Spank My Ass!

Spanking Games

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! These are the sounds that will be heard from behind your bedroom door when your lover takes to your ass, or you to theirs, with a paddle for some BDSM spanking…..How would you feel about some heart shaped marks on your ass? Might as well have spanking leave more than a handprint, eh? If you are in a cheeky mood, tell your lover they have been bad and they are going to get a spanking, and give them one they won’t forget.

Spanking is extremely popular. More men seem to want to be spanked than women. For many the roots go back to either corporal punishment in school, or by mommy’s punishing hand. The spankings seem to be extra fodder for fantasy when they were still being carried out when puberty was emerging, that’s when the punishment and sexual feelings seem to get all mixed up together and a lifelong fetish is born. Most fetishes have early roots indeed, and spanking is the primary example of this.

Some are traditionalists, preferring the bare hand to sex toys, others do like the firmer smack of a paddle that will leave a mark. You can wack someone a lot harder with a paddle than with your hand. It takes a good deal of strength to really spank someone hard with your bare hand, so that’s why paddles are preferred by many to hand. Every Mistress needs at least one…… Some Masters may also have a selection of paddles on hand, though their hands would likely be strong enough to spank their submissives by hand. The heart shaped cut out on the paddle here would leave a perfect white, untouched heart surrounded by the dark pink of the skin that had been smacked. Perhaps a perfect spot for a kiss….

Adult Toys For Your Sex Life

Jack Rabbit - PearlThere are many things in life which are enjoyed in a better way when they are done behind closed doors. There is no shame in asking a little more for your stories between the sheets. Many people are into using Adult Sex Toys and it is actually a wonderful way to kink up your nights.

  • The perfect recipe for a sexual sorbet – a little pain, a little pleasure

Sex Toys come in various forms and types and can be put to use in more than one way. You can make use of these sex toys when you are with your partner to bring in a little excitement and perhaps a little pain in your passionate and intimate moments together. Or you can select from a wide range of masturbatory sex toys for yourself when you decide to fly solo.

  • Assorted tools for your inner carnal beast

Like to be under the whims of a sexy dominatrix or do you like to be the man of the house in bed? Then do try out some of the amazing Adult Toys that are available these days online. You have everything these days starting from eggs, suction kits, special BDSM tool kits, special massage oils, and many more delightfully tempting toys available at our Adult Toy Shop online, just waiting to be experimented with. You get all kinds of torture-pleasure sex toys, man-on-man action adult toys, strap-on-toys, and several Male Masturbatory Sex Toys.

  • Crowning the king

Think of masturbation as an art. And art only becomes better and more satisfying when it’s fed with creativity and intensity. Let your erotic art forms evolve while you’re experimenting with your manhood alone or even when you’re with your partner. Enjoy the delightfully useful male masturbation Sex Toys at its best.

  • Make her scream for more

We all understand that the needs of the human mind and body go way beyond the general rustling between the sheets. There are more realms of sexual needs and uncountable labyrinths of the mind which are just waiting to rapturously explode. Try Penis Pumps which can boost your ego and engorge your manhood and prepare yourself for a brand new discovery of new paths of pleasure and ecstasy which you never knew had even existed in you.