20 Shades of Sex Blogging

20 shades of sex blogging

Sex toy lovers have an imagination that is crying out for inspiration. Here is a list of 20 bloggers who will toy with what you already know in the bedroom.

1. A Kara Sutra Guide on Choice

1Find the perfect sex toy for you and your partner by visiting Kara Sutra’s blog. Kara reviews all kinds of things including condoms, vibrators, lingerie and even porn. And she’ll also guide you on what to consider when you are out picking your sex toy/s.

2. Why You Should Fear Phthalate!

2Learn about ‘body friendly’ sex toys. Smitten Kittens is a Tumblr created by passionate workers at an adult store in Minneapolis. One of their posts will show you how harmful jelly toys that aren’t phthalate and PVC free are. They also showcase their creativity and passion for sex toy products including shackles and floggers.

3. How to Tell the Best From the Rest

3It’s good to be kinky in the bedroom but there are some sex toy products out there that go a little too far! Searah’s blog ‘Screwy Sex Toys’ reveals products that may be a bit too bizarre to use including the I-Punani, Eiffel Tower Dildos and a Pulsating Penis.

4. Diary of an Owned Slave

4Ever wanted to know what it might be like for a sex slave? This blog is the place to go. Anastacia enjoys serving her master in his home by cooking for him, kneeling to him, being degraded and humiliated in front of him and enjoys a mix of very kinky sexual desires and toys that she documents in her blog.

5. Because I’m a Whore

5The life of a sex worker in South Australia is told in this blog and she recounts what she has seen and experienced; some of which may inspire you to get rough in the bedroom. By reading this blog, you will get an idea of how rough sex can be.

6. Explore the Depths of Sexology

6Dr Jill McDevitt is an American sexologist and writes a fascinating Tumblr about her bizarre day-to-day activities. She posts hilarious photos of her demonstrations and talks and gives expert advice on all things sex.

7. Love Hate Sex Cake

7Love Hate Sex Cake is a blog that will help you get into the sensual mood. Elegant self-portraits and erotic images of Cheeky Minx filter the pages as she writes persuasive blogs on what she desires sexually. She encourages you to immerse yourself in her erotic stories and poems.

8. Daddy’s Fairy Princess

8Role playing can make sex very interesting for couples and this is seen in Daddy’s Fairy Princess. It’s a BDSM blog where the writer describes themselves as a ‘babygirl’ who is at the helm of her owner, Daddy Dom. The writer is choosing to be the daughter of Daddy Dom who has control over ‘babygirl’ both in the bedroom and in the real world.

9. Kink and Poly

9This comprehensive blog is dedicated to many tales of kinky erotica as well as the practice of Polyamory. The blogger, Jade, is extremely dedicated to uncovering myths about Polyamory and swinging and the difficulties of living in a Monogamous world. She also takes picture requests from her followers and regularly updates ‘kinks of the week’.

10. Better with Age

10Better Than I Ever Expected is a unique blog dedicated to senior sex. Author Joan Price has also been published in print and been awarded with amongst the Top Sex Bloggers of 2013 and has appeared in the Top 10 Sexual Health Blogs of 2013. There are helpful articles, reviews and tips about sex toys, sex herbs and just about anything that would be of interest to an older couple.

11. Art, Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll

11Karley Sciortino is a another talented writer, photographer, filmmaker and fashionista within the realms of erotica. SLUTEVER offers an insightful and empowering view on sexuality and relationships from the perspective of a 20-something creative writer.

12. The Sin Doll

12This BDSM blog compiles a collection of fiction or factually-inspired stories with graphic imagery. There’s also a bunch of sex toy reviews on dildos, vibrators and lingerie with occasional promotions up for grabs to all who contribute to the Sex Toy Society.

13. Vagina Antics

13Nikki and Heather are two friends who come together to write about their sexual awakening through their youth and what they get up to now. They both offer advice to their blog’s followers on BDSM, Polyamory, bisexuality and embracing one’s self by being sex positive.

14. Insane Submissive Lesbian Ramblings

14Mystic’s Mind Fuck tells personal confessions of the writer’s homosexuality and includes erotic writing and poetry. She also profiles other lesbian writers or FemDommes who have had an influence on her life.

15. Lets Talk About Sex

15LTASEX has evolved from a college blog to a pretty swish website covering just about anything young people want to know about sex. With a mission to improve sexual education in America, LTASEX now has worldwide following who read their educative articles on sexual health, sexual techniques and dating and intimacy for people in all sorts of relationships.

16. Submissive Guy Comics

16This hilariously dry Tumblr showcases BDSM comics drawn from a submissive guy’s perspective. Even if you aren’t in a BDSM relationship, the comics are funny enough for all to enjoy.

17. Classic Sex Advice

17Sex Secrets may be one of the most conventional sex blogs but it still has lots to offer for guys and girls. Svetlana has lots of experience and writes with a fun and casual tone.

18. Vulgar Vag

18This quirky blog’s writer identifies herself as a cisgender, bisexual and masturbation enthusiast. She plies her trade as a sex shop worker and freelance writer but writes with passion about pro-sex feminism issues in her spare time.

19. Marvelous Darling

19This is probably one of the most exhaustive and descriptive blogs with sex toy reviews you will find. Sarah’s website is also highly usable and very easy on the eye with plenty of advice to offer on relationships and dating.

20. Submission to the Dominate

20This blog is written by a submissive masochist man in his thirties. This large resource contains photography, artwork and fiction all dedicated to femdom sex and female domination.

Have we missed any? Tell us which ones you read!

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