If You Like It, Put A Sheath On It!

Ribbed Condoms

Protection - Nobody really likes condoms, but they are a fact of life for most sexually active teens and adults to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Not everyone is in a monogamous relationship, many play the field and when you’re not exclusive with one partner, it really is the only sensible thing to do.

Ultra Thin

Options - Sometimes even partners in a monogamous relationship may need to use condoms. If a woman is on a course of antibiotics, it can nullify the effects of the birth control pills, so you’d best take extra precautions against getting pregnant. Many people don’t know about that, and many unwanted pregnancies have resulted from ones being on antibiotics and thinking they were safe from pregnancy when in fact the pills effects were nil. So condom use for a month starting with when you begin the antibiotics is a very sound idea unless you want a little bundle of joy.

Pleasure Me

History -They are the oldest form of birth control around and while not perfect 100% protection, they are a good safeguard we should be using to protect ourselves as well as we can. Some like to use condoms while performing oral sex, which I’m sure is pretty torturous for the guys, but many women especially if they don’t know the guy that well, but shouldn’t you know a guy before putting his dick in your mouth? Many prefer he wear one to cut down on the ick factor of cum with who knows what disease in it going into your mouth. Not a lot of sexually transmitted diseases can be given via oral sex, but some can.

Cock Rings For Extra Hard Cocks

Penis RIng

Cock rings for Christmas, what says I love your hard dick more? Even guys with ample erections can always do with “that little extra”. Even a very young man told me he’s enjoyed the sensation of that super extra hardness, and at 18, there’s nothing wrong with what he’s got naturally. Cock rings are about the cheapest and oldest sexual enhancement aids going. We have ones in so many different styles and shapes and colours and that serve many different purposes.

Erection Ring

Types: Cock rings can come standard, or even fancy vibrating ones, to offer your sexual partner even more pleasure than that hard as a rock cock is giving them. Keep that dick stiff like nothing else and for a long time. Older men that have trouble getting an erection in the first place may find that using a penis pump followed by then putting on a cock ring is just the ticket they have been looking for.

cockringMaterials: Every kind known to man practically is used in them. Glass, metal, silicone, rubber, plastics. You name it and it’s likely been fashioned into a cock ring of some variety or another. Enjoy patterns of vibrations if you choose the ones that give you that special buzz as you use them. No matter the type choose, you’ll be getting that little boost that trapped blood flow will give you and your partner. You’ll both be glad you did! From inexpensive, to deluxe brands and models, we carry them all.

Not Your Everyday Christmas Candles

Sensual Massage Candle

With Christmas time just around the corner and so many parties and get togethers, a lovely hostess gift welcomed by everyone would be Massage Candles. You can never be sure what kind of wine someone drinks unless you know them very well, and candy isn’t always welcome by ones maybe watching their weight or with dietary restrictions. Candles are a perfect gift that everyone can use. Their light, glow, atmosphere they create is beautiful and welcoming and romantic.

Massage candles can not only be used as regular candles, but when they melt they provide a wonderful, moisturising massage oil to be rubbed and caressed into the skin of your lover in what will surely be the beginning of a very sexy and fulfilling evening promising much joy and excitement by both people. A room that is lit by candlelight alone is so lovely and no one looks better than by candlelight. Its softening tones take away years and is very kind to us all.

The little mesh gift bag these candles are in will add a decorative touch to your gift welcomed by any hostess during the holidays as a most thoughtful and useful gift. So many just buy some generic wine or some other impersonal gift, but the gift of candles, especially these ones, shows a bit of uniqueness went into choosing it. Pick up a few of these to give to some of the hostesses or hosts of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday get togethers you will no doubt be attending.

Number 1 With A Vibrating Bullet

bulButterfly Frenzy

Bullet vibes are very popular sex toys these days. The portable and discrete size of them alone makes them a good choice for fun on the run. You can’t exactly pull out an 8 inch dildo and use it at your desk or at a dinner party as you eat, but a bullet vibe will be an option id cumming in public is your thing. Many people have exhibitionist tendencies yet can’t go right down to the food court at the mall and stroke one out. Yet a bullet vibe can be placed in their panties and they can cum in front of a whole room full of people and have no one be the wiser.

Sometimes it’s the naughty fun of doing something in plain sight that gets people aroused and excited to begin with. Also many girls are only into clitoral stimulation and do not need any big toy to insert, that’s not what they are looking for at all. They just want a buzz and a tingle on their clit to get them off and a bullet vibe is perfect for that. Some are so small they literally run on watch batteries. You don’t need a huge toy to get off at all. Tiny doesn’t mean less powerful at all.

The remote controlled ones are a lot of fun for couples, where the male partner is the one controlling the action of stopping and starting the vibe and setting different vibrational patterns to get his lady off. Giving someone else control over your orgasm can be a lot of fun, you don’t know what they have in mind!

Ticklers For Teasing

Black Feather Tickler

Make no mistake, tickling is a full fledged fetish. Many are into tickling until the person literally goes nearly insane and is crying from the stimulation. A tickler such as this might be just the thing for your naughty drawer if you are into this fetish or light BDSM. When ones hear of BDSM, they often think heavy bondage or cruelty, but there is certainly mild and light versions as well.

Bondage is not always keeping people in chains in a dungeon. Many that are seriously into tickling can get into foot stockades, where the persons feet are literally locked into a stockade to keep them immobilized for the purpose of tickling. Feathers are obvious and popular choices for feet “tortures”. No pain involved, so many might not consider that actual torture, but it can be if you are crying and pleading for them to stop and release you and squirming all over just wanting the torment to end. Many love this sort of soft torture. The teasing and tantalizing aspect of it just drives them wild with the control they have.

Bondage can be severe, with ball gags, saw horses and ropes, or it can also be mild and sensual, like with silk scarves and foot stockades. Some love to make their partner giggle until they cry with foot fetish antics. It’s no surprise that tickle torture aficionados often have an entire kit of implements, from feathers, string, toothbrushes, mascara wands, no end to the sorts of things one can use. Feather ticklers can also be used on nipples very teasingly. If the submissive one was tied up and restrained, bare breasts exposed, dragging a tickler such as this across them might well push them over the edge.