Fanning The Flames Of Passion

Do you love the romance that the air of candles bring to a hot, passionate lovemaking session? Everyone looks best by the glow of candlelight and they are a perfect accessory to your evening of passion. Not only due to the flattering light they literally cast, but the fragrance they give the air, and some of these special massage oil candles are not only for the aroma and appearance, but when the warmth of the flames melt them, they are not only wax, but turn into warmed oils to be rubbed and caressed onto your lovers skin.

A room filled and lit only with the light of candles produces a beautiful atmosphere to make love in. I don’t even want to say have sex, since candles and rose petals make you think of romance, not a quick hook up. You don’t really think of ones having a casual encounter bothering with them, you think more of couples in relationships using candles. Some people enjoy using them when entertaining as well, they give a warm, welcoming environment for guests, and the scent they give off makes the house seem more homey. It’s a known fact houses sell faster if the scent in the home is pleasing.

The flickering light casting shadows on the wall, the flame itself that can almost hypnotize you if you stare at it long enough, candles and fireplaces have a special appeal all their own. Flames can be dangerous if not controlled, the tiny flame of a candle is a small taste of that wildness in a controlled manner. Look at the Online Sex Shop for a wonderful selection of candles.

Backdoor Playtime

Are you the sort that loves some backdoor action? You have no idea how many guys are interested in anal sex and anal stimulation. Even ones that don’t get any anal sex, many are into dildos or butt plugs of one kind or another. They love the feel of a toy, fingers or even another cock up their ass. Many think it makes them gay, but that’s not true, it’s just that’s the best way to stimulate the prostate which for many men is a true orgasmic delight.

I chose the one pictured, since it’s metal and in a case, and my devilish mind thought how amusing it would be if a man, or woman, was travelling with this through airport security! Oh how the security guards would be laughing at this being discovered! I’m sure they see all sort of naughty things in the course of the day, but it would be fun making the owner embarrassed at such a find. I spoke to a guy recently that said he was to afraid to travel with his sex toys for just this reason, he had visions of security guards making a scene at the discovery of his dildos and vibes.

Sex toys like this can be enjoyed during solo masturbation, or with your lover to add some variety and adventure to your little rendezvous. Anal stimulation isn’t for everyone, but it is much more popular than in recent decades. Many have said the rise of home porn accessibility since the rise of VCR’s in the 80′s brought anal more into the mainstream and a much higher percentage of couples today experiment with anal sex and anal stimulating toys than ever before. So if some backdoor action intrigues you, try one of our anal toys today!

Have A Condom

I laughed when I saw the above picture, because my first thought was not a countertop next to the cash register item, my first thought was, “For the active bachelor.” Now, if I was a lady friend of said bachelor, I’d do a double take at the “Bowl-O-Condoms” for sure if that was on his bedside table. I can hear it now from his bedroom, “NEXT!” Ha ha! Well, there is 240 in the bowl, in all honestly, if they were fairly active, that’s less than a years supply. Most condoms are good for more than a year shelf life, so it’s not out of the realm of reason they’d all be used in the time they were good for.

So many guys are absolute sluts. One I spoke to in his 20′s proclaimed he’d been with over 100 women. The Bowl O Condoms would be a requirement in his love den, wouldn’t it now? Lest he be at the local health clinic every week! We all know no one enjoys them, but they really are something you need unless you are in a totally monogamous relationship and both parties have been tested and declared disease free. It’s just the responsible thing to do these days and for the foreseeable days to come as well.

Perhaps you’re not quite so active you need to purchase your prophylactics by the gross like the aforementioned bachelor above at the Adult Toy Shop, and your needs are a little less. There are certainly packages for the man that doesn’t date or go out very often, and in a number of different textures and thicknesses for variety so you and your partners can see which one is best for your needs. Play safe, boys.

Hit Me Baby One More Time…

Inflatable Celebrity Love Doll

Have you given up on women? Or rather have they given up on you? For a great many men, sadly, this is the cold, hard reality they are living with. What’s a poor bastard to do that has no girlfriend, no wife, he’s afraid to go to an escort for fear of disease or else he just doesn’t have the dough…Yet he wants a woman, or rather the FEEL of a woman. Well, some guys turn to sex dolls to spice up their masturbation.

Hey, turn down the lights, have a few drinks…make that a LOT of drinks and use one of the love dolls, and you’d barely remember you can’t find a girl! Focus on the sensations, these sex dolls are made to feel lifelike. No, they don’t breathe, they don’t have a heartbeat, but they won’t talk back and ask you why you hang out with your deadbeat friends either! And you don’t even have to buy them a steak dinner to put out. What more could a guy ask for?

You know sex dolls and adult toys have been around for a good long while. Centuries even in one form or another. Hitler knew the soldiers got lonely on their tours of duty and actually issued the soldiers blow up dolls for their back packs for them to avoid the disease ridden prostitutes. Most of the soldiers were in fact too embarrassed to carry the issued love dolls for fear of the enemies ribbing them about them upon capture, so they didn’t utilize them, but hey, old Adolf was having the boys best interests at heart!