Candle Play In The Bedroom

Sensual Massage Candle

Candles have so much to offer. Beauty, wonderful scents they emit when lit, many can be used for massage oil when they melt on your partners body to work into their skin during a sensual massage. Wax candles also make a wonderful gift to give to someone when you can’t really think of anything else to give them, everyone uses candles, even if only on special occasions or when the lights may briefly go out.

They do add a special and romantic atmosphere to be the light we make love to, the hypnotic flickering flames we can easily entrance ourselves with as we watch the flames dance as shadows on the wall. But some like to get a bit more personal with their candles, they like to drip the melting wax on their partner to make them flinch. The heat from candle wax isn’t going to be enough to really hurt you, but you will flinch, especially if the wax is poured on you from a close distance from the actual candle.

For a less painful experience with melted, dripping candle wax, it’s suggested you hold the candle a few feet above the intended target, but it’s more fun to watch our lovers flinch, isn’t it now…Especially for ones that are into BDSM and may like a bit of pain with their pleasure. When one gets into these sorts of mild sex games, you can incorporate things like blindfolds, handcuffs, tying your partner up to the bedposts, all kinds of teasing, naughty things. All of these items can be purchased at our online adult store.

Bondage Sex toys – Hurts So Good!


Ones into bondage and BDSM are into a special sort of sexual games and role plays. There are different levels of course, mild, like allowing your partner to blindfold you and tie up your wrists to the bedposts sort of thing where everyone has a teasing good time. Others are into more hardcore sorts of games involving severe humiliation and even physical pain. I guess as long as both parties are consenting, there’s no harm.

Some get into full costumes, roles, and have a collection of accessories, like a riding crop, whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, all sorts of different things. Spanking is about the most common sort of thing for ones to ease their way into the lifestyle. Some couples use these sorts of role plays once in a while, others only ever have sex with the full BDSM bent to it. Bondage should only be used when there is total trust in the person you are with. There are a few good movies that deal with these themes and that are highly entertaining. One of my favorites is “9 1/2 Weeks”, sexy and intense, it explores the sexual relationship of a submissive and dominant. “Secretary” is another good one along the same lines.

If exploring BDSM or bondage appeals at all to you, there are a number of fun accessories at your online sex shop which may be of use to you to get the full experience if you want to graduate beyond the silk scarves to something a bit more appropriate. No matter how mild or wild you may be, no doubt you will find something here to appeal to your naughtier side.

Bullet Vibrator – Sweet And Petite

Le Reve

Sweet and petite says it all. Everyone into toys is not looking for a realistic 8 inch dong to simulate a real cock. Some are strictly in it for the clit, that’s the pleasure zone for most women, and you don’t need insertion, you don’t need a huge toy, all you need is a strong vibe, and sometimes a strong vibe is small, they are called bullets, and boy do they get the job done.

They are small and easy concealed, some not much bigger than a lipstick, you can carry it around in your makeup bag and not even think twice about it. Imagine you are sooooo horny and you just can’t get away for a lengthy masturbation session, but you can take off to the ladies room for 10 minutes without anyone questioning. A bullet vibrator in your makeup bag is perfect for just such clandestine naughty solo encounters. The vibrations are powerful and will get you off quickly, in a few minutes or less allowing you the release you crave, the release you must have before you can get on with your day. No point writhing around all afternoon and waiting til you get home, a bathroom quickie can sometimes get the job done nicely.

The whisper quiet operation of these petite yet powerful vibes will not have anyone wondering what’s going on, most bathrooms these days either have music playing in the background or automatic fans running to mask any sounds, so no worries of buzzing sounds giving you away and what you are up to mid afternoon! So if you’re on the lookout for a new toy for some afternoon delight on the sly, try one of these cool little sex toys. You won’t be disappointed.

Anal Sex toys for Backdoor Fun

Vibrating Butt Plug

Anal toys appeal to all sorts of people these days. Sex toys are no longer just for vaginal or penile stimulation as many think. Butt plugs and vibes designed just for anal stimulation have been growing in popularity for years, as has anal sex in general. The proliferation of showcasing anal sex in porn movies has given it a whole new level of societal acceptability.

Anal bleaching is also growing in popularity because of ones asses being more on display than ever before. The normal skin discoloration around the anal areas can be bleached away to make the entire area a lot more even toned and appealing. There are vibrating butt plugs, ones in different shapes and ones in different textures and made in different materials, from silicone, metal and even medical grade glass. Some like to leave them in for extended periods of time. I know one slave who’s Mistress made him wear one for nearly 24 hrs and ride a bicycle as he did so. Many men love anything that stimulates the prostate, as it is for them what the G spot is for a woman and provides intense pleasure for them.

Anything to do with anal stimulation will require lube, it’s not like a pussy that makes its own wetness. So if you’re having anal sex or just using anal sex toys, it’s a must. Many men can orgasm alone strictly from anal and prostate stimulation, they don’t even need their cock touched, and it’s a much more powerful orgasm from what ones tell me. They do love to be milked. So have a look at the online sex shop and try some anal toys out today!

Lelo Vibrators

Lelo Lily

If you’re someone that enjoys the best of everything in this world, then you’ll want to experience what the Lelo brand of sex toys can do for you. They really are the top of the line ones available and hail from Sweden. They are available in many different and stylish colours to suit all of your playful moods, and there are a number of their products designed just for men and ones just for couples. Sex toys are no longer just for women only. Couples now use them in their sex lives to add some variety on a regular basis.

