Anal Toys For Your Pleasure

Butt Plug

Are anal sex toys one of your favorite things to play with sexually? We have a wonderful selection of butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, no end to the things you can stick up your end! For many men, prostate massage can lead to even more satisfying orgasms than just playing with their cock alone, it can have many heightening pleasurable sensations for them. Some can even leave a toy inside as they are making love to their partners for added enjoyment.

It seems more men than women enjoy ass play, again the prostate having a big part to do with that. Men are also more into anal sex than women, the forbidden aspect of it appeals to them in many ways, the naughty, the dirty, the wicked. Many insertable butt plugs and prostate massagers do indeed have bullet vibes made into them so you get the double pleasure of not only insertion, but vibration. Many toys come with multiple vibrational levels so you can crank it up from mild, to wild and then some!

There’s many things you can do with the nerve ending rich anal area. Anal beads can be inserted and then slowly pulled out one by one for teasing sensations, and toys made of metal or glass can be heated or cooled, depending on your particular preference for temperature. Heat can kick things up a notch in pleasure. Many like to properly clean themselves before any anal play with enemas and thorough washing. Some into ass play also enjoy rim jobs and all sorts of naughty delights.

Vibrators For Masturbation

Mini Vibe

If fun on the go is your personal style, or you like pretty purse accessories, you will love these mini vibes that we carry. Most women these days have a vibrator of one kind or another, it’s just a sexual fact of life these days. These ones in pretty traveling cases will be able to be carried around and if anyone being nosy glances in your open purse, they will be none the wiser.

There’s cases for everything these days, from pouches for condoms, to tampons, so these personal items no longer need to float loosely in your purse anymore. This tiny, battery operated ones will be perfect for horny lunch breaks! Quiet operation will never have anyone guessing what you are up to in your locked office or bathroom stall, you masturbation addict, you! Play in privacy and enjoy orgasms whenever the mood strikes you with this handy, ultra portable model.

Female Vibrators are the most popular sex toys, men also can enjoy them on their cock heads, testicles and by inserting them anally and having the vibe touch their prostate, which can produce a much more powerful sensation for them than fingers alone during a prostate massage. So vibrators can enhance the sexual feelings of many people, that’s why so many own them. Look at our collection of toys and see which one will be best for you and your partner! Bullet vibes, full sized ones you insert that have clitoral stimulator, all kinds of different ones for different sensations.

Strap Ons For Small Cocks

10" Hollow Strap On

When one thinks of strap on sex toys, you usually think of women being the ones to fuck their men with it in a dominant manner. Well sad to say there’s a LOT of tiny dicked men out there who simply do not have a big enough cock to please their women, so they can now fuck their ladies with a hollow strap on they can then insert their pitiful cocks into to make for a decent sized cock the women can actually feel inside!

How many times have the poor inadequately sized losers heard, “Is it in yet?” Likely more times than their egos care to remember. Before toys like this became available, men of this ilk had little they could do other than endure a cuckold relationship perhaps and watch as a “real man” took over and satisfied their wife or girlfriend in a way that was simply out of reach to them. Strap on accessories like this one have now given them a way to level the playing field so to speak in a way they never had before. No, it’s not as good as the real thing, but it very well may be enough to prevent your lady from giving up on you entirely.

Be glad such products now exist to help you out. You previously either had to resort to another man, or using a hand held toy on her and hoping it was enough for her. So if you expect another humiliating night in your near future, why not try this and see how it goes over, you haven’t much to lose honestly, you likely already lost your pride ages ago! And it’s not just for the tiny dicked, but the impotent as well. Lord, it sucks being a man….I’m so glad I’m a woman!

Stimulators For Satisfaction

Vibrating Duck

Female Stimulators come in many different shapes, sizes and for different uses. Clitoral, anal, vaginal. Now this rubber duck is not for the kiddies, this one is for naughty ladies that enjoy their bath time fun. What is so different about this rubber duckie? It vibrates. I’m sure you can well imagine where this lucky duck is headed-between your legs! You won’t need to worry about hiding this toy if your mom or guests pop over unexpectedly, it blends right in with the bathroom.

Stimulators often vibrate, but are not in the traditional phallic shape you think of when you think of most sex toys. They are often whimsical in nature and are also frequently disguised, like this rubber duck, to appear as something else so they are not as obvious as sex toys. Sex toys these days can be made to look like everything from lipsticks, to mascara tubes, to all sorts of unusual looking items, but the items all have one thing in common, they have been designed to give you pleasure. To make your masturbation the hottest, most intense experience that it can be.

The very word stimulate means maximum satisfaction for your pussy, clit, ass, nipples, all of your erogenous zones will be tingling and sending waves throughout your body of ecstasy like you have never known before. Try all of our wonderful products and see which one is the most amazing one for you personally. Orgasms are wonderful and healthy and most of us are not having nearly enough of them! Orgasms flood our bodies with feel good hormones and one of the greatest feelings on earth that are our right as humans to enjoy. The toys here can help you have even more.