Enhancers For Heightened Satisfaction

Sexual EnhancerGoing Downtown Just Became More Fun - If going down on your lady is your thing, or if you’re a lady that wishes to encourage your man to spend even longer between your legs than he currently is, why not try this flavoured enhancement cream? It makes your pussy tingle and enhances your sexual desire in doing so. Enhancers do just that – they enhance and make things more powerful and enjoyable. The minty flavour encourages them to stay as long as possible for your maximum pleasure.

EnhancerA Minty Surprise - So after you get out of the shower, or before you’re about to get lucky, why not apply some of this to spice things up a bit? Your clit and your pussy will thank you, and your lover will be delighted at the unexpected minty treat that awaits him! Sex is wonderful on its own, of course. An enhancer just takes things up a notch to the next higher level of enjoyment. Many times when people discover these enhancer type of products, they wish they’d started on them years ago, as it so makes things more enjoyable for all.

Female Arousal CreamKick Things Up A Notch - Why settle for ordinary, when extraordinary is just a step away? Have your lover blow on your clit, the already cooling, minty sensation will feel lovely, the act of blowing will make you squirm with ecstasy, and in turn get your partner even more excited to see you so turned on. Our good variety of enhancers will be sure to make you and your partner enjoy yourselves even more.

Remote Sex Eggs – Let Him Control Your Orgasm

Water ProofNot Your Average Sex Toy – Tons of ladies out there love their vibrators and dildos and dongs, but some do not feel the need for penetration the way that others do. A perfect toy for these kind of gals is vibrating eggs. Many are fairly tiny and slip easily into your panties. Some panties like we have here, and even swimsuits, have little fabric pockets that you fit the egg into so it doesn’t move around. You do want this teasing your clit and to stay in one place where you put it.

Basix Rubber - EggLet Him Control Your Orgasm – Many are totally waterproof, so you can enjoy them as you go for a swim or take a relaxing soak in a hot tub and no one will be the wiser. They are discreet little toys, and some even come with a remote control device so that your partner can operate it and you hand over control of your orgasm to your partner. It’s fun to do that and not know when they are going to jack up the speed or change the vibrational pattern.

Silver 3'' Wireless EggEggs For Pleasure – Sex toys come in many different sizes and shapes, and for the discreet masturbator such as yourself we have a feeling you’ll like our selection of sex eggs. Quiet operation ensures you can wear this to work, the movies, or even just while grocery shopping to make that wait in line oh so much more bearable! Sit at your desk and use the remote controls to perk up your work day, no more afternoon blahs for you!

Love Me Tonight – Inflate a Twin

Love Doll
Threesome Anyone? – You’ve always wanted a threesome, haven’t you…We also know for most guys that’s strictly fantasy, unless you’re willing to pay two escorts, since most guys can’t get two girls at the same time. Sure, the odd stud here and there will be able to get the attention he craves, but you’re not likely one of them, are you now? You wouldn’t be reading blogs on a sex toy site if you had ladies tripping over themselves to get at your cock, would you? You’d be out getting laid for real.

Inflatable Celebrity Love Doll

Bed A Celebrity -¬† Well you too can become a stud-in your dreams-and have two hot chickies fighting over who gets to blow you first when you get this exciting and pervy dual package of love twin blow up dolls. The idea of twins doing naughty, dirty things drives you wild, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what most guys dream about, two sexy, horny sisters not being able to get enough of your sweet and in demand cock. Well, get this inflatable pair and you’re off to fantasy land and back again as often as you want.

Exotic & Erotic

The Ultimate Masturbation – With all the combinations of naughtiness, you’ll be sure to be thoroughly drained by the end of the night with these two horny girls to empty yourself into! Turn down the lights and it will almost be like they’re really there in the flesh, not just blow up dolls you’re masturbating with. So blow up your make believe friends and go to town on their rubbery selves, it’s likely the best you’ll be getting for quite some time!

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Fetish Fantasy Dildo

Fun For Two РSome think dildos and dongs are just for one person to use while masturbating, but nothing could be further from the truth. Couples can also use them at the same time. Double dildos and dongs have twin ends. Many female couples use these as they are scissoring together, the double dildo inside both of them at the same time, their arms and legs sensually intertwined around one another as they are so intimate.

Double Dildo

How Big Do You Dare Go? – More adventuresome souls that are size queens, can take all that lengthy goodness into themselves if they dare, and believe me, some do dare to take it all in and they succeed! Only for the brave of heart to take the length meant for two in, but it does happen. Men can also use that dildo on themselves and the entire length of it. I wish I could remove the visual in my mind, but I’ve actually seen it done. Sadly you can’t gouge out your mind’s eye! Once it’s been seen it cannot be unseen.

Basix Rubber Works

Sexual Challenge – Men with small cocks can give their lovers this dildo and fill them up with undreamed of lengths that they themselves cannot fulfill. Some like to push themselves sexually. Much like the Olympic motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, they look at sexual goals and how can they best themselves. Some are genuinely like this. Always looking for the next great challenge and how they can best their previous sexual accomplishments. Alone and with masturbation, or with a partner. Toys like this can indeed push you to your limits.