Cock Rings

Erection Cock Ring

Do you have difficulty maintaining an erection? Do you not wish to use prescribed erectile dysfunction medicines and want a more natural approach to staying hard? Then cock rings may be the answer you’ve been looking for. They have been around for many centuries. Before there were rings, leather strips were tied onto the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles to maintain an erection longer. Even for ones that have no trouble achieving an erection, the use of a cock ring toy can intensify the sensations making it a more intense orgasm when you have one.

I can think of a man I spoke to that used to keep his cock and balls tied up right until the moment of orgasm and then he would untie the shoelaces he used and he would have a much more intense experience. Cock rings are available in many different materials. Metal, plastic, silicone, and sometimes even vibrating ones that aid in the sexual pleasure of the partners of the ones using the cock rings.

It’s not really a sex toy, it fits more into the sexual aid category, yet it can be used to enhance the experience even if not really required. For men that require an artificial erection achieved via a penis pump, a cock ring is a must have, as the artificial erection would be lost as soon as the pump is removed, so the cock ring is needed to be placed on the cock before it’s withdrawn from the pump. This item is essential for many older men, or younger ones with erectile issues.

Make It Bigger with Penis Sleeves

Penis Sleeve

Are you a little short in the manhood department? Has your girlfriend asked if you’ve “put it in yet?” Do you feel inadequately sized and don’t know what to do? You have no idea how many men feel like total losers in the cock size department. It makes grown men cry like babies to have to accept nothing will make it bigger. No matter how much they’d be willing to pay for a “cock job”, or what sort of pain they’d be willing to endure. So, for most tiny dicked guys, they turn to a penis sleeve.

What is a penis sleeve or extension? Well, it’s a length and girth extender for your cock. It helps your lady feel like she’s actually got something inside of her. You don’t want your girlfriend to run around with another guy do you? Or wait, maybe you do, perhaps you’re into cuckold, as many tiny dicked guys are, but that’s another story…Before she gives up on you entirely and tosses you over for a guy with a real man sized cock, try one of these, ask her for one more night with one of these on and see what she says. She might just give you another chance after all.

They are made to feel either lifelike, or ribbed for extra pleasure and sensation for her. We know it’s sad Mother Nature has so short changed you, but be glad there’s such devices available out there for you so she’d even give you a second chance. If not for things like these, what chance long term do you think she’d give you with your 3 inch little cock? Come on…She will appreciate your buying one of these sex toys.

Bondage Sex Game – The Dr. Is IN!

Bondage GamesDo you like playing Dr. or nurse? Are you into kinky BDSM bondage sex toy games and scenarios? Many are. There are many men out there that just love to talk about being examined by a sexy nurse or a pervy Dr. and having their cocks measured, sperm samples collected and analyzed, prostate exams and milkings. Right down to the white lab coast and latex gloves and gooey, thick medical lube.

Imagine as part of your little bag of tricks if you had one of these medical pinwheels and rubber hammers to test sensitivities and reflexes. All the naughty things you could be doing in your very own Horny Hospital right there in your own bedroom or bathroom. Bending over will never be the same again. Many guys that are into the medical fetish are also into small penis humiliation I have found, wanting the “nurse” to make special administrations to their extra small member, measuring it, length, girth, and of course the sperm out put and how long they can last. Even talking about pictures being taken for the “medical journals”, and even bringing in other nurses to look at how small it is.

So if you have a partner that’s into humiliation or being examined is your thing, I think you will like this medical kit. It’s the start to your very own medical bag of naughtiness. Running a sex toy medical pinwheel all over your partners most sensitive areas will have them squirming. How much pressure do you think you’d like to apply? Are you aiming for teasing or some light pain perhaps? Ones into BDSM have different levels they are into of course, some are very mild, others hard core, but you never know until you try, right?

Back Alley Blow Jobs Will Never Be The Same

Body Wipes

This next product is hilarious, cleansing towelettes for use before oral sex. So if your lover is too lazy to haul their stinky ass to the shower, you pull out a package of these! If some guy ever pulled out these after “going downtown”, taking a whiff and then determining “If it smells like trout-GET OUT!” I’d be mortified. I can see it now, “Uh, Honey?” “Yes dear?” “Well, I’m not sure quite how to put this darling, but you *whispers now, nose wrinkled* need to use some body wipes!”

These wipes could have been the basis for a hell of a funny Seinfeld episode. And you think worrying about bad breath is bad! Perhaps these wipes are for places you might be where there’s no running water yet decide to get frisky? Like the car? Keep some in your glove compartment, just remember to take them out before giving mom that ride to the Dr.! She might need a tissue and go hunting, Lord, would mom get a shock, imagine her blood pressure by the time she got inside! She’d be more surprised than if she found your stash of adult toys. Or keep some in your purse for clandestine encounters with strangers in elevators and the unexpected things like that add an element of surprise to our day!

