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Ribbed Condoms

Protection - Nobody really likes condoms, but they are a fact of life for most sexually active teens and adults to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Not everyone is in a monogamous relationship, many play the field and when you’re not exclusive with one partner, it really is the only sensible thing to do.

Ultra Thin

Options - Sometimes even partners in a monogamous relationship may need to use condoms. If a woman is on a course of antibiotics, it can nullify the effects of the birth control pills, so you’d best take extra precautions against getting pregnant. Many people don’t know about that, and many unwanted pregnancies have resulted from ones being on antibiotics and thinking they were safe from pregnancy when in fact the pills effects were nil. So condom use for a month starting with when you begin the antibiotics is a very sound idea unless you want a little bundle of joy.

Pleasure Me

History -They are the oldest form of birth control around and while not perfect 100% protection, they are a good safeguard we should be using to protect ourselves as well as we can. Some like to use condoms while performing oral sex, which I’m sure is pretty torturous for the guys, but many women especially if they don’t know the guy that well, but shouldn’t you know a guy before putting his dick in your mouth? Many prefer he wear one to cut down on the ick factor of cum with who knows what disease in it going into your mouth. Not a lot of sexually transmitted diseases can be given via oral sex, but some can.

Fruity Flavoured Condoms – Taste Terrific

Flavored Condoms

When most people think of condoms, of course they think of vaginal or anal sex. Condoms help protect us from sexually transmitted diseases. No, no one likes to use them, bareback always feels the best, there is no doubt. However unless you know your partners sexual history and are in a monogamous relationship, condoms really will need to be part of your dating and sexual health life.

Condoms for oral sex are not that widely considered, and the chances of contracting deadly HIV are very low, but there are other diseases that can be contracted orally, and you don’t want to have to deal with those either. If you don’t know someone that well you likely shouldn’t be sticking their dick in your mouth in the first place, but it is what it is and people do. People sleep around, people have one night stands, people see escorts, that is the reality of today’s sexually more liberated world and culture. So if you choose to have fun with ones you do not know that well or their health history, best to play it safe and just have them use a condom, whether they are sticking it in your mouth or anywhere else.

You don’t need an icky tasting one covered in spermicide for your mouth, so choose one made just for that purpose of oral sex, a flavoured one. Many times a new couple may not just jump right into bed, but oral might be one of the more common first things you might do, so a fruity flavoured condom just may make the experience all the more enjoyable, and safe experience for the one doing the giving. So have a look at our online sex shop and see which ones best fit your needs.

Condoms For Health

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Are you an adventuresome guy or gal that enjoys playing the field? If so I’m sure you know in this day and age that means condoms are really a requirement to date in today’s world. No, none of us like them, but we do need to place our health above fun, that’s just the stark reality of life now. So, we might as well make the best of things and have fun with the condoms we do use. For ones that love blow jobs, there are flavoured condoms for your ladies protection and taste.

Condoms come in many different styles and textures, from regular to ribbed for the ladies pleasure to ultra thin for both of your pleasure. Even in relationships where both partners know they are clean and don’t really need condom protection, if you are a woman and go on a course of antibiotics for something, that affects the oral contraceptives effectiveness, so until you’ve started on your new months worth of pills, you need to make sure you’re protected against pregnancy, so condoms may be a part of your sexual health routine for a few weeks even if in a “safe relationship” to use as a backup in such a situation.

Condoms have been around for centuries, yes the ones today are much more assorted and varied than ones available in the past. Casanova was known for wearing “assurance caps” as they were called back in the day. I’m sure you will find today’s condoms more palatable to wear than ones made of sheep intestines at the very least, but hey, they did the best they could at the time with what resources there were. We have a fine selection of condoms you can buy at our online sex shop.

Have A Condom

I laughed when I saw the above picture, because my first thought was not a countertop next to the cash register item, my first thought was, “For the active bachelor.” Now, if I was a lady friend of said bachelor, I’d do a double take at the “Bowl-O-Condoms” for sure if that was on his bedside table. I can hear it now from his bedroom, “NEXT!” Ha ha! Well, there is 240 in the bowl, in all honestly, if they were fairly active, that’s less than a years supply. Most condoms are good for more than a year shelf life, so it’s not out of the realm of reason they’d all be used in the time they were good for.

So many guys are absolute sluts. One I spoke to in his 20′s proclaimed he’d been with over 100 women. The Bowl O Condoms would be a requirement in his love den, wouldn’t it now? Lest he be at the local health clinic every week! We all know no one enjoys them, but they really are something you need unless you are in a totally monogamous relationship and both parties have been tested and declared disease free. It’s just the responsible thing to do these days and for the foreseeable days to come as well.

Perhaps you’re not quite so active you need to purchase your prophylactics by the gross like the aforementioned bachelor above at the Adult Toy Shop, and your needs are a little less. There are certainly packages for the man that doesn’t date or go out very often, and in a number of different textures and thicknesses for variety so you and your partners can see which one is best for your needs. Play safe, boys.