Adult Party Games

Sex Dice

If you’d like to add a bit of spice to your next poker night or bachelorette party, hen party, girls night, whatever you wish to call your little get together, some naughty and fun sex games for the girls or if it’s a mixed party, they may just get things a little more fun. Adult novelties and games are often the perfect accompaniment to the evenings entertainment. You may have hired a stripper, or not, depending on how naughty you are or how much you have to spend.

Games can often add the most important element to a party-laughter and fun. The silly and revealing questions or dares that games bring with them can loosen up the atmosphere a lot and break the ice at such a get together. Once the drinks start flowing people do loosen up of course, but fun and naughty card games and dice games and board games can get things rolling and bring up funny stories and topics you’d otherwise not maybe have thought of on your own.

The element of fun and surprise that is added to a party can make or break it, if a party isn’t fun, people don’t really want to stick around and a party where people are looking for their coats after the first hour isn’t much of a party is it? No, so by having some fun games on hand that will challenge and entertain the guests is always a good idea. Bake a naughty shaped cake, have some fun , and have some top adult games, maybe have some door prizes for the winners of the little games, like lip balm, or candles, or other little things that will make it fun.

Nipple Pumps

Breast Nipple Pump

There is a growing trend among women to have noticeable nipples. Women have mostly wanted to make their nipples remain unnoticeable under their clothes, but not always. Nipples do cause attention. A few years ago on the t.v show Desperate Housewives, they reportedly spent a lot of money to fix the screen images and “smooth out” the noticeable hardened nipples of some of the actresses that were visible on camera under their clothes. The network felt it a bit too risqué to have them visibly hard under their clothes. Maybe the set was cold that day…

Years ago, an actress, I believe it was Marlene Dietrich, was famous for having two large beads sewn into the insides of all of her dresses so she would have noticeable nipples. Well, today women are wanting themselves to stand out and are getting themselves nipple pumps to do the job and get their own to stand at attention if they happen to be of the flat nippled type of girls. Vibrating Nipple Pumps will get your rosy tips to perk right up and make noticeable little points under your blouse if that’s the look you’re going for. And some women have very sensitive nipples and they enjoy the stimulation of having them teased and toyed with anyway, so they very well may enjoy the sensation of having their nipples pumped to begin with, the looks of them is just a bonus.

Pussy and nipple pumps are of growing interest to many women these days, the pumping makes them even more engorged with blood and even more sensitive to stimulation. Some women are known to be able to have orgasms from having their nipples sucked, whatever works for you. So whatever your personal pump needs, you can find one that you like here at our Adult Toy Shop.

Puff It Up!

Penis Sleeve

It’s a sad fact that many men have been shortchanged in the penis department. Too short, too skinny, what’s a poor bastard to do? Well, there are options out there for some. The ones that have such tiny cocks they are really overgrown clits, well, there really is no answer for those pitiable souls, but for ones that just need a bit extra, there are things called penis sleeves extension.

They are slipped over the erect penis to increase length and girth. I see these as being of more benefit to the women they are having sex with than them, so let’s hope giving a woman pleasure is their greatest joy, since if some men complain about a condom reducing sensation, I can only imagine what it must feel like to cover your dick with a quarter inch thick piece of silicone. But some men truly have only the pleasure of their sexual partners in their thoughts and know they can jerk off or have their partners do that for them afterwards. Most women enjoy the sensation of fullness as they are having sex and these penis sleeves are designed just for that purpose. No more “Is it in yet?” humiliations.

You’ll be humiliated enough slipping on your “fake overcock” thing as it is! But some men have little pride to begin with and will just be happy they are getting pussy at all of any description! So do what you can to get some ladies at the very least. Maybe the lights will be dim and she won’t notice. So have a look at the penis extensions we have at the online sex toy store and see what they can do for you today.

The Pearl In The Oyster

Butterfly Vibe

Masturbation by fingers is wonderful, not a doubt, skin on skin is fantastic, whether your own or a partner that is slowly and sensually caressing your clit and bringing yourself to a mind blowing orgasm. Some girls, many girls and women actually, love and actually are not satisfied unless they have multiple orgasms in a row. Seven is my current personal record for one session, so I totally understand.

However, when one wants to go round after round, to be honest your arm and hand can get fatigued, it’s just a fact. A vibrator can solve this issue. You just need to lay back and enjoy, you don’t need to feel you’re doing an exercise routine to actually cum! The selection of pearl vibrators we have is a good one, and not a doubt you’ll be able to find what you need and want among the dozens we have listed here. They twist, they turn, they have little parts that lay on your clit and drive you wild. Everything from bunny ears, to dolphin snouts to butterflies. Never let it be said sex toy designers, bless their creative little hearts, that they aren’t imaginative in their whimsical designs.

