Number 1 With A Vibrating Bullet

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Bullet vibes are very popular sex toys these days. The portable and discrete size of them alone makes them a good choice for fun on the run. You can’t exactly pull out an 8 inch dildo and use it at your desk or at a dinner party as you eat, but a bullet vibe will be an option id cumming in public is your thing. Many people have exhibitionist tendencies yet can’t go right down to the food court at the mall and stroke one out. Yet a bullet vibe can be placed in their panties and they can cum in front of a whole room full of people and have no one be the wiser.

Sometimes it’s the naughty fun of doing something in plain sight that gets people aroused and excited to begin with. Also many girls are only into clitoral stimulation and do not need any big toy to insert, that’s not what they are looking for at all. They just want a buzz and a tingle on their clit to get them off and a bullet vibe is perfect for that. Some are so small they literally run on watch batteries. You don’t need a huge toy to get off at all. Tiny doesn’t mean less powerful at all.

The remote controlled ones are a lot of fun for couples, where the male partner is the one controlling the action of stopping and starting the vibe and setting different vibrational patterns to get his lady off. Giving someone else control over your orgasm can be a lot of fun, you don’t know what they have in mind!

Bullet Vibes – Good Things Come In Small Packages

Bullet Vibe

What’s not to love about a bullet vibe? So many vibrators these days are massive, not easily portable in your purse or briefcase, they are quite large and while that’s good for size queens, many other ladies do not require toys the size of forearms to get off with. Sometimes “fun sized” is just that. They may be small but they can pack a good sized punch, with powerful batteries that buzz and buzz until you can’t take anymore.

Another fun thing about bullet vibes, is they often come with remote controls, so other people can operate them and our pleasure is at their mercy and it’s oh so much fun to have another person in control of our orgasm and they will zap us at their whim. For those masturbation addicts among us, and of course there are some of you reading this, (you know who you are!) a bullet vibe is easily concealed in your panties and you can be getting off with no one knowing what you’re up to, as long as you can keep the moaning and groaning to a minimum!

Think you can cum at your desk without the co workers knowing? Think you’d like to find out and work that remote on a slow afternoon and make things a bit more exciting? Think if a client sat down across from you right as you were approaching orgasm, what would you do? Bite your lip and cum as quietly as you could I’d imagine. If you like risky masturbation, a bullet vibe is the perfect choice of a sex toy for you.

Bullet Vibrator – Sweet And Petite

Le Reve

Sweet and petite says it all. Everyone into toys is not looking for a realistic 8 inch dong to simulate a real cock. Some are strictly in it for the clit, that’s the pleasure zone for most women, and you don’t need insertion, you don’t need a huge toy, all you need is a strong vibe, and sometimes a strong vibe is small, they are called bullets, and boy do they get the job done.

They are small and easy concealed, some not much bigger than a lipstick, you can carry it around in your makeup bag and not even think twice about it. Imagine you are sooooo horny and you just can’t get away for a lengthy masturbation session, but you can take off to the ladies room for 10 minutes without anyone questioning. A bullet vibrator in your makeup bag is perfect for just such clandestine naughty solo encounters. The vibrations are powerful and will get you off quickly, in a few minutes or less allowing you the release you crave, the release you must have before you can get on with your day. No point writhing around all afternoon and waiting til you get home, a bathroom quickie can sometimes get the job done nicely.

The whisper quiet operation of these petite yet powerful vibes will not have anyone wondering what’s going on, most bathrooms these days either have music playing in the background or automatic fans running to mask any sounds, so no worries of buzzing sounds giving you away and what you are up to mid afternoon! So if you’re on the lookout for a new toy for some afternoon delight on the sly, try one of these cool little sex toys. You won’t be disappointed.

Bite The Bullet

Slim Remote Bullet

If you’re looking for a discreet little vibe that has all the power of a larger one, then a bullet vibe is the type you are looking for. Smaller than some tubes of lipstick, these little Bullet powerhouses of pleasure will send you over the edge and no one will even know about it-unless you want them too!

Most vibes are larger, kind of like a vibe and dildo combination, but if you’re looking for intense clitoral stimulation in a tiny little package than can easily be slipped in your panties, some panties even have little pockets for a bullet vibe to be stored in, then this will leave you quivering. Sitting at your desk and a little bored? Turn it on with the remote control and have some fun on a slow afternoon as you’re shuffling papers, no one will be any the wiser.

Have some fun with your lover and give them the remote and hand over your control to them, you’ll never know just when that jolt of pleasure will be coming or how long it will last. They could be sitting feet away from you and be making you cum and not even be laying a finger on you. That’s the sort of lovers game that keeps things fresh and fun and playful. Your friends will be wondering why you’re all of a sudden squirming and going red in the face, they won’t realize you’re using an adult sex toy right in front of them and they don’t even know. It’s your own naughty little secret.