Swings For Sex Fun

Sex Swing

Sex swings┬ácan provide the badly needed variety you and your partner have been seeking in the bedroom. They are fantastic accessories for your bedroom. Everyone gets caught up in the same ho hum routine every once on a while, surprise your partner with one of these toys and see how things go from so so and lukewarm, to va va va voom! Many are designed so you don’t even have to drill into your woodwork, which if you are in a rented place, can be important.

Many just slip over the door tops and can be used that way, or there are free standing ones that work with frames, so no damaging your door frames to have a fun romp! These are also excellent for ones with joint problems, or back aches, as they take the pressure off your joints, which for older people is a good thing. Even ones plenty young can have joint issues from being overweight, or some other medical condition that can make regular sexual positions just too uncomfortable to bother with.

Even if joint issues are not a concern, the way you can be maneuvered in one of these sex swings can make for some fun times in positions just not possible in a flat bed. Stretch your muscles and have a swinging good time! Turn gravity on its ear and play and swing like you haven’t in years, if ever before. Not your everyday sex toy, but one that can allow for some interesting and fun experimentation. Don’t let aches and pains inhibit your love life.

Sexting Games


Online fun is a big reality these days, from cam sex, phone sex, and of course cyber sex and sexting. That online fun that is a part of so many of our lives these days has indeed made the jump to naughty party games as well. The game pictured here, an interactive text message game is just yet another fun way to have fun at a party.

Naughty parties are nothing new, bachelor and bachelorette parties are known for their wild antics and strippers. People get together for a last hurrah before getting hitched and the guests often have way too much to drink and act a bit crazy. Maybe they might show some of that craziness during playing one of the interactive text message games. Sex Games at adult parties can lead to all sorts of fun, spin the bottle is for kids, just imagine the sorts of adult versions you could get going!

When you add alcohol, the last bit of reckless fun before getting married and a group of flirtatious adults, you have a perfect storm for sexual games and fun. Games and fun, often drinking games, or truth or dare type games involving dice or naughty board games can really spice things up and make for a much more enjoyable and memorable party for all. You will have a night to remember that you and your friends will cherish. Booze makes most occasions more fun, games as well, add in some sexting and some horny people and it will be tons of fun for all.

Penis Pumps For A Firmer Erection

Penis Pump

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are a few options out there available to them. They can seek pharmaceuticals, ones that may have lots of side effects and do harm somewhere else, or perhaps their health is not strong enough for additional medicines anyway. Penis Pumps have been around a long time, no nasty side effects from drugs. You can achieve an erection from using the penis pump and then sliding a cock ring on to keep the erection the pump created in the first place.

Many couples deal with erectile dysfunction at one point or another, especially when the male partner gets older. It’s sadly just a fact of life. Some statistics say 40% of men over 40 have problems, now for ladies, that is depressing, guess you ladies with limp hubbies best have a look at our dildo section here! For ones that haven’t quite given up the good fight though, do consider a penis pump though, it may be just the ticket you have been looking for to get things back to normal in the bedroom.

When people think of a sex toy website, they often just think toys, and not sexual aids like this that can help. We offer many different kinds of sexual enhancers that can improve the quality of your sex life, this penis pump being one of them. Not everyone is gung ho on taking drugs to fix everything, some prefer a more natural approach and this pump would certainly be in that category. More natural than drugs.

Make It Bigger And Longer With A Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve

What exactly can a penis sleeve do for you, your lover and your cock? It can make you feel bigger, make your lover feel more satisfied because it’s increasing the length and girth of what you naturally have. Many penis sleeves allow either have “ticklers” attached or areas for tiny bullet vibes that are inserted to further excite your lady and make your manly bits tingle as well!

Not all guys have been given a huge cock by nature, so some need all the help accessories like these can give them. Be glad that such sexual enhancers like this even exist, not too many years ago such things didn’t, so guys were just kind of stuck with what they had and couldn’t do anything to help their lover out and make their sexual relationships more exciting for their partner. Several types of cock rings have vibrators either built right into them, so penis sleeves are just yet another sex toy and enhancer you can add to your naughty drawer that will spice things up.

Sexual accessories and toys can make the seemingly impossible possible. Many guys with small cocks have had one disappointing sexual encounter after the next and are glad to discover something out there that can finally help them. Here at the online sex shop we offer many different types and varieties of penis sleeves for you and your partner to choose from to see what kind will best suit your needs. To your partner, they will feel very close to the real thing, and now with help such as these toys provide, you can finally somewhat level the playing field between you and better endowed men.