These Pearl Vibes Won’t Quit Until You Do

Blue 4.5'' Pearl Vibrator

Twist And Shout - Some may wonder what the difference is between a regular vibrator and a pearl vibrator. Well a pearl vibe has turning and twisting rows of beads inside, so you can feel the movement inside of you as you’re masturbating with it. Some people just want a more interactive toy than one that just buzzes. Some toys even have thrusting heads, to give a more realistic sensation.

Lavender 6'' Pearl Vibrator

Beads Of Pleasure - Now granted, actual cocks don’t have whirling rows of beads inside of them, if only they did! Most guys cocks cannot compete with sex toys and vibes and this is why many guys are actually jealous of their lady’s toys. The toy can keep on long after the guys have popped. Not too many have the stay power required most ladies go for. Your pussy lips will feel that internal vibe action as the rows of beads twist this way and that, many have controls that allow you to reverse the direction of rotation, or built in patterns for variety, so your pussy doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Pearl Vibrator with Clit Stimulator

Swirling Sensations - Many also have the all important clit stimulators, which work on the tender bits outside while the beads are doing their magic inside. A perfect, naughty combination you will no doubt enjoy tremendously! Realistic shaped cock heads on the toys will give you just a nice amount of realism, while enjoying the toy that can far out perform your boyfriend’s or hubby’s cock. So when they don’t have the muster, reach into your naughty toy drawer and pull out something that won’t quit until you’re ready for it to.

Naughty Novelty Cakes For Your Party

Novelty Cake Pan

Naughty Cakes - The addition of a naughty shaped cake at a bachelor or bachelorette party can be an amusing and festive one for sure. We carry a number of naughty shaped cake pans for just such an occasion. Often buying specialty cake such as this will cost a pretty penny if you buy one from a bakery. There’s not need to spend all that when for a fraction of that price you can order your own cake pan and make such a cake yourself and personalize and decorate it for little cost.

Boobie Cup Cake Pan

Bobbie Cake Pans - Not just for a raunchy guys party, but celebrate that new breast augmentation with your girlfriends you’ve been saving up for and celebrate your new figure or breast lift. Not all people want to keep such self improvements under their hats these days, and a celebratory evening to make light of the situation could be just the ticket for a fun and unique evening out with the girls. Take pics of your creation and add it to your social pages to show others  just  what a fun time you and your mates had together.

Disposable Pans - Set of 2

Big Boobies - Most guys love tits, no mistake about it. So bring a big boob cake to your stag night and have everyone enjoy some of those sexy boobies and lick the icing off of them. Most people have a sweet tooth and boob shaped desserts just make it even sweeter!  Have a couple of the boob cakes and do them up with different colour icings for different coloured skin tones, make icing bras or swimsuit tops on them, the possibilities are endless.

Toys For Boys



Jazz Up Your Masturbation - Many men want to jazz up their masturbation routines but aren’t sure where to start. Lots of guys just think of sex toys as being for the ladies, but there are lots of toys out there for men to enjoy themselves with. Masturbators are a wonderful option for men to use. They are easy to hold and use and many times have changeable interior sleeves that provide different sensations for men to enjoy themselves with.


Hot Or Cold, It Will Never Get Old - Many even have components to be used for temperature play that can either be heated up or cooled down prior to use for differing sensations. Most men adore oral sex, this is no secret. There are many masturbators available here that are used to simulate the sensations of oral sex for use if you have no partner, or if you have a partner, but they aren’t into giving you a blow job. This are all a nice change of pace from your hand, since as wonderful as regular masturbation is, it’s always good to toss in some variety and have a different feeling now and then.

masturbator3Lay Back And Enjoy - The feeling of the lips wrapping around your cock will be fantastic, and these easy to hold and operate toys are not too much of a bother to keep clean either, so you can always make a grab for your toy and have a delightful jerk off experience as you lay back and fantasize it’s some girl you’ve been dreaming about that’s sucking your cock for all it’s worth.

