Sexual Hygiene – Shave It Off

Shaving Powder

One of the most wonderful recent trends in personal sexual hygiene to my way of thinking anyway, is  shaving  off of the pubic hair. Yet sadly if statistics are to be believed, only 15% of men and 35% of women are doing so. I’ve ridden public transit, I do believe it. Most can’t be bothered to shower or even wear deodorant, I’d bet my house most are NOT keeping their privates nice.

The widespread availability of porn is what gave shaving the more normal to be strived for grooming must have. I can’t imagine having hair down there any more, I’ve been smooth since the late 90′s. It’s cleaner, looks better, feels 100% better. There’s many different methods of hair removal available for ones seeking to go bare. A regular safety razor does it for many, waxing for others, laser removal for ones with extra money to burn, personally I prefer an electric razor. No skin irritation or red bumps. There are many grooming products related to health & hygiene for ones with sensitive skin, like the powder featured here. Personally I do use powder, I find it the perfect answer to overly sensitive skin.

Especially for larger people where moisture under skin folds can be a real issue of irritation, powder is a godsend to keep rashes and skin irritation to a minimum. Hot weather makes things even more perilous for ones with such skin issues down below. Stubble and moisture are not a good combination. Chafing is a serious issue for some that needs daily care. After the shower is the best time to apply something like this product to your naughty bits.

Glass Up Your Ass | Anal Sex Toys

Butt Plug

Glass toys are one of the more interesting ones made. They are pretty to look at and can be cleaned better than toys made from any other medium, if you’re such a person that’s even concerned with that. This particular one made me laugh though as it talks about “viewing area” and being see through. I guess this is for ones into serious medical fetish. You really want to peer up someone’s bum? Orgasms, sex toys and a polyp check all in one go! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Are they going to bring their miner’s hat too? With the light on it?

People’s oddities in the realm of all things sexual never ceases to amaze me. Personally I can’t imagine the appeal of peering up anothers backside, yet there are those out there that would fancy themselves amateur proctologist’s I guess and get some sort of thrill from it. Until I read about these toys that are “suitable for viewing”, I honestly hadn’t considered anyone doing such a thing, but it doesn’t surprise me, perverts are everywhere and into every possible thing you could imagine and not imagine.

Cared for properly, they will last longer than you will and never degrade like toys made of other materials. Imagine buying a toy once and never having to worry about it becoming tacky to the touch, getting  a weird smell or splitting open. Think that pocket pussy from 1985 would be usable now? Did they even make pocket pussies in 1985? If you had a toy made from glass, it would be just as good now as then.

Additional Sexual Enhancer – It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Sexual Enhancer

If you think regular orgasms are fantastic, wait until you have one after applying this stimulating serum to your intimate areas. Only a few drops are required to get things even more tingly than usual. Many sexual enhancers creams and serums are available for your to experience and see which one has the most dramatic effect on you. One may be not much better than lube for you, another may make you cum harder than you ever dreamed possible, you just have to try different brands and see which kind works best with your particular body chemistry.

Many lubes also have a “warming” effect, some also a “cooling” one, depending on your particular pleasure proclivity. A sexual enhancer like this can only heighten things and make them even better than they already are naturally. Whether you choose to use alone for your solitary masturbatory explorations, or with a partner to get things even hotter than they already are, we have a feeling you will enjoy these items.

As this is full strength serum, and designed to be used full strength, some may find it a bit strong, so you can always add it to some lube as well as use it as is. This is not designed to be a lube and if you do have lubrication needs, they can be combined together and spread even further around your naughty bits. Have a look at our lubes and see which ones you’d like to use in addition to this wonderful sexual enhancer.

Balls, Vibrating Balls, Egg Balls for Fun

Gold Vibro Balls

What would you say to a sex toy that not only can give you orgasms, but that also helps increase vaginal tightness? Well such a device does exist! Ben Wa balls and other various types of weighted and or vibrating balls work by making our internal muscles grip and grasp the inserted balls to keep them inside. Your vaginal muscles will automatically try to keep the balls in, it doesn’t feel like you’re doing internal Kegal exercises at all, and you get pleasuring internal vibrations as a bonus!

Used for centuries by women after they gave birth to get things tighter again, these balls are still in use and the simple device is recommended by gynecologists to many women to help aid in natural muscle tightening so they don’t have to resort to vaginal tightening surgeries. Many sets come in three or five graduated sizes, starting at the biggest and working your way down to the smallest as you gain further muscle control and can keep smaller and smaller pairs of balls inside of yourself.

Your man will thank you, no man wants a woman with a loose pussy to fuck. If you give birth naturally, especially to a larger baby, tightness will likely be a new issue you will have to contend with. By getting a tool such as this, you will be taking the first step to getting your old tightness back. You may never snap totally back, but these balls will help you if used as recommended.

My, Oh Mylie Lovedoll!

Blow Up Doll

You’ve got an active fantasy life, don’t you, you naughty masturbator you! Lots of times celebrities are the basis of some very racy and adult fantasies and wouldn’t you know, the makers of adult love dolls know about our thoughts of the celebrities and have come out with several replicas in the form of blow up dolls to use for your masturbation pleasure.

All you have to do is blow one of these toys up and voila, you have your own make believe celebrity to fuck right there and conveniently take the air out of them and pack them away in the closet when you’re finished with them until the mood strikes you again. Toys are about things feeling good, feeling different than if you just masturbated with your hand. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sexual partner at their beck and call, so a love doll such as one like the one pictured or one of the other ones we carry can add something different to your normal hand alone routine.

