Lelo Lily Vibrator – for Good Vibrations

Lelo Lily

If you’re looking forĀ a higher quality sex toy, then the Lelo Designer Vibrators brand is likely the one you will be looking for. This vibe pictured is not designed for insertion, but not all ladies are looking for insertion as they masturbate. Guys don’t like hearing that, they like to think all of us women NEED to feel if not a cock, then at the very least a cock substitute. Nope, we really don’t, sorry!

The shape of this vibe brings a computer mouse to mind, and boy can you make your kitty purr with this one. The powerful, rechargeable vibe will last and last through several play times. No need to worry about batteries and them running low. Your lover can cradle this in his hand and run it all over your body. Your nipples, buttocks, and of course your greedy, horny pussy that needs those good vibrations. Many women really love their vibes, and this one can be rested against your pussy and send ripples of pleasure through those throbbing pussy lips and clit.

Try using this on your man as well. Many men love a vibe as well, they aren’t simply for ladies alone. Their cock and balls will enjoy the stimulation just as much as your pussy will. Sex toys can enhance the sex lives of many couples, especially if ones sex drive exceeds the other and you need a release more often than your partner may need to. Some women do have a higher sex drive than their man, especially if their male partner is older and simply can’t do all they should but can’t that often, so toys can be a real boon for ones in a relationship like that.

Additional Sexual Enhancer – It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Sexual Enhancer

If you think regular orgasms are fantastic, wait until you have one after applying this stimulating serum to your intimate areas. Only a few drops are required to get things even more tingly than usual. Many sexual enhancers creams and serums are available for your to experience and see which one has the most dramatic effect on you. One may be not much better than lube for you, another may make you cum harder than you ever dreamed possible, you just have to try different brands and see which kind works best with your particular body chemistry.

Many lubes also have a “warming” effect, some also a “cooling” one, depending on your particular pleasure proclivity. A sexual enhancer like this can only heighten things and make them even better than they already are naturally. Whether you choose to use alone for your solitary masturbatory explorations, or with a partner to get things even hotter than they already are, we have a feeling you will enjoy these items.

As this is full strength serum, and designed to be used full strength, some may find it a bit strong, so you can always add it to some lube as well as use it as is. This is not designed to be a lube and if you do have lubrication needs, they can be combined together and spread even further around your naughty bits. Have a look at our lubes and see which ones you’d like to use in addition to this wonderful sexual enhancer.