Love Kits For Variety

Ultrafit Sleeve

Variety Is The Spice Of Life - If you’re looking for some cool new toys to add to your naughty chest, why not try one of our love kits? We have lots of variety for you of different types of cock rings, vibes with sleeves and attachments for a good variety of sensations for you to experience and have fun with. Kits offer a lot more than just one stand alone toy, they have all kinds of goodies within one kit for you and your partner.

Couples Kit - 5 Piece Set

For Your Different Moods - You may not wish to buy a handful of stand alone toys that may add up to more than you wish to spend in one go, but a love kit gives you a similar feeling to having a few different toys, since they have a few different things in each kit to keep you and your lover entertained and wanting to use everything each kit has to offer. Every orgasm is a stand alone pleasure, by using something like a kit with a vibe with different textured sleeves, you could try each one every time you masturbate for a few different times and see which one is your favorite, and which one is maybe just for once in a while use.

Couples Kit - 10 Piece Set

Couples Love Our Kits - If you’re perhaps planning a special evening or getaway weekend of romance, a kit with a variety of massage oils, rose petals, candles, and a couple of toys, all of these can make for an overwhelmingly sexy evening to remember for both of you. Starting with massages with flavoured massage oils you can heat before use, to setting the mood with the candles and rose petals, it’s like a romantic evening in a box!

Skin Irritation No More

Naked Silk Green Tea

Get Rid Of The Hair Down There - One of the best grooming trends in recent decades is the trend to go bare down there, as in shave or wax it all off. Most people do not want a jungle they have to go through to get to the pink. Hairs in the teeth during oral sex may not bother some, but many are just plain grossed out by it and won’t accept a non shaven partner. It’s cleaner, it looks better, it’s much nicer all around.

Sassy Citrus Scented

Sensitive Skin Isn’t Just On Faces - One issue that many experience though is a difficulty with irritation and red bumps when attempting to groom their pubic area. Products like these are a real boon for ones that suffer from such irritations. They are especially designed to sooth and moisturise the skin and make shaving and hair removal not a painful chore to have to endure. They will condition the skin and make it a lot less frequent for irritation to happen in the first place.

Make Me Blush Scented

Rashes No More - One thing about suffering from irritation down below is the itching, and who among us wants to be scratching and having people thinking we have crabs or something! By properly using these pubic shaving conditioners and skin lubricants, you can save yourself a whole world of grief and upset. Rashes and itching are no laughing matter and you can literally claw at yourself until you bleed and cry. Check out our wide variety of lotions and lubes you can use on yourself today.

Lingerie – NOT Just For The Ladies!

Black Small Jock

Rock Your Cock - When people think of “lingerie“, they often only think of what ladies wear to entice their men, which for the most part is true. However, men’s underwear has made leaps and strides with whimsical underwear choices not just for holiday themed underwear ideas, but everyday wear as well. Men like variety as well, and the new selection of choices over the last few years for men is a good thing for them.

Black Extra Large Brief

Keep “The Boys” Nice And Snug - It used to be just tighty whities or boxer briefs, there really wasn’t too much else out there for them to choose. Then they got different colours and fabrics to choose from, but not too much in the design area. Items like we carry here give your man some interesting choices as to what to wear under his clothes. Men like knowing they are wearing something naughty and sexy under their clothes the same as ladies do, gives you a bit of a spring in your step to know you’ve got something “going on” under your suit!

Black Extra Large Square Underwear

Sex Up Your Junk - Try something different for a change and see if some of the styles of men’s undergarments make you feel a bit sexier than usual. Surprise your gal by having something different on under your clothes when you know your special lady is going to be unzipping you and finding out what you’ve got going on down there! Make her laugh, make her smile, make her drip in anticipation! You just might have a sexy night ahead of you that you hadn’t been planning on if she finds something on you she hadn’t been counting on finding.