Dolls are usually made with three “love holes”, so depending on what you are in the mood for, you can do regular sex, anal or oral. So turn down the lights, crack open the lube and have your blow up honey waiting for you in the bed, turn on some tunes, maybe some of theirs if they are a musician, and pound that doll for all you’re worth as you imagine it’s the object of your fantasy right there with you. Our online adult store will surely have one that suits you.

Dildos and Dongs for a Wonderful Masturbation

Double Ended Dildo

Dildos and dongs are a wonderful addition to your naughty drawer and your masturbation routine. That feeling of fullness they provide is incomparable to anything else, well, except the real thing of course! Some girls are just clit stimulation only, they have no interest in penetration when they masturbate, but many others love that feeling of being penetrated by a cock-even if it’s not the real thing. Nothing beats that fullness inside of yourself when you cum.

Dildos have a very long history, being one of the earliest sex toys around, practically from the days of the cave men. The boudoirs of the ladies in ancient Greece and Rome pretty much all had such accessories. It was common in market places to see dildos and dongs made of everything from carved ivory to metal and their use was expected during times of war when a lot of the male citizens would be away at war. Carved dildos were common in ancient China and have been found in many collections of ancient artifacts, so their use is by no means a new one. We are lucky today to have toys made of much safer and appropriate materials for such objects.

There are vibrating dildos and dongs and non vibrating ones and in every thickness and length you can imagine. Ones with suction cup bases you can adhere to a surface and ride to your hearts content. Others you just use holding in your hand, others still have dual heads for use with another person at the same time. The one pictured here can be used in both of a woman’s openings for double pleasure, and no doubt while she’s rubbing her clit.

Fruity Flavoured Condoms – Taste Terrific

Flavored Condoms

When most people think of condoms, of course they think of vaginal or anal sex. Condoms help protect us from sexually transmitted diseases. No, no one likes to use them, bareback always feels the best, there is no doubt. However unless you know your partners sexual history and are in a monogamous relationship, condoms really will need to be part of your dating and sexual health life.

Condoms for oral sex are not that widely considered, and the chances of contracting deadly HIV are very low, but there are other diseases that can be contracted orally, and you don’t want to have to deal with those either. If you don’t know someone that well you likely shouldn’t be sticking their dick in your mouth in the first place, but it is what it is and people do. People sleep around, people have one night stands, people see escorts, that is the reality of today’s sexually more liberated world and culture. So if you choose to have fun with ones you do not know that well or their health history, best to play it safe and just have them use a condom, whether they are sticking it in your mouth or anywhere else.

You don’t need an icky tasting one covered in spermicide for your mouth, so choose one made just for that purpose of oral sex, a flavoured one. Many times a new couple may not just jump right into bed, but oral might be one of the more common first things you might do, so a fruity flavoured condom just may make the experience all the more enjoyable, and safe experience for the one doing the giving. So have a look at our online sex shop and see which ones best fit your needs.

Vibrating Cockring for Your Penis

Devil Bat Ring
If you like to add some whimsy to your sexual encounters as well as help your erection, a sexy cock ring with some humour can help lighten the mood. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh as well as make them feel good, and a toy/sexual aid that can do both will have your gal coming back for more again and again. Cock rings help with erections that aren’t what they used to be. Ones that may get hard right at the start but just not be able to maintain that.

Slide a cock ring on and let the games begin! They help with keeping the blood flow where it needs to be and stay-in your cock, for those rock hard erections that will have her purring like a kitten and begging for more. There are cock rings that vibrate and you can add bullet vibes to them for extra stimulation, and also just regular ones that just aid in keeping the blood flow there and keeping you hard as a rock.

Cock rings have a very old history, having been one of the first sexual aids around. Originally made out of leather strips tied around the penis and even made out of as odd things as the stretched eyelids of goats, complete with eyelashes attached for additional clitoral stimulation. Now wouldn’t you rather have a toy today made for that! They didn’t have fancy things then like we do now, so be glad for modern advancements such as sex toys. Of course for all your sexual needs, we have a multitude of toys here at our online adult store.

Special Massage Candles – This Little Light Of Mine

Adults Romantic Candle

Who among us doesn’t appreciate the beauty of candles? Until electricity, flames on candles were the only source of light we had once the sun set, other than the glow from the fireplace, or a lantern, all open flames. Massage Candles have been around for thousands of years and even though we don’t need or use them now as a needed light source, unless the power goes out for a while, they are still very popular, to add more romance to a room, add some beautiful scent from the oils they may be impregnated with, to using the oil in special massage candles.

You’d think like many old things candles would have gone the way of the dinosaur, but they are more popular than ever these days and extremely popular to give as gifts, at a bridal shower, or a housewarming. Everyone loves the look of burning candles and you can mesmerize yourself by watching the flicking flame and feel yourself relax.

With massage candles, you not only get to enjoy the flickering flame of them when lit, but when you blow them out, you can then lovingly massage that melted oil into the skin of your lover and give them a wonderful relaxing and sensual massage. So what kind of candle are you looking for? One to just add a beautiful, welcoming glow to your home, add a wonderful scent, or one to please both you and your partner? Some candles have multi purposes, so take advantage of that and look our nice selection of them that we offer here at the online sex shop.