Adult Toy Shopping – Made Easy

Adult Lubricants

Buying personal products can be, well, embarrassing. Luckily these days we can shop from the comfort of our own homes. It used to be years ago you had to drive to some seedy part of town to find an adult sex shop or else they could be part of an adult video store with questionable characters hanging around. These days the internet is where many of us can easily shop and get things delivered right to our door.

Adult toys are a part of many couples lives these days, and an adult toy shop is not just toys. Sexy lingerie, lotions, perfumes, lubes and novelty items to make your bachelor and bachelorette parties all the more exciting. Various hygiene products can help you smell your best and be as appealing as you can be to the opposite sex. Fast discreet shipping, no driving to the store and worrying about running into people you might see going in or coming out of the store and feeling anxious.

The variety of products available online alone is impressive, not many brick and mortar stores will have the sheer selection of products that you can find online at a sex toy shop. You can see the reviews of other customers and see how they liked them after purchasing them, at a store all you will get is the spiel the salesman will give you. Shopping online is a lot more leisurely experience and you will no doubt agree once you start buying things online. Your privacy and discretion is assured.

Pearl Vibrators For Maximum Enjoyment

Pear Rabbit Vibrator

What makes  pearl vibrators toys different or more special than an ordinary vibe? Well it has rows of pearl shaped beads inside that twist and turn and stimulate you from the inside out, not all vibes have this curious internal mechanism for added vaginal pleasures. Your masturbatory experience will be enhanced by the additional feature. The bunny ears will twitch and please your clit with their flittering vibrations.

The spinning beads will work your pussy from the inside, and the bunny ears from the outside. Some ladies just want more, they seek out the sex toys with the bells and whistles, they like the luxury experience, the finest in everything, and this is the type of vibe that will please you like no other. This well made and whimsical vibe will make you wondering why you didn’t add this one to your naughty drawer a long time ago.

We all know ladies enjoy masturbation the same as men do, and as wonderful as fingers are, some variety is always a good thing, and sex toys can really help spice things up and give you some different sensations to change things up for a change. Many men also very much enjoy watching their ladies enjoy themselves with sex toys, it can be very arousing for them to witness! So you and your boyfriend or husband will get enjoyment from a pearl vibe like this one, so why not buy one from our online sex shop and experience what it can do for you today.

Billions of Bubbles for Adult Novelty Items

Blow Me Bubbles

Adult novelties are there to make a party even more fun and memorable for the invited guests, and what spells fun more than blowing bubbles! Now how naughty can bubbles be? Well imagine blowing them with naughty shaped dipping tools, like the ones here. Blowing bubbles can be child’s play yes, but you wouldn’t give the kiddies a kit like this one, we hope anyway! Dip the stick into the bubble mixture and fill the air with bubbles, take some memorable pics for one and all to see, maybe post some on your social pages for friends far away that couldn’t attend to see what all they missed.

Naughty shaped cakes, hats, mugs, ring tosses, all kinds of things that encompass sexy adult novelties and that you can have at a bachelor or bachelorette party. Door prizes for the ones that win such games, well you can find lots of nice multi pack items we have, that will be suitable for such giveaways, from single use lubes, massage oils, candles, lip balms, perfumes, all kinds of things that will make your guests happy they came to your party.

Things like the gift certificates we offer can make for a good prize as well, when you’re just not sure what sort of prize someone would like. That takes the guess work out of something and allows people to choose their own. We have everything here at the online adult store to make your party a resounding success and have your guests talking for months afterwards about what a fun party it was and what a charming host you were to so delightfully entertain your guests.

Masturbators Toys – Better than Your Hand


Masturbation is great, we all do it, it’s as natural as drinking when you’re thirsty or sleeping when you’re tired. As natural as it is, sometimes it gets a bit boring to just use your own hand, so that’s where sex toys come in. They spice things up from the everyday and give us a different sensation than we can make with our own hands. Some love toys so much they prefer them to their hands.

A toy like this one featured here, the Roto-Bator, spins and rotates around your cock providing a teasing motion much better than any mouth, no matter how expert, could do. Blow jobs are many men’s absolute favourite sexual treat, and a toy that in any way simulates that is no doubt going to be a favourite toy to get out during those moments of naughty desires overtaking them. Put some lube in this and turn it on and let it do its naughty work. A man I know used a toy nearly identical to this one with the spinning finned insides and said it was sheer heaven, that he was absolutely addicted to it, it was that good.

So if you’ve been looking to do a bit more than pump your hand up and down on your dick for a change, one of the many exciting and stimulating toys we have here at the online sex shop will no doubt blow your mind. Our male masturbators section has pages and pages of exciting products in many different prices ranges for you to explore and buy and use for a myriad of sensations to pleasure yourself with.

