Hand Getting A Bit Boring? Use Masturbator Sex Toy

Masturbator Sex Toy

Let’s face it guys, we all masturbate, and for some of us the old hand gets a wee bit boring after a while, so we try different things to spice up from just the old rosey palm and her five sisters. A masturbator toy is just what that is for, to make it a bit more exciting and create a different sensation than our hand.

There’s a masturbator out there for everyone from the tame to the wild, a simple small artificial vagina to full fledged body parts. That might be a bit much for everyone, but there are smaller toys for the less adventurous out there who just want a more exciting experience. There’s ones that simulate the feeling of an ass, a mouth for solo oral, and the artificial pussies, regular or vibrating, you can turn many on or off to vibrate or not depending what sensation you prefer.

The variety of toys available is staggering really, you could never run out of new and different ones to try if you were so inclined and had unlimited funds to try them all out. With proper care they can last many years and provide lots of enjoyment, you don’t need to be satisfied with just your hand any longer, there’s an entire world of sex toys out there for you to explore. Some are so small they literally fit in your pocket, others practically the size of a real person, it just depends how far you are willing to go in your experimentation.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet…

Pheromone Body Oil

Isn’t it always nice to smell good and have that extra feeling of confidence that comes from knowing that? And don’t we always love when a member of the opposite sex smells delicious? We just want to nuzzle into them. Some fragrances also have attractants in them called pheromones that themselves do not have an actual scent we can perceive, yet they are there, it’s a complex thing. We sense them and are attracted to them, but we cannot smell them in and of themselves.

Perfume oils have the highest levels of scent in them, much more than colognes or eau de toilet. They are the most expensive and will last the longest on our skins. Skin moisturization is always a good thing, and some of the sprays are meant not only to scent us but leave our skin feeling silky soft and petal fresh as well. For many it’s just part of their after bath routine to spray on a fragrance, or slather on some lotion or lubricants, itchy skin can be not a pleasant thing, winter dryness can be combated with the many body oils out there that come in many different fragrances.

Who doesn’t want the caress of a lover…It will feel so much nicer to have that caress be on silky smooth, inviting skin than flakey, ashy skin. We want to make sure our lover rains kisses all over us, licks us, cherish and adore us and soft, smooth skin is a good way to make them want to touch us! Getting some lotions at the online adult shop is a good start to soft skin.

Glass Sex Toys – Glass Is Class

Crystal Glass Eggs

When one thinks of glass sex toys, you could almost think they are too pretty to use for such a naughty purpose. Many of them are literally like works of art. You can easily picture the glass eggs in a dish on your coffee table, or the mouth blown dildos in your china cabinet. They are hands down the prettiest sex toys out there. The fact that they are made of glass means they can be cleaned better than any type of other toys, they can be truly sterilized, whereas many other toys cannot.

The type of glass they are made out of is the medical grade variety, like some cookware is made from. So you could literally drop the toy and it will not chip or break in most cases, they are very durable and cared for properly will last indefinitely. They won’t break down like most of the other types of materials most toys are made from will, those toys have a shelf life, glass ones┬ádo not. They can be heated or cooled for different sensations, they are extremely versatile.

There is a classiness about them that most other toys are lacking. They look clean, pretty, durable and ready for use and a lot of it. The material isn’t going to crack, split or start to feel sticky or smell funny as some toys do with age, they will remain as beautiful and useful 10, 25, 50 years from now. They will last longer than you will! They do not bend and are not flexible like some more life like toys are, but not everyone is seeking that, some do prefer a ridged toy for their personal enjoyment, and in that case, glass toys purchased at your online adult store will make them very happy indeed.

Sexy Lingerie

Fetish Fantasy Lingerie

What kind of extra fun could some lingerie bring into your existing relationship? Variety is always a good thing, and imagine one night your lover/boyfriend/husband thinks he has just another night of routine hum drum sex ahead of him. Not that good old fashioned vanilla sex isn’t good too, it can just get a bit, well…boring.

Little does he know you’ve gotten some naughty, sexy lingerie to spice things up for the evening. Some men love fantasy role play and by putting on a costume and saying a few sexy lines, you can be someone different for the night. A different hair colour, a wig maybe, and a costume type of lingerie will go a long way to keep the fires burning within a relationship. It shows the other person you’re making an effort at trying something new, that you want to keep that freshness alive in your relationship.

Some lingerie like a sexy corset can do wonders for a girls figure. Pushing up her breasts, cinching in her waist, add some sexy stockings and garter belt and high heels and you can have a very sexy evening with your loved one. Lingerie is like the wrapping on a present-and the present is you! The pretty ribbons and bows just make that present more appealing. When you buy some sexy lingerie at the online sex shop, you can take longer looking at all the different selections than in some crowded, stuffy store. So pick something out to spice things up tonight…

Sexual Enhancers – Something New To Try!

