip and grasp the inserted balls to keep them inside. Your vaginal muscles will automatically try to keep the balls in, it doesn’t feel like you’re doing internal Kegal exercises at all, and you get pleasuring internal vibrations as a bonus!

Used for centuries by women after they gave birth to get things tighter again, these balls are still in use and the simple device is recommended by gynecologists to many women to help aid in natural muscle tightening so they don’t have to resort to vaginal tightening surgeries. Many sets come in three or five graduated sizes, starting at the biggest and working your way down to the smallest as you gain further muscle control and can keep smaller and smaller pairs of balls inside of yourself.

Your man will thank you, no man wants a woman with a loose pussy to fuck. If you give birth naturally, especially to a larger baby, tightness will likely be a new issue you will have to contend with. By getting a tool such as this, you will be taking the first step to getting your old tightness back. You may never snap totally back, but these balls will help you if used as recommended.

This Is Not An Easter Egg


One Touch Egg

This isn’t exactly a yellow egg for an Easter egg hunt, but this egg will bring you pleasure. It’s a vibrating egg that you can take with you into the bath or shower and enjoy your masturbatory fun in the water. Vibrators come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but these sex egg balls shaped ones are fairly petite and travel well and discreetly for your pleasure. If someone glanced in your purse or makeup bag, they’d have no idea what it was unless they themselves owned such a pleasure device.

Different speeds of vibration can be used depending on your mood and whether you’re seeking a mild buzz or a mind blowing throb down below in your pussy. It’s soft and squishy, which some women prefer over a hard dildo or dong, soft and pliable means you could keep this hidden in your panties and be having enjoyment when no one was even aware of it. Nearly silent vibrations will keep your naughty secret safe between your legs.

So lay back and relax, in the tub or on your bed and enjoy all the wonderful sensations that your sexy little love egg has to offer you and your pussy, your clit will thank you not a doubt. And if you have a boyfriend, not to worry, he will enjoy watching you use it on yourself or using it on you for his own enjoyment. Most men love watching a woman masturbate and enjoying an orgasm or especially more than one. It will get them extra revved up for some hot lovemaking to be sure. So check out the selection we have at the online sex shop.

Tighten Up with Ben Wa Balls

Kegal Excercising

Ladies, are you feeling a little loose “down there”? Have you had a child recently and just not been able to snap back to your old self? Kegal exercises leaving you a wee bit bored or over exerted? There is something you can get to help yourself. Ben Wa Balls¬†of varying descriptions have been around since the 1500′s, that’s a hell of a long time! The weights in them strengthen the vaginal muscles to hold them in, thus aiding in tighter, firmer muscles and even greater bladder control, which can be an issue as women age.

They are not always just to bring sexual pleasure, as some of the more modern, vibrating ones are, they do have a genuine medical purpose and can be recommended by Dr.’s and gynecologist’s in particular. They are meant to not only aid on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, but gently teasing yourself. Imagine using some as you gently rock away in a rocking chair. And you wondered why grannies love their rocking chairs!

They can be loose, individual balls, or linked by a string of some kind. People often think adult sex toys of one kind or another are a fairly recent invention, but they really aren’t, people have been using things for centuries for sexual stimulation and to aid in sexual health in one way or another. There have been dildos found in China that were centuries old carved of wood. Cleopatra used a vase filled with buzzing bees as a vibrator, boy that sounds like a very risky way to have an orgasm! So if you’d like to try and tighten things up a bit, give these Ben Wa Balls a try today.