Not Your Everyday Christmas Candles

Sensual Massage Candle

With Christmas time just around the corner and so many parties and get togethers, a lovely hostess gift welcomed by everyone would be Massage Candles. You can never be sure what kind of wine someone drinks unless you know them very well, and candy isn’t always welcome by ones maybe watching their weight or with dietary restrictions. Candles are a perfect gift that everyone can use. Their light, glow, atmosphere they create is beautiful and welcoming and romantic.

Massage candles can not only be used as regular candles, but when they melt they provide a wonderful, moisturising massage oil to be rubbed and caressed into the skin of your lover in what will surely be the beginning of a very sexy and fulfilling evening promising much joy and excitement by both people. A room that is lit by candlelight alone is so lovely and no one looks better than by candlelight. Its softening tones take away years and is very kind to us all.

The little mesh gift bag these candles are in will add a decorative touch to your gift welcomed by any hostess during the holidays as a most thoughtful and useful gift. So many just buy some generic wine or some other impersonal gift, but the gift of candles, especially these ones, shows a bit of uniqueness went into choosing it. Pick up a few of these to give to some of the hostesses or hosts of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday get togethers you will no doubt be attending.

Special Massage Candles – This Little Light Of Mine

Adults Romantic Candle

Who among us doesn’t appreciate the beauty of candles? Until electricity, flames on candles were the only source of light we had once the sun set, other than the glow from the fireplace, or a lantern, all open flames. Massage Candles have been around for thousands of years and even though we don’t need or use them now as a needed light source, unless the power goes out for a while, they are still very popular, to add more romance to a room, add some beautiful scent from the oils they may be impregnated with, to using the oil in special massage candles.

You’d think like many old things candles would have gone the way of the dinosaur, but they are more popular than ever these days and extremely popular to give as gifts, at a bridal shower, or a housewarming. Everyone loves the look of burning candles and you can mesmerize yourself by watching the flicking flame and feel yourself relax.

With massage candles, you not only get to enjoy the flickering flame of them when lit, but when you blow them out, you can then lovingly massage that melted oil into the skin of your lover and give them a wonderful relaxing and sensual massage. So what kind of candle are you looking for? One to just add a beautiful, welcoming glow to your home, add a wonderful scent, or one to please both you and your partner? Some candles have multi purposes, so take advantage of that and look our nice selection of them that we offer here at the online sex shop.

Candle Play In The Bedroom

Sensual Massage Candle

Candles have so much to offer. Beauty, wonderful scents they emit when lit, many can be used for massage oil when they melt on your partners body to work into their skin during a sensual massage. Wax candles also make a wonderful gift to give to someone when you can’t really think of anything else to give them, everyone uses candles, even if only on special occasions or when the lights may briefly go out.

They do add a special and romantic atmosphere to be the light we make love to, the hypnotic flickering flames we can easily entrance ourselves with as we watch the flames dance as shadows on the wall. But some like to get a bit more personal with their candles, they like to drip the melting wax on their partner to make them flinch. The heat from candle wax isn’t going to be enough to really hurt you, but you will flinch, especially if the wax is poured on you from a close distance from the actual candle.

For a less painful experience with melted, dripping candle wax, it’s suggested you hold the candle a few feet above the intended target, but it’s more fun to watch our lovers flinch, isn’t it now…Especially for ones that are into BDSM and may like a bit of pain with their pleasure. When one gets into these sorts of mild sex games, you can incorporate things like blindfolds, handcuffs, tying your partner up to the bedposts, all kinds of teasing, naughty things. All of these items can be purchased at our online adult store.

Fanning The Flames Of Passion

Do you love the romance that the air of candles bring to a hot, passionate lovemaking session? Everyone looks best by the glow of candlelight and they are a perfect accessory to your evening of passion. Not only due to the flattering light they literally cast, but the fragrance they give the air, and some of these special massage oil candles are not only for the aroma and appearance, but when the warmth of the flames melt them, they are not only wax, but turn into warmed oils to be rubbed and caressed onto your lovers skin.

A room filled and lit only with the light of candles produces a beautiful atmosphere to make love in. I don’t even want to say have sex, since candles and rose petals make you think of romance, not a quick hook up. You don’t really think of ones having a casual encounter bothering with them, you think more of couples in relationships using candles. Some people enjoy using them when entertaining as well, they give a warm, welcoming environment for guests, and the scent they give off makes the house seem more homey. It’s a known fact houses sell faster if the scent in the home is pleasing.

The flickering light casting shadows on the wall, the flame itself that can almost hypnotize you if you stare at it long enough, candles and fireplaces have a special appeal all their own. Flames can be dangerous if not controlled, the tiny flame of a candle is a small taste of that wildness in a controlled manner. Look at the Online Sex Shop for a wonderful selection of candles.