Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Fetish Fantasy Dildo

Fun For Two – Some think dildos and dongs are just for one person to use while masturbating, but nothing could be further from the truth. Couples can also use them at the same time. Double dildos and dongs┬áhave twin ends. Many female couples use these as they are scissoring together, the double dildo inside both of them at the same time, their arms and legs sensually intertwined around one another as they are so intimate.

Double Dildo

How Big Do You Dare Go? – More adventuresome souls that are size queens, can take all that lengthy goodness into themselves if they dare, and believe me, some do dare to take it all in and they succeed! Only for the brave of heart to take the length meant for two in, but it does happen. Men can also use that dildo on themselves and the entire length of it. I wish I could remove the visual in my mind, but I’ve actually seen it done. Sadly you can’t gouge out your mind’s eye! Once it’s been seen it cannot be unseen.

Basix Rubber Works

Sexual Challenge – Men with small cocks can give their lovers this dildo and fill them up with undreamed of lengths that they themselves cannot fulfill. Some like to push themselves sexually. Much like the Olympic motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, they look at sexual goals and how can they best themselves. Some are genuinely like this. Always looking for the next great challenge and how they can best their previous sexual accomplishments. Alone and with masturbation, or with a partner. Toys like this can indeed push you to your limits.

Dildos and Dongs for a Wonderful Masturbation

Double Ended Dildo

Dildos and dongs are a wonderful addition to your naughty drawer and your masturbation routine. That feeling of fullness they provide is incomparable to anything else, well, except the real thing of course! Some girls are just clit stimulation only, they have no interest in penetration when they masturbate, but many others love that feeling of being penetrated by a cock-even if it’s not the real thing. Nothing beats that fullness inside of yourself when you cum.

Dildos have a very long history, being one of the earliest sex toys around, practically from the days of the cave men. The boudoirs of the ladies in ancient Greece and Rome pretty much all had such accessories. It was common in market places to see dildos and dongs made of everything from carved ivory to metal and their use was expected during times of war when a lot of the male citizens would be away at war. Carved dildos were common in ancient China and have been found in many collections of ancient artifacts, so their use is by no means a new one. We are lucky today to have toys made of much safer and appropriate materials for such objects.

There are vibrating dildos and dongs and non vibrating ones and in every thickness and length you can imagine. Ones with suction cup bases you can adhere to a surface and ride to your hearts content. Others you just use holding in your hand, others still have dual heads for use with another person at the same time. The one pictured here can be used in both of a woman’s openings for double pleasure, and no doubt while she’s rubbing her clit.

Ding Dong……


Curved Vibrator

Sometimes nothing feels quite as fulfilling as a dildo inside yourself as you masturbate. Vibrators are wonderful for clitoral stimulation and it’s true many women only do play with their clit as they masturbate, but others love that filled up sensation that only a cock can give you. Well not only a cock, but a toy shaped like a cock will also give you that same feeling. It’s true, some dildos and dongs do vibrate, but most are not like that. Most are meant to feel as a cock does, as a cock substitution.

Anal play is growing in popularity among men, as well as in women, and dildos are used for anal penetration for both sexes as well as vaginal penetration in women. Sexy dildos and dongs are a good addition to your personal sexual toy chest to add some variety to your personal playtime. There are so many types of toys for different purposes, experimentation is a very good thing in all sexual matters. Some love to masturbate in the shower and enjoy the sensation of the water and you can certainly take your dildos into the bath with you.

Dildos and dongs come in a few different varieties, there’s ones you just hold in your hand, others that have suction cups on the bottom so you can either stick them to a table to ride back and forth on, or even to a shower wall so you can back yourself onto it and get it from behind. Find a good selection of dildos and dongs right here, along with many other sex toys.

Dildos & Dongs – The Next Best Thing…

Ladies Curvy G

When it comes to masturbation, vibrators do have their legions of fans for sure, but the good old standbys of Dildos & Dongs have their fans as well. Sure they may not buzz and vibrate, but not every single person is looking for that particular sensation when they masturbate. A dildo is a replication of an erect male penis for insertion. Gives you a nice feeling of fullness as you play. Men use them for anal insertion play and women use them for vaginal and anal insertion.

They have been around since the days of the cave man, made of everything from stone, to wood, to leather. Fruits and vegetables have also long been used as dildos. Alabama is the only U.S. state where the sale of sex toys is illegal due to obscenity laws. Some religious leaders have done their darnedest to make pleasure against the law. I guess they sell more zucchini’s in that state! I don’t think it’s illegal to own the toys, just to sell them, so if you want them you have to cross state lines to get them elsewhere. In India it is not only against the law to sell them though, but to own them as well. Imagine the cops coming in and raiding bedside tables, insanity!

Fortunately in other places ones can buy, use and keep their dildos in peace. By purchasing a dildo at an online sex shop might be a bit less embarrassing than going to a brick and mortar store. It’s more private to buy things online, you don’t need to worry about running into people you know, no parking hassles, it’s just easier overall. And much better selection as well.