Slip Into Some Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie

Some sexy lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom, some is actually suitable to be worn to clubs or similar types of locations. Many people do have a rubber and or leather fetish, and a set like this of shorts and a crop top would be quite suitable for a clubbing environment. You’d be the hit of the dance floor, if you have the figure to pull it off of course, wearing this sexy and risqué ensemble.

Imagine dancing up a storm and catching the eyes of all the guys in there, while not exactly stripper wear, it does have very sexy leanings to be sure. Lingerie can also be just for home, most is of course, just for the eyes of you and your lover. It will get your man hard like nothing else to see you wrapped up like a pretty present just for him to unwrap and admire and enjoy. It’s important to make yourself look good for your man. If they only see you looking like a slob and a hausfrau, can you really expect their eyes not to wander? Have some pride in your appearance and make an effort once in a while.

Some sexy lingerie clothes, stockings and heels and makeup and doing your hair will let your man know you care enough about turning him on. I’m not saying to do the vacuuming in pearls, but once in a while make an effort to look sexy and appealing, it will pay off, trust me. If you look good to them, you will see the benefits of such actions in the bedroom, and that’s always a good thing. So buy a few sexy items and get your groove on, sister! The online sex shop has a good selection available in many different styles and sizes to suit all types.

Let’s Get Dirty So We Can Get Clean

Romantic Enhancer

What could be more fun and romantic than taking a bubble bath together before a hot night of lovin’? Bubble bath and bath salts come in tons of different fragrances, we know there will be just the right one to please you and your lover at the online adult store. There are literally dozens of different types we offer. Maybe sprinkle some rose petals in the water and light some candles ad have some soft jazz music playing in the background.

The heavenly scents will fill the air and make your skin smell and feel divine. Imagine getting out of that hot, soapy bubble bath and drying each other off and then raining kisses all over that fresh, clean skin…Mmmmmmm, sexy! And as a prelude especially to oral sex, everyone loves a nice clean body to admire and worship with their tongues, fingers, cocks and pussies. Get clean together before you get dirty in the best possible way!

Maybe after getting out of that tub, some massage oils would also get things moving in the right direction, so to speak. Some warm, oiled up hands can rub all the right spots so you can drive each other wild. Quite the warm up a bubble bath and massage can prove to be for a night of passionate lovemaking. Getting clean and getting dirty together can be two wonderful activities for any couple. Most people just grab a shower these days, and that’s fine for most days, but take the time to really relax and indulge yourself and have a good, long, satisfying soak together.

My, What A Lovely Bottle Topper!

Butt Plug

If you enjoy toys that are pretty as well as functional, then sexy glass toys are the ones you would be the most attracted to. Some are like works of art they are so pretty, many of the glass pieces actually mouth blown and one of a kind pieces. The true purpose of them is easily concealed due to their artful appearance.

Some people do enjoy the clean, classy harder appearance and function of them. Not everyone is looking for a fleshlike toy that simulates an actual cock. Glass toys are made of a very high grade tempered glass, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking inside of you, they are designed to withstand a great deal of use and unless you dropped them on a very hard floor, the chances of them chipping or cracking during normal use is very slim indeed. They are going to last a lot longer than the fleshlike feeling types of toys which degrade with time, use, cleaning them etc.

They are easy to clean and a pleasure to look at and use. Most other sex toys you would want to stash away when not in use, but most glass ones are so lovely, you’d actually enjoy leaving them out to look at them, and the chances anyone would glance at it and know its true purpose would be quite small unless they themselves had some themselves. They will glance at your glass butt plug or dildo and perhaps think what a lovely bottle topper or decanter cork!

Sex Enhancers – Gag Me With A Cock!

Deep Throat Spray

We seriously doubt your boyfriend or husband has a big enough cock that this is even an issue, but on the off chance you’ve got a lover hung like a horse and oral sex gagging is an issue, well there is such a product out there just for this purpose. Sexual enhancers come in many different types, from cremes to tighten your pussy temporarily, to thicken the cock, also temporarily, make your naughty parts tingle, all kinds of goodies out there to try.

All I could think of when I saw this product was the spray you use on your throat when it’s sore to reduce the sensation, it’s like getting novocaine at the dentist, it totally topically numbs the tissues so it just feels numb. If the cock you’re sucking is so big you’re literally needing a spray to help you handle getting it down, then lucky you, must feel great in your pussy. Many guys love to get a bit rough and throat fuck their women and really ram it down, so if that’s the case in your relationship, then by all means, pre numb your throat!

If swallowing cum is also not your thing, then I’d imagine this would help lessen the sensation of it splashing at the back of your throat and feeling all that gooey spunk as it courses down your throat, now maybe that is a good use for this product even if they don’t have a big cock, help lessen the ick factor of swallowing! You know they want us to swallow, perhaps numbing all sensation is the answer, maybe also like Novocaine this will make us drool, and we all know drooling will make any blow job better, so hey, let’s all numb ourselves to give them the best blow job ever! Available at our friendly online sex toy shop.

This Is Not An Easter Egg


One Touch Egg

This isn’t exactly a yellow egg for an Easter egg hunt, but this egg will bring you pleasure. It’s a vibrating egg that you can take with you into the bath or shower and enjoy your masturbatory fun in the water. Vibrators come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but these sex egg balls shaped ones are fairly petite and travel well and discreetly for your pleasure. If someone glanced in your purse or makeup bag, they’d have no idea what it was unless they themselves owned such a pleasure device.