Spice Things Up with Love Kits

White Wedding

Could your relationship do with a little spicing up? If so, and who’s can’t, why not try one of our Love Kits? There are many to choose from and each and every one is chock full of a variety of fun little toys, gadgets, vibes, candles, lubes, massage oils, choose one that suits your needs and those of your partner. Get a few and have different experiences.

When you’ve decided to commit to a monogamous relationship, things can get a bit stale when you have one lover all the time, no matter how much you may love them or desire them. Even steak for dinner gets boring night after night. Variety is indeed the key within a relationship. Role playing, costumes, lingerie, massages, sex toys, all of these things can make things a bit more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Vanilla is great, but even vanilla can benefit from some chocolate syrup and cherries being added once in a while!

Love kits and toys can bring some playfulness and variety to your same old same old routine. Your partner will no doubt be glad you the time to make the effort to make things a bit more exciting than usual. Toys are not for everyone, but even ones not into toys will adore a sensual massage and a room lit with inviting, romantic candles, and of course we do have love kits like this. So have a look at what we offer and we are sure it can be the beginning of some exciting times for you and your partner and shake things up just enough so it doesn’t become boring for you.

Adult Lotions & Sexual Lubricants

Cock Cologne

For the man that’s too lazy to shower, or perspires more so than others, here we have Genital Deodorant for your naughty bits. There really is a product for everything out there, and apparently there’s one for your stinky bits too! I’d like to say just shower and do us all a favour, but sadly I know that’s too much effort for some and a product like this is just what they have been looking for. You (hopefully) use deodorant under your arms, so now use one for your cock and balls too.

Why bathe when you can just spritz on some of this? Oh boy, sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Maybe ones coming home from the gym will have an impromptu encounter on the way home before they shower. What’s a guy to do? Grab your Cock Cologne and give your man below a quick spray down and then you’ll be tasty and not stinky for your last minute fling. Keep some in your briefcase or desk drawer for at work encounters that come up last minute.

Good for gals pussies too, apparently. Perfumes have their roots in being created to cover up unwashed smells. So a product like this is just continuing on in the same tradition. So isn’t it time you started spraying down your genitals the same way you apply deodorant to your underarms? Cut down on perspiration, and odour. No more sweaty balls for you! Cock Cologne-isn’t it time?

Outfit and Enhance Your Role Playing

Lingerie Cop Outfit

Role playing is a very important part of many people’s sex lives these days. It’s very important in adult chat rooms and in many people’s bedrooms as well. The use of fantasy lingerie & costumes can only serve to enhance such activities. Here at our online sex shop, we have dozens of different sorts of lingerie to meet your role playing wants and needs.

Take this one pictured for example, you can have a lot of fun playing the naughty cop and perhaps using some of the handcuffs that we also feature here. Could prove to be a fun evening for all. Men that seek submissive play would greatly enjoy this type of costume, and perhaps even a strap on could come in handy to really show you who’s in charge here. You don’t want to be taken away to jail now, so best do what the cop tells you to!

Many people enact their fantasies all the time in sex time games, but the addition of costumes really helps flesh out the scenario and makes it just a tad more believable and takes things to a more realistic level and makes it more enjoyable overall for both parties. Most of the costumes and lingerie that we offer also comes in several sizes, it’s not just for the skinny minis out there, even if you’re quite a good sized gal, you will be able to find any number of choices here that will fit you just fine. It’s important to offer a good selection of sizes for the different sized people out there, and we feel we do a good job here.

Lelo Lily Vibrator – for Good Vibrations

Lelo Lily

If you’re looking for a higher quality sex toy, then the Lelo Designer Vibrators brand is likely the one you will be looking for. This vibe pictured is not designed for insertion, but not all ladies are looking for insertion as they masturbate. Guys don’t like hearing that, they like to think all of us women NEED to feel if not a cock, then at the very least a cock substitute. Nope, we really don’t, sorry!

The shape of this vibe brings a computer mouse to mind, and boy can you make your kitty purr with this one. The powerful, rechargeable vibe will last and last through several play times. No need to worry about batteries and them running low. Your lover can cradle this in his hand and run it all over your body. Your nipples, buttocks, and of course your greedy, horny pussy that needs those good vibrations. Many women really love their vibes, and this one can be rested against your pussy and send ripples of pleasure through those throbbing pussy lips and clit.

Try using this on your man as well. Many men love a vibe as well, they aren’t simply for ladies alone. Their cock and balls will enjoy the stimulation just as much as your pussy will. Sex toys can enhance the sex lives of many couples, especially if ones sex drive exceeds the other and you need a release more often than your partner may need to. Some women do have a higher sex drive than their man, especially if their male partner is older and simply can’t do all they should but can’t that often, so toys can be a real boon for ones in a relationship like that.