There’s no end to the handy convenience these pre oral sex wipes could provide considering the unwashed masses out there you may decide at a moments notice to go down on with no access to the proper facilities. Back alley blow jobs will never be the same again. Bottoms up!

Women’s Sex Toys – No Wonder Some Men Are Jealous

Dream Maker

Some women love vibrators, they love to have a good selection of them on hand, different vibes for a different mood kind of thing. I know a man that has 7 different masturbators, all for different moods apparently. Men do get their ideas. Well thank heavens some man came up with the idea of a vibrator with rotating beads inside of it. They can enhance your masturbation experience a lot and help you have a lot more fun than if you were alone with no sex toys.

Some women it has been said would rather give up their man than their vibrator. The toy is a guaranteed orgasm, the man, not so much. He can cum too fast, not care about your needs, if he’s been drinking may have a hard time getting it up, a vibe is a sure thing, no if ands or buts about it. You get it out, slide it in, and you’re gonna cum, simple as that, ladies! How many guys can you say the same thing about? Um, not many! That’s a maybe it will be good tonight, but it might not be kind of situation, sadly.

Between the penetration and vibrating on your lady parts, it’s no wonder some men are jealous, they cannot last as long or do as good a job. Some have accepted this and become a cuckold to their wife’s vibrator! They know they are not as good in many cases. So if you want to tease yourself to orgasmic bliss and beyond, one of the pearl vibe toys will no doubt get you there and back again countless times.

Tighten Up with Ben Wa Balls

Kegal Excercising

Ladies, are you feeling a little loose “down there”? Have you had a child recently and just not been able to snap back to your old self? Kegal exercises leaving you a wee bit bored or over exerted? There is something you can get to help yourself. Ben Wa Balls of varying descriptions have been around since the 1500′s, that’s a hell of a long time! The weights in them strengthen the vaginal muscles to hold them in, thus aiding in tighter, firmer muscles and even greater bladder control, which can be an issue as women age.

They are not always just to bring sexual pleasure, as some of the more modern, vibrating ones are, they do have a genuine medical purpose and can be recommended by Dr.’s and gynecologist’s in particular. They are meant to not only aid on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, but gently teasing yourself. Imagine using some as you gently rock away in a rocking chair. And you wondered why grannies love their rocking chairs!

They can be loose, individual balls, or linked by a string of some kind. People often think adult sex toys of one kind or another are a fairly recent invention, but they really aren’t, people have been using things for centuries for sexual stimulation and to aid in sexual health in one way or another. There have been dildos found in China that were centuries old carved of wood. Cleopatra used a vase filled with buzzing bees as a vibrator, boy that sounds like a very risky way to have an orgasm! So if you’d like to try and tighten things up a bit, give these Ben Wa Balls a try today.

Naughty Cakes

Bachelorette Parties

Ladies love to let loose and have fun with their girlfriends and if you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party coming up for yourself or a friend that’s getting married, there is no end to the fun and games you can include if you have some fun and sexy novelties at your party. Often the centrepiece of such an event is a naughty cake. We feature among other things a naughty boob cake pan and cupcake pans, and penis shaped ones too! You can use to make such a showstopping dessert to offer to your friends.

A male stripper can certainly liven things up with their bump and grind for you and your girlfriends if they show up to be the entertainment for the evening. Balloons with naughty, suggestive pictures on them, ice cubes in naughty shapes. Games, cards, straws. All these fun things will make it a hen party to remember for you and your friends. Imagine the pictures taken at such an even posted to your social network page! Oh the laughs you will have…

You don’t want your boss or your mom seeing these ones! The pictures and memories of a raunchy hen party will last for years to come and be fun to look back on, and the playful games and novelties you can buy at the Online Sex Shop we have can make those memories even more memorable. So hunt down your best recipes for cakes and plan on baking them in the penis cake pan for the dessert they will not forget. You not only want it to look good, but taste even better.

Swing Baby!

Yoga Sex Swing

For the more adventuresome and playful couple, you may want to consider getting a sex swing in your boudoir. Some couples not only just enjoy sex, it’s a major part of their relationship, and for ones like that, they seek variety and unusual accessories. Regular toys are fine, and they use those as well, but some like to go whole hog and have all sorts of different things to try!

Some are into swinging, and some are into sex swings, no doubt some are into both. A swing will allow you much more variety of positions than any bed. Gravity gets a helping hand, allowing you to enjoy certain positions just not possible in a bed. There may have been certain positions you’d like to have tried in bed, but you just couldn’t maintain the position, you may have even gotten cramps in your arms or legs trying. With a sex swing, you can get into those difficult positions and not worry about taxing yourself doing so. All the enjoyment, and none of the difficulties.

Some people are into yoga as it is, they like to push the limits of their bodies flexibilities and adult sex toys like this is allowing them to incorporate their love of yoga into their lovemaking. Imagine, candles, incense burning and you and your partner in the flickering candlelight rocking and swinging your way to orgasm after explosive orgasm! Sex is a lot of fun during the best of times, a sex swing can make things even more playful than usual.