Bullet Vibes – Good Things Come In Small Packages

Bullet Vibe

What’s not to love about a bullet vibe? So many vibrators these days are massive, not easily portable in your purse or briefcase, they are quite large and while that’s good for size queens, many other ladies do not require toys the size of forearms to get off with. Sometimes “fun sized” is just that. They may be small but they can pack a good sized punch, with powerful batteries that buzz and buzz until you can’t take anymore.

Another fun thing about bullet vibes, is they often come with remote controls, so other people can operate them and our pleasure is at their mercy and it’s oh so much fun to have another person in control of our orgasm and they will zap us at their whim. For those masturbation addicts among us, and of course there are some of you reading this, (you know who you are!) a bullet vibe is easily concealed in your panties and you can be getting off with no one knowing what you’re up to, as long as you can keep the moaning and groaning to a minimum!

Think you can cum at your desk without the co workers knowing? Think you’d like to find out and work that remote on a slow afternoon and make things a bit more exciting? Think if a client sat down across from you right as you were approaching orgasm, what would you do? Bite your lip and cum as quietly as you could I’d imagine. If you like risky masturbation, a bullet vibe is the perfect choice of a sex toy for you.

Bondage Toys – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Nights in White Satin
When many hear the word “bondage”, they automatically think hardcore BDSM, pain, denial, all kinds of extreme and degrading stuff. But most couples into light bondage are of the very mild, tame and playful sort. Fur lined handcuffs, blindfolds, tying their lover up with silk scarves and teasing them, now that is fun stuff a great many couple are into and enjoy.

Not everyone is wearing PVC and wearing latex hoods and into the odder, more extreme branches of the tree. Many enjoy domination and submission. It can be very fun to submit to your partner, to give total control of their orgasm over to them. It’s often the most mundane people that revel in this sort of thing, it seems out of character for them, but that’s just the reason, it’s because the meek, mild types often have so little control in their own lives that they get into this and become tigers in the bedroom, and the bitchy, pushy broads become cock worshiping whore’s behind closed doors, it’s that Bondage BDSM reversal of roles that gets many excited to begin with.

We offer many fun yet milder BDSM toys and accessories here at our online adult store. Floggers, handcuffs, blindfolds, all kinds of fun stuff for you to try out with your lover. Think hubby will like it when you come into the bedroom with a glint in your eye and a box in your hand of your new toys you’ve bought to try out? I’m betting they just may enjoy it themselves.

Up Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Giant Dong
Anal sex and use of anal toys have their fans, and they are a growing number of people as well. More and more people have now tried anal than ever before. A few decades ago, it used to be oral that was the naughty, secret thing to do, but with the availability of porn when VCR’s became widely used in the 1980′s, that’s when things took a whole new adventuresome turn in the bedrooms of many couples.

Oral quickly became mainstream, and porn is also what made shaving our pubes the norm, and then of course anal showcased in porn made it seem no longer taboo or weird. Ones that follow the bible say it’s when homosexuality and sodomy become the norm and accepted that a society begins to see its downturn and that’s why so many religions have taboos against them, but as far as many are concerned, if it feels good, you’re with another consenting adult and you’re not hurting anyone, then everyone else can just mind their own business.

Anal toys, either for solo use to spice up your masturbation, or strap ons for ladies to use on their lovers who want to get submissive, are more popular than ever and seeing more and more varieties of toys designed for this use. Men very well may enjoy stimulation of their prostate as they masturbate or have sex, and vibrating butt plugs, top anal beads, any number of toys designed for use “up there” have made their way into many naughty toy chests in recent years, with no downturn in popularity expected.

Toys For Orgasmic Fun

G Spot Gel

Who ever dreams when they’re a kid playing with Barbie’s and G.I. Joe’s that there are toys out there that they will play with and enjoy as adults, ones that makes us squeal with delight as they help us cum over and over again. Toys are not just for kids, but our toys do change. The best sexual enhancers used in conjunction with our Sex Toys during masturbation will help you achieve many wonderful, relaxing releases, especially for women that enjoy multiple orgasms, using your hand can be, well, tiring for round after round.

A sex toy such as a vibrator can save your hand the work. Lay back and enjoy all the delights a toy has to offer without exerting yourself and breaking a sweat! There’s toys for clitoral stimulation, G spot, penetration, anal, whatever your desires may be, you will be able to find a toy for it, and even for many you hadn’t dreamed of! Sex toys have come a long way, now many men also enjoy the many masturbators we have that add some more excitement than just their hand.

Men love variety, and some of the things they resort to when horny can be comical at best, dangerous at worst. Sex toys are designed for such uses, so you won’t be risking infection or injury like you could be while using an every day item not designed for that actual purpose. If you’re afraid of wifey finding your stash, just put it some place she’d never look, like your fishing tackle box, or with your sports equipment. Is using a dildo so bad? Think of the embarrassment a guy would feel if he had to go to the emergency room with a broken off carrot up his ass, that would be 100 times worse, so get yourself a sex toy at the online adult store. That’s what they were designed for.

The History of Vibrators

Ladies Vibrator - Sex Toy
Vibrators are wonderful things for girls, and guys, to play with. It’s the most basic sex toy there is and it has a long history. Doctors actually used to give women “pelvic massages” to induce orgasm, they called it “hysterical paroxysm”. They thought women were crazy, when really they were horny. Ironic in the Victorian times when they had a multitude of chastity devices for children so they wouldn’t be able to touch themselves, yet women were paying their doctors to get them off, yet it wasn’t viewed as sexual, it was medical.