Different speeds of vibration can be used depending on your mood and whether you’re seeking a mild buzz or a mind blowing throb down below in your pussy. It’s soft and squishy, which some women prefer over a hard dildo or dong, soft and pliable means you could keep this hidden in your panties and be having enjoyment when no one was even aware of it. Nearly silent vibrations will keep your naughty secret safe between your legs.

So lay back and relax, in the tub or on your bed and enjoy all the wonderful sensations that your sexy little love egg has to offer you and your pussy, your clit will thank you not a doubt. And if you have a boyfriend, not to worry, he will enjoy watching you use it on yourself or using it on you for his own enjoyment. Most men love watching a woman masturbate and enjoying an orgasm or especially more than one. It will get them extra revved up for some hot lovemaking to be sure. So check out the selection we have at the online sex shop.

Dipping In The Chocolate – Sexy Black Doll

Infalatable Love Doll

If “dipping in the chocolate” is your thing, then you will love this inflatable love doll of a handsome young black guy. Vanilla is good, but chocolate can taste oh so much sweeter. Love dolls can make a fun masturbation accessory, or something to bring to a racy party as a gag. Bachelorette parties can get pretty raunchy these days. Women are not the demure little wallflowers many men like to believe, they can be just as naughty as men and tell their girlfriends plenty of graphic details.

Make this naughty boy the guest of honour at your party, dress him up and have fun with him. Your boyfriends just might be jealous at all the attention he’s getting bestowed upon him. Women can be just as pervy as guys and like to have all kinds of naughty fun with toys like this. Sexy love dolls aren’t just for men. Sure, it’s mostly guys that are a bit more creative shall we say in all matters sexual, but not always, there’s plenty of horny, raunchy women out there, do not ever doubt that for a moment.

Love dolls have in one form or another been around for centuries, but yes it was mainly men they were used for. Sex substitutes in the form of dolls were used on ships for sailors made of cloth and stuffed, doesn’t sound very sanitary, cumming in the same cloth doll with a hole poked between the legs for lord knows how long, but people get lonely on the open seas and desperate times call for desperate measures. Today’s sex toy dolls are thankfully easy to clean and come in many different looking varieties for your sensual pleasures.

Ding Dong……


Curved Vibrator

Sometimes nothing feels quite as fulfilling as a dildo inside yourself as you masturbate. Vibrators are wonderful for clitoral stimulation and it’s true many women only do play with their clit as they masturbate, but others love that filled up sensation that only a cock can give you. Well not only a cock, but a toy shaped like a cock will also give you that same feeling. It’s true, some dildos and dongs do vibrate, but most are not like that. Most are meant to feel as a cock does, as a cock substitution.

Anal play is growing in popularity among men, as well as in women, and dildos are used for anal penetration for both sexes as well as vaginal penetration in women. Sexy dildos and dongs are a good addition to your personal sexual toy chest to add some variety to your personal playtime. There are so many types of toys for different purposes, experimentation is a very good thing in all sexual matters. Some love to masturbate in the shower and enjoy the sensation of the water and you can certainly take your dildos into the bath with you.

Dildos and dongs come in a few different varieties, there’s ones you just hold in your hand, others that have suction cups on the bottom so you can either stick them to a table to ride back and forth on, or even to a shower wall so you can back yourself onto it and get it from behind. Find a good selection of dildos and dongs right here, along with many other sex toys.

Condoms For Health

Four Seasons - Naked

Are you an adventuresome guy or gal that enjoys playing the field? If so I’m sure you know in this day and age that means condoms are really a requirement to date in today’s world. No, none of us like them, but we do need to place our health above fun, that’s just the stark reality of life now. So, we might as well make the best of things and have fun with the condoms we do use. For ones that love blow jobs, there are flavoured condoms for your ladies protection and taste.

Condoms come in many different styles and textures, from regular to ribbed for the ladies pleasure to ultra thin for both of your pleasure. Even in relationships where both partners know they are clean and don’t really need condom protection, if you are a woman and go on a course of antibiotics for something, that affects the oral contraceptives effectiveness, so until you’ve started on your new months worth of pills, you need to make sure you’re protected against pregnancy, so condoms may be a part of your sexual health routine for a few weeks even if in a “safe relationship” to use as a backup in such a situation.

Condoms have been around for centuries, yes the ones today are much more assorted and varied than ones available in the past. Casanova was known for wearing “assurance caps” as they were called back in the day. I’m sure you will find today’s condoms more palatable to wear than ones made of sheep intestines at the very least, but hey, they did the best they could at the time with what resources there were. We have a fine selection of condoms you can buy at our online sex shop.

Designer Cock Rings – Let’s Rock Your Cock

Falcon Glass

Do you wish you had rock hard erections like you did in your youth? Does it just not get as hard as it used to? Well cock rings or variations thereof, have been around for centuries. Men used to tie leather strips around their cocks or scrotum to keep the blood there and keep their member engorged. They make for stronger erections and can maintain them longer if they wear them.

Shoelaces can also be used in a pinch. Cock rings can be made from stretchy silicone material, plastic, glass, leather or metal. It’s a good idea to keep things shaved down below, boys, as they have been known to become entangled in pubic hair. Ouch! They come in vibrating models for pleasure for their ladies as well, clit ticklers, anal ticklers, some ladies do enjoy getting a little enjoyment out of the cock rings as well as it making the cock harder. They are frequently used in conjunction with penis pumps as well for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Many do just do use them to enhance their current erection.

When shopping at your favourite online sex shop, you can find dozens of different types of cock rings to suit every man and couples need. The material you prefer, vibrating or not, plain or all the bells and whistles, you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs. You or your partner can slide it on and enjoy the effects that it will bring to your sex life. Many have quick release mechanisms to avoid problems it your cock becomes too engorged. There is too much of a good thing.