Oral Pleasure Mints

What are sexual Enhancers? Well, they are a number of things. They encompass everything from mints you suck on that have a warming sensation that you then allow your partner to also experience that sensation when you give them oral sex. Imagine a nice, warm tongue all tingly licking your wet pussy, or sucking and swirling around your hard cock…sounds yummy!

There are also sexual enhancers of the firming variety, ones for tightening the vagina temporarily. This is something many women that have given birth vaginally worry about, that they are not tight enough, and these tightening creams applied before sex make the tissues temporarily contract to give a tighter feeling sensation to your partner as he makes love to you. Tighter is always better!

There are also clit sensitizing creams and serums that are applied before sex to make sure your tender parts are as responsive as you can be. Many of them would have the same sort of things in them that those lip balms do that are said to enhance your lips. If you feel tingling sensations, the ingredients in them are serving to temporarily increase blood flow to the region to enhance sensation and make you feel even more aroused. When you buy things like this from an Online Adult Store, it gives you and your partner the chance to experience new things and experience different sensations, therefore adding a touch of excitement to your sex life. Newness is so important in a relationship, especially a long term one. It’s no fun to let things get stale and boring with nothing new to experience or look forward to.

Dildos & Dongs – The Next Best Thing…

Ladies Curvy G

When it comes to masturbation, vibrators do have their legions of fans for sure, but the good old standbys of Dildos & Dongs have their fans as well. Sure they may not buzz and vibrate, but not every single person is looking for that particular sensation when they masturbate. A dildo is a replication of an erect male penis for insertion. Gives you a nice feeling of fullness as you play. Men use them for anal insertion play and women use them for vaginal and anal insertion.

They have been around since the days of the cave man, made of everything from stone, to wood, to leather. Fruits and vegetables have also long been used as dildos. Alabama is the only U.S. state where the sale of sex toys is illegal due to obscenity laws. Some religious leaders have done their darnedest to make pleasure against the law. I guess they sell more zucchini’s in that state! I don’t think it’s illegal to own the toys, just to sell them, so if you want them you have to cross state lines to get them elsewhere. In India it is not only against the law to sell them though, but to own them as well. Imagine the cops coming in and raiding bedside tables, insanity!

Fortunately in other places ones can buy, use and keep their dildos in peace. By purchasing a dildo at an online sex shop might be a bit less embarrassing than going to a brick and mortar store. It’s more private to buy things online, you don’t need to worry about running into people you know, no parking hassles, it’s just easier overall. And much better selection as well.

Bite The Bullet

Slim Remote Bullet

If you’re looking for a discreet little vibe that has all the power of a larger one, then a bullet vibe is the type you are looking for. Smaller than some tubes of lipstick, these little Bullet powerhouses of pleasure will send you over the edge and no one will even know about it-unless you want them too!

Most vibes are larger, kind of like a vibe and dildo combination, but if you’re looking for intense clitoral stimulation in a tiny little package than can easily be slipped in your panties, some panties even have little pockets for a bullet vibe to be stored in, then this will leave you quivering. Sitting at your desk and a little bored? Turn it on with the remote control and have some fun on a slow afternoon as you’re shuffling papers, no one will be any the wiser.

Have some fun with your lover and give them the remote and hand over your control to them, you’ll never know just when that jolt of pleasure will be coming or how long it will last. They could be sitting feet away from you and be making you cum and not even be laying a finger on you. That’s the sort of lovers game that keeps things fresh and fun and playful. Your friends will be wondering why you’re all of a sudden squirming and going red in the face, they won’t realize you’re using an adult sex toy right in front of them and they don’t even know. It’s your own naughty little secret.

Stripper Pole

Fetish Disco Dance Pole

If you’re really looking to spice things up in your bedroom for you and your man, beyond ordinary adult toys, have you ever thought of getting a stripper pole installed? They are actually growing in popularity, not just to entice and entertain your man, but they are actually a good form of exercise. There are many different stripper pole workout classes that have sprung up in recent years.

Look at the bodies of strippers, they are usually long and lean and hard. Shaking your booty alone doesn’t get you a body like that. Imagine supporting your weight sliding down those poles and slithering around them and the type of muscle control required for that. The stomach muscles, leg and arms. You really get a good workout with some varied routines. Having a stripper pole love kit installed in your bedroom or basement or wherever else in your home could be an entertaining thing to do for you and your man.

Invite your girlfriends over for a demonstration party and have turns trying it out and planning how you’d shake and shimmy for your man. Hire and invite a real stripper over for your get together to give you a lesson, no doubt she could teach you a thing or two on how to use it properly, turn on your guy and use it without injury. Combine the pole into a fantasy accessory and an exercise equipment piece. You just might wish you’d gotten one years ago. Not in your everyday Love Kit for sure, but a unique piece to add to your home.