You can tell just to look at the design of the Lelo brand toys they are different and distinctive from the other brands out there. They very much have a signature look to them that other brands and lines are simply lacking. They are the Rolls Royce of sex toys. They even have a $13,000 24K gold plated one if you can believe it. I was stunned anyone would even have such an item. I’d love to know how many of them they have sold and to who. Not many could afford that price tag! Luckily for the masses most of their products are under $150 though, so most people could afford that if they wanted one of the Lelo brand toys badly enough.

Many of them have multiple motors in different areas of the same toy for the stimulation of different areas, they are well made and engineered for maximum pleasure of the users. There will always be a market for luxury items, that market may shrink during tougher economic times, but it is there nonetheless in some size. So if you’re looking for a top of the line sex toy, we do recommend you look for Lelo.

Strap It On

Male & Female Strap On

Strap ons are a sex toy for both men and women to enjoy. Women can use them on their lovers, male or female. And well, I’m sure you can imagine the poor guy that has to use a strap on, it’s because what Mother Nature gave him is just not big enough to do the job on its own, so he has to use a toy that makes them feel like they are getting fucked by a real cock. Many are hollow, so they can stick their tiny appendages inside the strap on as they use it. Though their little nubs don’t really take up much room, heaven knows!

Tons of men enjoy being dominated by women, so they like to be in the getting fucked position and treated like a little sissy bitch, since they aren’t really man enough. Others not in that particular fantasy mindset simply love anal stimulation and play and enjoy the sensation it brings to their prostate once they are getting fucked like that by the strap on toy. There’s all kinds of sizes and shapes of strap on sex toys available, ones that are smooth, to ones that are modeled after real cocks, ones with ripples, ones for G spot stimulation, all sorts of shapes for all sorts of different uses.

Some women enjoy being the aggressor in the bedroom for a change and it’s fun for them to take on the male role and have their man being the one in the submissive position and doing the submissive bit for a change. The role reversal fantasies are very common in the bedroom, and it’s often men that are in positions of power like cops, judges, doctors, that are often submissive in their bedroom play. Sex toys enhance these sort of games. They want someone else to take the lead for a change.

Stimulator Sex Toys – It’s All Very Stimulating…

Venus Butterfly

Stimulators are just that, stimulating. Everything from strap on venus butterfly tiny vibes that fit over your clit and under your panties, to pocket sized vibes in the shape of everything from makeup brushes to bullets. Not all sex toys are big, many are quite small and discreet. The size of things has gotten smaller, but often they are just as powerful due to rechargeable parts or use of watch batteries to fit in tiny parts of the toy.

Some of the shape of the toys is quite whimsical to say the least, often shaped that way so they look like everyday objects that ones glancing at them would have no idea what they actually are. Hiding in plain sight kind of a thing. Vibrators do have a usual standard shape, but stimulators sex toys are often shaped much differently. For ones seeking variety away from the everyday, these are just the sorts of toys they would be attracted to and enjoy using, to say nothing of the fact that they make unique gifts for lovers to give to one another.

Some ladies also enjoy petite stimulators to use on themselves during sex. Many if not most women enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, and these tiny vibes can easily be held on your clit as you are getting it from your man at the same time to double your pleasure, so to speak. For hidden fun, many of them are tiny enough that they fit right into your panties, so no one knows what you are getting up except you. Unless you tell them! These and many other toys can be ordered with privacy at your online sex shop.

Sex Games That Lovers Play

Monogamy Games

There are games that lovers play and then are real sex toy games that lovers play for fun, like naughty dice and card games, dare you games, I never confession games, all sorts of games that are perfect to spice up an adult party or be one of the activities at a bachelorette party or girl’s night out or hens night.

The ones to play in mixed company at an adult party can be particularly revealing and let you get to know your friends and acquaintances a lot better, and maybe be shocked by some of their answers! Truth or dare for adults in the sexual arena. The naughty dice games can give you little tasks to perform. I recall when I was younger a game my mom had gotten for a bridal shower, “Pin The Macho on The Man”. It was like an X rated version of pin the tail on the donkey, and the fold out poster of the man was taped to the door, and the paper penis was put in the hand of one of the blindfolded women and then they were spun around as we all laughed as they attempted to pin it on the poster.

A lot of these sex games can be drinking games as well, so perhaps you’d best get those ones if most of your guests are going to be drinking. Not much fun for the tea-totallers in the crowd! Spin the bottle isn’t just for kids, but spinning the bottle in these adult games just might get you a random kiss, but not as innocent as one on the lips! Who knows where it might land, so let’s hope your partner doesn’t find out about the naughty games you’ve been playing while out at your friends raunchy party! So before your ext get together, try out some of the fun adult novelties you can buy online.

Pumps For Pleasure

High Intensity Pussy Pump

When people think of pumps for sex, they often think of penis pumps for men with erectile dysfunction. Before Viagra and other drugs of its type, a penis pump and cock ring were pretty much the only options out there for men that couldn’t get it up on their own. Some still may not for various medical reasons be able to take such drugs or may have an aversion to taking pills for one reason or another, so the pump is still a consideration for many.

Pumps are not just for men. The men that use pumps are usually not in full working order, this is true, but there are pumps out there for women, and for women, pumps are purely for pleasure. Vaginal pumps for the vaginal lips cause the lips and clit to become engorged with blood and get much more sensitive, and they can grow to several times their normal size with enough pumping, there is a whole genre of porn out there for pumped up pussy lips, believe me.

There are also pumps for nipples and the clit, which also cause blood to be brought to them and cause them to swell and be more sensitive to pleasure. Items like these can be found at your online favorite adult toy shop and can be delivered to your home in total privacy, you don’t even need to go out and shop for them. So why not try one of these pleasure enhancing devices and see what they can do for you, either in your solo masturbation experiences, or with your lover.