Anal Toys For Your Pleasure

Butt Plug

Are anal sex toys one of your favorite things to play with sexually? We have a wonderful selection of butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, no end to the things you can stick up your end! For many men, prostate massage can lead to even more satisfying orgasms than just playing with their cock alone, it can have many heightening pleasurable sensations for them. Some can even leave a toy inside as they are making love to their partners for added enjoyment.

It seems more men than women enjoy ass play, again the prostate having a big part to do with that. Men are also more into anal sex than women, the forbidden aspect of it appeals to them in many ways, the naughty, the dirty, the wicked. Many insertable butt plugs and prostate massagers do indeed have bullet vibes made into them so you get the double pleasure of not only insertion, but vibration. Many toys come with multiple vibrational levels so you can crank it up from mild, to wild and then some!

There’s many things you can do with the nerve ending rich anal area. Anal beads can be inserted and then slowly pulled out one by one for teasing sensations, and toys made of metal or glass can be heated or cooled, depending on your particular preference for temperature. Heat can kick things up a notch in pleasure. Many like to properly clean themselves before any anal play with enemas and thorough washing. Some into ass play also enjoy rim jobs and all sorts of naughty delights.

Up Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Giant Dong
Anal sex and use of anal toys have their fans, and they are a growing number of people as well. More and more people have now tried anal than ever before. A few decades ago, it used to be oral that was the naughty, secret thing to do, but with the availability of porn when VCR’s became widely used in the 1980′s, that’s when things took a whole new adventuresome turn in the bedrooms of many couples.

Oral quickly became mainstream, and porn is also what made shaving our pubes the norm, and then of course anal showcased in porn made it seem no longer taboo or weird. Ones that follow the bible say it’s when homosexuality and sodomy become the norm and accepted that a society begins to see its downturn and that’s why so many religions have taboos against them, but as far as many are concerned, if it feels good, you’re with another consenting adult and you’re not hurting anyone, then everyone else can just mind their own business.

Anal toys, either for solo use to spice up your masturbation, or strap ons for ladies to use on their lovers who want to get submissive, are more popular than ever and seeing more and more varieties of toys designed for this use. Men very well may enjoy stimulation of their prostate as they masturbate or have sex, and vibrating butt plugs, top anal beads, any number of toys designed for use “up there” have made their way into many naughty toy chests in recent years, with no downturn in popularity expected.

Anal Sex toys for Backdoor Fun

Vibrating Butt Plug

Anal toys appeal to all sorts of people these days. Sex toys are no longer just for vaginal or penile stimulation as many think. Butt plugs and vibes designed just for anal stimulation have been growing in popularity for years, as has anal sex in general. The proliferation of showcasing anal sex in porn movies has given it a whole new level of societal acceptability.

Anal bleaching is also growing in popularity because of ones asses being more on display than ever before. The normal skin discoloration around the anal areas can be bleached away to make the entire area a lot more even toned and appealing. There are vibrating butt plugs, ones in different shapes and ones in different textures and made in different materials, from silicone, metal and even medical grade glass. Some like to leave them in for extended periods of time. I know one slave who’s Mistress made him wear one for nearly 24 hrs and ride a bicycle as he did so. Many men love anything that stimulates the prostate, as it is for them what the G spot is for a woman and provides intense pleasure for them.

Anything to do with anal stimulation will require lube, it’s not like a pussy that makes its own wetness. So if you’re having anal sex or just using anal sex toys, it’s a must. Many men can orgasm alone strictly from anal and prostate stimulation, they don’t even need their cock touched, and it’s a much more powerful orgasm from what ones tell me. They do love to be milked. So have a look at the online sex shop and try some anal toys out today!

Backdoor Playtime

Are you the sort that loves some backdoor action? You have no idea how many guys are interested in anal sex and anal stimulation. Even ones that don’t get any anal sex, many are into dildos or butt plugs of one kind or another. They love the feel of a toy, fingers or even another cock up their ass. Many think it makes them gay, but that’s not true, it’s just that’s the best way to stimulate the prostate which for many men is a true orgasmic delight.

I chose the one pictured, since it’s metal and in a case, and my devilish mind thought how amusing it would be if a man, or woman, was travelling with this through airport security! Oh how the security guards would be laughing at this being discovered! I’m sure they see all sort of naughty things in the course of the day, but it would be fun making the owner embarrassed at such a find. I spoke to a guy recently that said he was to afraid to travel with his sex toys for just this reason, he had visions of security guards making a scene at the discovery of his dildos and vibes.

Sex toys like this can be enjoyed during solo masturbation, or with your lover to add some variety and adventure to your little rendezvous. Anal stimulation isn’t for everyone, but it is much more popular than in recent decades. Many have said the rise of home porn accessibility since the rise of VCR’s in the 80′s brought anal more into the mainstream and a much higher percentage of couples today experiment with anal sex and anal stimulating toys than ever before. So if some backdoor action intrigues you, try one of our anal toys today!