The colours and materials they use can provide a number of different sensations for you to feel, and different colours, to either choose one that’s your favorite colour, or go with your bedroom decor colour scheme, if that’s something you’re even concerned with. I’m sure how it makes your pussy feel is the important thing for most people, but the variety of colours available is astounding. The rabbit pearl vibrators will have you gripping the sheets and biting your lip with the ecstasy that they will be providing you. So have a look at the online sex shop and see what we have that just may strike your fancy.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Novelty Adult Shop

If you want to spice up your weekly poker game, or naughty adult party, why not try some novelty cards that have suggestive sexual techniques on them? We can all use some brushing up on our sex techniques, and what more fun way than having a laugh with your buddies as well at the same time as you learn? Think of the ribald jokes and exchanges that can come your way as you do. Will be quite the evening to remember to be sure.

Adult Novelties can often liven up a party or get together with friends. Bachelorette parties can be quite the lively affairs to have. A number of female friends celebrating the wedding of one of them and they all have a few drinks in them, perhaps a male stripper for entertainment and some daring and zany novelties to help get the laughter started, makes for a fun night. Naughty shaped cakes and ice cubes, some raunchy card games, it all can make for a fun night during one of their few remaining nights of “freedom”. Not all female parties are for engagements though. Sometimes it’s just fun for gals to let loose and have a good time and act silly.

I can recall when I was younger buying a great aunt a book called “How to drive your man wild in bed”. It was at a mixed get together, and I tell you that book was passed around and read out loud from by several people, it was a most entertaining situation for all! The naughty cards and games you will find at our online sex shop novelty section will provide the same sort of situation at your party, will be a fun and perhaps educational evening for all!

Hello, Fellow Masturbators!

2 Fisted Jack

If you desire a bit more variety than your hand when you jerk off, a male masturbator like this one pictured, one of hundreds we have here at the online sex shop, could be the answer for some additional excitement for you. The many different shapes, colors and textures and shapes of one offered provide a myriad of sensations to your cock.

We all know cumming is a lot of fun, and by adding toys to the mix, it can definitely bring more excitement to your routine. Men masturbate a lot, some everyday, so using a variety of masturbator toys can help keep things from being boring. Ones that buzz and vibrate create a much different sensation than just your hand. Toys you can actually fuck can physically feel like a real vagina, that’s the whole point after all, isn’t it. You need to have a good imagination and fantasizing capability to use an item like that, you have to be able to imagine it’s a real pussy you’re fucking, that’s what makes it seem more enjoyable than just a molded piece of silicone.

Using a toy like that while watching porn can also be extremely enjoyable for men, the mixture of the physical and visual together is a heady combination for many and heightens things to a whole new level than just your hand and a bottle of lube. So get out your lube, slick that toy up, close your eyes, lay back and have at it. You and your cock will be glad you did!

Love Kits For Role Play

Role Playing Kit

For the naughtier couple into games and role playing, we have a bondage kit among others. What could be more sexy and arousing than surrendering to your lover and allowing them complete control over you and your orgasm? Giving them that control is very sexy. Blindfolding them, lightly whipping them, tickling and teasing them. For some even gagging them. There’s also love dice in this kit you can find at the online sex shop to roll and take your chances and see what comes up to do next task wise.

With the rising popularity of books such as Fifty Shades of Gray, it has brought BDSM and things like role playing and domination and submission to the mainstream, where before it kind of lurked in the shadows. People knew of it and people participated in it, but not many, certainly not all. It’s not for everyone to be sure, but it does exist and many get pleasure from such games with their lovers. The adult love kits offered here are fairly tame, but ones can delve much deeper into the BDSM world and get into far kinkier things than blindfolds and ballgags. These are merely gateway tools of introduction.

Ones in their lives that often have a position of power are the very ones that become the submissives in the bedroom, the reversal of power is often very appealing to them. It’s the doctors and lawyers and judges who are crawling around on all fours wearing dog collars in the dungeons of the dominatrix’s, they crave to be the ones at the mercy of others sexually, as others are at their mercy in their everyday lives. People are often quite simple creatures really if you examine them psychologically. All you have to do is look.

Tit Wank Anyone?

Boob Lube

What guy out there doesn’t love a good tit fuck? Some places call it a tit wank. If you are a lady of ample proportions up top, chances are pretty good some guy you have slept with at some point has wanted to give you a good old tit wank. The bosoms are soft, welcoming, comforting, sensual, and no chances of getting pregnant or contracting an STD from fucking them. It can also be combined with a blow job at the same time. Pump, lick, pump, lick…etc.

If breast play is something you and your partner enjoy if you have nice big knockers, then something like this “Boob Lube Lubricant” here is just the ticket for you. Regular lubes for vaginal and anal sex can be a bit oily, greasy, sticky or gummy. This lube is made for breasts, it can also be used for other lubrication purposes, but if you enjoy giving the old knockers a pump, we’d suggest you try this product out and see how you like it.

I laughed when I read the description about how it “dries to a powdery finish”. Um, your going to have had a tit fuck, likely be splattered with cum from chin to belly button and not shower after wards? So the lube dries to a powdery finish, what about the jizz!? Ha ha…Yeah, that’s a but absurd to say the very least. I’d hope ones would suitably clean up afterwards. But good to know there is a lubes just for this type of play. There are plenty of guys that adore fucking tits, so I’d imagine a lube just for this is a good idea, and if it is nice enough, it can be used as lube for all your other lube needs as it says. Just have to try it out I guess.