Lelo Sex Toys For High Quality Orgasms


Lipstick Vibrator

High Quality Toys - The selection we have of the high quality Lelo sex toys is quite amazing. They are the highest grade toys you can find. They are a bit pricier than many toys, but then the best doesn’t come cheaply and is worth the price. Many are made for girls that don’t feel the need to insert, they are fantastic for clit stimulation. Even massagers that fit into the palm of your hand that can be rubbed and slid all over your lovers body for a relaxing massage.

Lelo Rabbit Vibrator

Dual Motors For Extra Pleasure - Many that do insert have tiny, dual motors, to provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, not one little motor that is dulled by the time it reaches your clit, your pleasure zone, it has it’s own little motor right there to give you exquisite pleasure right where you want and need it the most. Not only for women either, there’s a whole line of vibrating cock rings that not only prolong your man’s erection, but that will tease your clit at the same time, they are truly couples toys, ones that bring pleasure to both parties.

Cock Ring VibratorA Rainbow Of Colours - If variety is your thing, you will love the multitude of colours that Lelo toys come in. A rainbow of colours to satisfy all tastes. For ones that do enjoy insertion as they masturbate, many are curved for G spot stimulation to hit just the right spot inside for that explosive orgasm you’ve been hungering for. We have no doubt you will find one to satisfy you and your partner!

Bubble Baths For Lovers

Scented Bath Milk Powder

What is a more relaxing way to end your stress filled day than a hot soak in a tempting bubble bath? Ease those muscles, indulge your senses and maybe get naughty with yourself using one of our many waterproof toys. Bubble baths can be soothing not only for the mind, but the spirit, to say nothing of the body. When you’ve had a hard day, imagine ending it with lighting some candles, putting on some soft music and drawing yourself a nice, hot bath.

Intimate Shave Cream

A bubble bath is not only a way to get clean, but laying back in the tub of hot water feels fantastic and soothes our overworked muscles and is a wonderful way to get in touch with yourself, literally! Many  girls first learn to touch themselves and masturbate while relaxing in a bath and cleaning themselves, perhaps lingering a bit longer than necessary on the more hidden, fun parts! Searching fingers, hot, soapy water, opening pussy lips, exposed clit, sounds like a mighty fun and educational time indeed!

Natural Spray for Women

Many of our different formulations of bath and shaving products will make your skin softer and smoother and more silky, so you not only get the relaxation benefits of a bath, but improved skin condition as well. Milk baths, bath oils, bubble baths, all kinds of variety for your bathing pleasure. A bubble bath for two can be the beginning of a passionate night of lovemaking, getting clean before you two get dirty together! Always a fun and sexy activity.

Glass Toys For Naughty Girls And Boys!

Icicle 38Glass Class - What is it about glass sex toys? They just have an elegance about them that other toys do not, and with with normal, careful use can last a lifetime. The material doesn’t break down like the ones others are made from. It can be cooled, it can be heated, smooth as well, glass! Imagine owning toys that will never need to be replaced again. They won’t get sticky or gummy with time, they won’t fall apart from use.

Glass Toy

Mouth Blown Works of Art - Many glass toys are like works of art, they are mouth blown, so no two are exactly alike. The designs, colours, each one slightly unique. This naughty flogger will get your submissives in line as you whack it across your slaves back and buttocks and make them whimper for Mistress to not be quite so cruel to them. Not everyone looks for a realistic feeling more flexible toy, some enjoy the stiffer, firmer material that glass toys can provide.

Icicles 15Hot or Cold - Ones into temperature play will no doubt enjoy dipping glass toys into a bath of ice for a skin tingling sensation and making those nipples harder than pebbles as you lay the ice cold chilled toy against them. Medical grade glass is strong, easy to clean and will never be a worry. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, or can even be boiled for total sterilisation for you germophobes out there. Add some of these lovely toys to your naughty kit today and see what you’ve been missing.