So the doctors got tired hands and arms from rubbing these women out day after day, so one of them invented a device called a vibrator, it was designed to save wear and tear on the doctors muscles in their hands, this sounds wild but it’s all true! So sex vibrators toys were used to get these women off a lot faster than by the doctors hands. Home vibrator kits were available before even vacuum cleaners and sewing machines were widely in homes. They were not advertised as masturbatory devices, but that’s what they were certainly for, so they didn’t have to bother their doctors with getting them off.

The vibrators as sex devices were shown in the earliest stag films, the first porn, when moving film pictures first came out. They were widely available as beauty devices in catalogs of the biggest department stores, yet not at all advertised as sexual toys, it seems so crazy, like the elephant in the room that these were sold all over but were not advertised as for what they were actually used and designed for. So many women now have a vibe in their bedside table and it’s a lot more refined and pretty than the devices used since the late 1800′s. We literally have hundreds to choose from here at the online sex shop.

Adult Toys Shop – Spice Up Your Nights

Adults Romantic Candle

Shopping online these days is just a fact of life for many of us. We either don’t have the time or desire to fight the crowds, spend money on fuel driving all around, or our working hours may not be compatible with a brick and mortar store. Also when it comes to purchasing products of a personal nature, ones may feel a bit self conscious about going into a store and really looking around. When you decide you want to make a purchase of an adult nature, even if just for a purchase of lotions and lubes, shopping online really makes a lot of sense.

You can spend as much time looking around a site as you want, no nosy salespeople to hover over your shoulder and make you feel uncomfortable, you can look at thousands of different products at your own leisure and decide what is best for you and your partner. Not everyone is looking to buy sex toys at an online sex toys shop. Many are looking for other things that may add a bit of excitement to their relationship, or spice things up in some way, even if it’s as simple as just a bit more romance like some candles can bring to the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Picture your bedroom lit by nothing but candlelight, doesn’t that just set the mood for you and your lover to have a wonderful relaxing massage followed by hours of sensual lovemaking? Lingerie and massage oils are also things you can buy at our online sex shop that can make you feel sexy and feel good and make the evening a bit more special than just a quickie before bed.

Strap On and Be My Bitch Boy

Strapless Strap on

Are a dominant woman? Do you want to turn your guy into your bitch boy? Well if you do, a strap-on may be just the ticket you’re looking for. He will be on his knees waiting for you to show him who’s boss and give it to him. Many men desire to be in the submissive role sexually and a woman that’s willing to give it to them up the ass is appealing to many who wish to relinquish control.

Many toys out there are designed for prostate stimulation during masturbation, like vibrating butt plugs and prostate wands. Strap-on sex toys are designed to be used by another person. Most think of strap-ons just for use with guys as well, well that’s not always true. Lesbian couples also enjoy using them as well, just because they aren’t into guys doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the feeling of penetration, and these sorts of toys play a part in many of their sex lives.

This particular model I chose a picture of here is different than most models, as it is designed to be used without the standard harness or belt most are, it’s designed to be giving the one using it pleasure as well, most are designed to not give the one wearing it any physical pleasure, only for the ones it’s being used on. So if trying out a strap on is something you’d like to try, have a look at the ones here at our online sex shop and see if one might be right for you and your partner.

Do The Grind And Bounce

Inflatable Pink Hot Seat

For the girl that likes “hands free” masturbatory pleasures, they can try one of these more interesting  stimulators. This inflatable seat you can rock back and forth on has a vibrator in the middle of it for you to slide into yourself as you grind around on the inflatable bubble like seat. This could be used in the shower as well for some extra wet fun.

Easy to clean and flatten down to nothing once the air is let out of it, we think you will enjoy this  vibrating stimulator toys more than just a little. We are also betting your man would love to see you bounce around on this for his visual enjoyment as well. You could watch a naughty porno movie as you rock back and forth on this Sex Toy. It’s a sturdy one as well, gals, or guys into anal stimulation, that are plus sized will also enjoy this due to its generous weight limit on it.

Don’t worry about getting a wet spot on your bed during fun time anymore, if this gets a bit wet from your juices, it’s easily cleaned off with some soap and water. So if you ever stared at a beach ball or one of those inflatable exercise balls and had naughty thoughts and wished you could have a big, thick dong or a vibe sticking out of it to bounce along on, well this is what you’ve been waiting for, come on gals, let’s hop on one and have some fun!

Sex Swings For Pleasure

Fantasy Series Sex Swing

Looking for something a bit different to add to your bedroom repertoire? Why not try a sex swing? Not your average, everyday sex toy, a sex swing will allow you to try different positions you otherwise would not be able to in just a bed. Ones with bad backs or knees that may not be able to enjoy regular sexual positions in bed may especially enjoy the lack of pressure points they make possible. All seniors homes should come equipped with them.

Doggy style on all fours can be very hard on the knees and is just not an option for many. The sex swing toy allows comfort in positions you never dreamed. Sex for some can be a problem if pain is an issue. Imagine trying to have an orgasm if you’re in pain at the same time, how can you when every thrust may make part of you wince in pain? The pressure point relieving sex swings can make pain a non issue, so you can get down to the important things, like cumming over and over and concentrating on that and your partner, not the aches and pains you may have. It’s not just older people that have reduced flexibility for sex, some can be plenty young but have pain from an old injury due to sports or an accident.

A swing you purchase from the online sex shop can not only add variety to your sexual escapades, but freedom from any discomforts you have previously had during sexual encounters. So get hubby or boyfriend to set it up and let the fun begin with no more worries if the pain will be too great for you to cum and enjoy yourself.